Event Report : Emdee Clinic 2nd Anniversary Beauty Influencers and Social Media Enthusiast Gathering

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Hey guys!

Today i'm going to share what's probably the hippest, most youthful beauty event that i've attended in my blogging career so far *LOL*, Emdee Clinic's 2nd Anniversary, Beauty Influencers and Social Media Enthusiast Gathering! (Gosh, it's a mouthful!)
I seriously never felt so old in any event before *LOL*, but hey... I think i look like i belong to this youthful group hahaha (thank you Cynthian for the pic)
It all started when my vlogger friend, Cynthian, contacted me a few weeks ago telling me about this event she was approached about. She also asked me to help extend the invitation to our Surabaya Beauty Blogger community and i happily done so ^^ (it's always fun to meet up with my fellow bloggers for events!). Actually Emdee wanted to invite around 20 beauty bloggers, but i think 20 is like... everybody in our community *LOL* (yes, we're a small and tight group!) and lots of the others couldn't make it to the event because of various reasons (mostly because they're still working at the scheduled event time) so there were only 7 of us (including Cynthian) that day.
For the first time we actually received an actual, hard copy invitation too!
Feeling like a real VIP haha
I've passed by Emdee Clinic (s) quite a lot in the past year (especially the one in Ruko Manyar because it's so close to my place), the orange and magenta color totally caught my eyes and yep, i secretly thought to myself  "When are they going to have an event for bloggers?" LOL. That day has come!
The event was held at their Billiton branch
The Emdee Skin Clinic
Ruko Central Business 
Jl. Biliton No 40 F
See how popular Emdee is from the congratulatory flowers!
When i arrived, i immediately see how festive the whole place looked with the all out, cheerful decor
I arrived at about 10.10 (yes, 10 minutes late, as usual blame it on my chaffeur slash husband because i completely rely on him and i had to wait about 15 minutes fully dressed for him to be ready zzz), Sabsab was already there with... Was it Tiffany? She was waiting for her boyfriend to drop off the camera. Later on Nessya also joined us and together we waited at the first floor for a little bit more before heading to the second floor where the event would go down-in a private little hall.
The set up
I'm not gonna lie to you, i was pretty shocked when i saw so many youngsters (guys, some more *LOL*) because.. Well, i'm just not used to that in events hahaha. Turns out most of them are from a community called "Surabaya Food Enthusiast". I didn't know there's such community before (and vice versa, they probably didn't know that Surabaya Beauty Bloggers existed hahaha) and it's always refreshing how events like this make me get to meet new people, ones that i probably wouldn't interact with otherwise.
Dita sure is always camera ready, huh? I didn't even know that she realized i was taking pictures hahahaha
First thing first :
When you meet your blogger friends, wefie is in order!!!
The event was running a bit late and i don't know if it's just my feeling, but it seems like they were a bit unhappy about it-totally justified of course, but i gotta be honest here-as someone who's been to countless events which never start at the time it stated, some of us (yes, me included haha) are conditioned to come 10-15 minutes late so we wouldn't have to wait for too long until the event starts. I was at events where i had to wait for an hour beforehand and after a while it's making me feel reluctant to be early. Still, we shouldn't have just assumed Emdee would be the same and i sincerely apologize for it-but please note that i didn't arrive THAT late, i was just waiting downstairs with my friends because we were informed that the event's not started yet anyway :).

