The Almost Forgotten : MT's 14th Bday Dinner

5:48:00 PM

Eh.... This might be the must backdated celebration post ever? LOL.

I imagine CL's reaction when she reads this she'd be like "MT's going to celebrate his 15th soon!" LOLOLOL. In my defense i didn't even remember about this dinner, and it's saved at the back of our South Korea trip so naturally i only saw them when i'm at the end of the series. Then i contemplated not blogging about it. Then i thought it would be unfair and mean since i always blog about Au's bdays *LOL* so what the heck, here it is, 7 months later!
MT's bday's on December 30th (CL purposefully set his bday before new year's eve because C-section on the 31st is super expensive one LOLOLOL), we were in Jakarta and we had dinner at... OMG, i don't remember. I gotta check with my hunny. Yep, hunny also can't remember-he said J.W. Mariott, and i think so to. I remember we talked about the place was bombed before and how my mum was creeped out *LOL*. KC's fam's often stay in this hotel when they're in Jakarta and haven't experienced any supernatural incidents so far :p.

It was at the Chinese restaurant there (i just googled, it's called PEARL :D) and CL booked their VIP room or something (it was a separate dining room and quite spacious).
The ambience was very lux and kinda traditional, but i learned that they serves more of a fusion dishes. Maybe there are traditional Chinese food available also, but the set menu that CL booked that day was very fusion-y. I gotta admit they totally confused my taste bud!
Family pic first
With the bday boy
Other than us there were also some of our and CL's relatives, and what surprised us was when CL's uncle showed up wearing a polo shirt that is virtually the same as my dad's! It was quite hilarious seeing the two grandpas wearing matchy matchy clothes :p
You know HD and DB already, and the other woman is my cousin's wife (and those are her kids)
Let's take a look at the menu... Which was very pleasing on the eyes + totally photograph worthy, but didn't sit quite right with my tounge *LOL*. In fact, i never really like anything fusion, i hate fusion sushi with cheese and all that! Anyway, i don't remember any of the food, so let's just appreciate their good looks, shall we? LOL.
If i remember this correctly, it was some sort of chawan mushi? But with peanut butter at the bottom. Totally weird for me *LOL*
I think this was fruit salad and it was good
Some soup...
Sea cucumber *shudder* i hate sea cucumber.... And was that chicken feet???
Steamed fish?
Fried chicken was normal la
Bday cake for the bday boy... And wait, another one coming!
CL's fam pic
Here's the big boy now!
Blow le candles, MT, blowwww

Errr. that's all that, nothing much to write about, we mostly just ate and chit chatting la hahaha. Oh, i found out later that KC also wasn't a fan of the food hahaha so i wasn't the only one (eh, my mum also didn't like). I guess we prefer normal, cheapo Chinese food than the upscale, exp, creative ones *LOL*.
Selfie with Au
Oh, i also snapped some pic of my outfit (that i bought especially for this dinner WTH, i only brought winter clothes and some very casual ones to wear at Jakarta-i was always in casual tops and short skirts/pants) but there's only some poses that i could do in a room full of my family and waitresses so.... It's definitely not enough for its own post *LOL* :
I also didn't bring any formal shoes/sandals so i had to borrow my mum's and it was a size too small, i was in agony *but better than buying a pair then just let it rot like i usually do LOL*
Okay, i gotta go check my old photos, i wonder if there's any celebrations that i forgot to blog about. Oh shit, there's that MM+O's bday dinner also zzzz....


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