They were also very thoughtful and waited for almost everybody to arrive before it finally started :
The event was opened by the MC, Miss Titi Harahap, Business Development Manager
Then welcome speech from Merlianny Effendy, who was the one who contacted Cynthian in the first place so... Thank you Merli!
Emdee called out 10 guests who came on time, they were going to get a surprise gift later-congratz guys, you deserve it :D!
Say hi dr. Leni Kumalasari who started the introduction to Emdee Clinic
I was so sure that dr. Leni was very very familiar, and apparently the feeling was mutual haha. I was very surprised when she recognized and actually recalled my name before i even tell her, that was flattering hihihi. We've definitely met before on Miracle Aesthetic Clinic's events!
Because Emdee is Miracle's sister brand! I immediately felt myself relaxing and reassured about introducing this clinic to my readers because i definitely trust (and have a soft spot for) Miracle and i believe the sister brand should be every bit as trustworthy!
As most of other aesthetic clinics, they provide both aesthetic product (FYI, all of Emdee Clinic's products are their own concotion and not using other brands) and treatment
Their concept is to be affordable, safe and effective
They have acne treatment, pigmentation treatment, rejuvenation treatment, hair treatment-so there's something for everybody : male, female, young, old. I initially thought that Emdee Clinic's targeting the younger crowd (what with their colorful logo and affordable prices) and i was a bit worried that i might not belong there (*LOL*. Like i said, i may look young, but we all know that i'm practically ancient compared to the other beauty bloggers in my circle!), but i shouldn't worry no more!
They have three branches already in Surabaya, one in Batam as well as a few others on progress in other cities in Indonesia
I only managed to snap this one because they went through the pictures very quickly hahaha
One of their prided treatment is their MD 27-which is their 27 minutes treatment (there are different MD 27 treatments for different skin needs) so if you have limited time for treatments (coz who has 4 hours to spare for a treatment, right? Well, except me :p) you have no more excuses now!
Skin treatments in Emdee clinic are done personally by aesthetic doctors with specialized training from prestigious aesthetic academy. What's even more interesting is, unlike most of other skin clinic where therapists performs facial-they actually have NURSES to do the facials in Emdee!
Their OTC products are made by pharmacy experts who are competent and experienced
The medical equipments are medically tested and safe to use
All of their OTC products are approved by BPOM already so everything's safe to use!
This point is also super important, Emdee Clinic puts hygiene and sterilization to all of their equipments and ingredients as a priority and performed by trained nurses
With 17 years of experience in running aesthetic clinic and aesthetic academy for doctors, nurses and staffs' training-you don't have to doubt people who are running Emdee Clinic!
List of their acne/inflammation, comedonal treatments
Pigmentation treatments
Anti aging treatments
This is their acne series for oily (i perked up immediately haha, you know i'm an oil tank so if i hear the word "oily skin", i feel like i am being called hahaha) or acne prone skin
Pigmentation series for skin brightening
Rejuvenation series-self explanatory!
And there's also their hair care series
A peek into their medical rooms
The recent activities. I was at the Jawa Post Beauty Fest (helping out another skin clinic haha) and i noticed their hanbok-clad SPGs!
Then dr. Leni also explained about the latest trend in beauty, the ever-so-famous Korean look haha. Btw, i think dr. Leni look super cute here so i'm not cropping her out of this hahaha
Is that Park Min Young? Wow, i know a Korean actress' name! I need a drink *LOL*
I recently went on a trip to Korea (last December) and was told about their very monogamous beauty standard, which totally scare as well as fascinates me. While i don't necessarily a fan of the Korean look (i'm more of a crazy Gyaru myself hehe), i was quite happy that i get to check some of these off the list *LOL*
Emdee's solution for those who crave the Korean V-shape without having to go under the knife
They also introduced (and did a live demo) their deep sea coral treatment (after showing a clip of Victoria Secret's show, which made the boys a little bit excited *LOL*. But the point was the models' glowing skin and how they apparently went for intensive treatments before the big event)
PMD27 KCT (Korean Coral Treatment) is a peeling treatment which has a similar result to laser treatment. It works by speeding up cell regeneration and stimulates collagen remodeling so it increases skin's ability to absorbs nutrition, giving a very effective and efficient result
Those with these problems (ohhh, blackheads! Me me me me!) can benefit from this treatment
MD KCT contains calcium from coral and nutrition that would penetrate directly to dermis layer.
Activates and increase blood circulation system for the next 48 hours after treatment.
Increase and regenerate epidermis and dermis layers.
Speeding up dead skin's regeneration and minimizes big pores.

The advantages of this treatment :
A very significant result after just 1 treatment.
The procedure's very brief.
Safe and effective.
No PIH risk.
Suitable for all skin types with only one treatment for all skin conditions.

Dr. Leni asked for a male volunteer for the live demo and a guy actually stepped up and sat on the treatment bed, but before the treatment begun suddenly he leapt off and refused to go through (because he had a bad experience with peeling treatment before) *LOL*, we really had a good laugh from this! Finally Dita volunteered for the demo since she's breaking out from trying out a new product (this is really the life of a beauty blogger, you see *LOL*).
The procedure really was very brief! I was very surprised when they were already done
I gotta say Dita's skin looks more glowing immediately!
Dita giving testimonial about how the treatment was. She said it was not painful, totally bearable although of course there are some itchiness ensued, which is totally expected from a peeling treatment
They also introduced the doctor for their Batam branch, who was a former... Puteri Indonesia (i hope i got it right, we all know my memory's not the best when it comes to this kind of details)
Dr. Leni picked the Best Dressed, Abi and Cynthian-congratz! Isn't it cute how Abi's  present (the bag) matches his outfit? LOL.
They also picked three winners for their Instagram Tagging Competition and i was one of them (picture taken from their IG @emdeeclinic
If you've followed my instagram, you'd know that i simply love live-tweeting and always done do during events (if the stupid provider let me, i often don't get receptions in buildings and no, wifi doesn't always work too), in case anyone's thinking i'm only doing so because i was aiming for the present #defensive.
And here's the present! A voucher for their MD Skin Tite
Of course, not forgetting the 10 who arrived on time like promised earlier
With that, the event was a wrap! But we're not exactly done yet haha. We also could get a skin diagnostic and consultation, which i just did last month at Miracle so i didn't do it again. 

Here's Sabsab getting her skin analyzed
Hehehehe i always find the picture to be funny
Avatar Sabsab!
Them it's Cynthian's turn. Cynthian begged me not to upload her skin analyzes pic zzzz dunno why, we can't look perfect all the time you know Cynthian *LOL*, we are human after all. But i know how it feels to have my horrible pictures uploaded in other blogs, so i'm not going to do that to her (even though i personally think the pic's funny in a good way!)
Then we went for a munch...
I took this pic when we arrived, but after we're done with the skin analyzes, they're no more *LOLOLOL*
They also had a sushi bar
It was so crowded (i think they're also having special promotions and sales for their members, it was very PACKED) that the sushi bar pretty much ran out when we went down *LOL*
Signed the board (always a good way to promote my blog *LOL* *self-plugin* *shameless*) and pose with the photo spot
I also went to snap pictures of Emdee's lobby. It was sooo crowded, but i will be back to use the voucher (s) and try out their treatments so maybe i would be getting better shots then.

Emdee's new model hahahaha

Checking out their products. As a beauty blogger, we gravitated to their powders and stuffs *LOL*

The goodie bag i received (that block of chocolate was given at the right time, it's that time of the month so the chocolate monster was here and nommed it within two days *LOL*)
There's also this very generous treatment voucher worth IDR 500.000 included in their goodie bag, planning to go with Cynthian (coz i'm very uncomfortable going for treatments alone *cry*)
That marks the end of this (super long?) post! Thank you Emdee Clinic for having us (and the generous vouchers), Merli and Cynthian for extending the invitation and for dr. Leni too! It was a very fun, friendly and relaxed kind of event-a fresh air from all those very formal events i am used to :D.

Hope to see you all again in another event *wink*.


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  1. Ahahaha... itu aku pas cece jepret kamera, aku pas lihat xD tidak sengaja~

  2. It's always great to meet and interact with other blogger communities which have a different niche. You get to exchange information and share what you know. The treatments in the clinic sound interesting and the products are safe to use. First-time customers can also be rest assured as the clinic has trained staff to take care of them. I'm not a beauty blogger but of course learning about the advancements of aesthetics now available is always good (especially anti-aging!). :)

    1. Yep, it's always nice to meet other bloggers from the other end of the spectrum!