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Hey guys!

I planned to do my monthly reviews during the first week of the month but... Well, it's somehow becomes more of mid-month now *LOL*, can i say.... Better late than never again? LOL. It takes the a special will for me to sit down and write down a movie review, i have no idea why. It's too tiring for me (most probably because we watch so many movies in a month hahaha), but i still want to do it *zzz*. I know, i even annoy myself sometimes. Anyhoo. Let's start!
July Movies

I liked the first movie, or at least i think i did. Hm. Crap, i actually don't remember much about it. I sure remember the rude, forever cursing, bong using teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg, and i remember it being quite funny, but i don't actually remember what the movie was all about. Anyway, i was quite excited when the second movie came out and we watched in Singapore. Eh... It was so so for me. I was even a bit sleepy at parts *sigh*.

John (who got married in the first movie?) got divorced, and after a while Ted and Tami-Lynn's marriage seems like it's not going to make it as well. To try to get things back to how it used to be, they planned to have a child with John's help. But the plan went kaput and Ted is even being investigated and ultimately, being declared a "property" so all his civil rights are gone (even his job) and his marriage to Tami-Lynn is now invalid. Now the two buddies must fight a hopeless battle (with the help of an inexperienced, free-spirited young lawyer) to regain his legal status. Their quest is, of course, crazy!

Hm. Like i said, i don't remember much about the first movie, but somehow i feel like it was funnier? This second movie sure has its moments, but most of the time i feel like the joke is too crude (i know i should be expecting it from this movie though) and i simply am not the biggest fan of slapstick comedy. Hunny also didn't seem to enjoy it THAT much so... I dunno. I think it's an okay movie if you're bored, but definitely not a must watch.

I dunno why but i really don't like Jessica Alba. LOL. I think she's very one-dimensional and boring, i just can't name one movie where i actually like her. I, however, find Hailee Steinfield to be a breath of fresh air from the typical skinny as a stick, big boobied blonde young Hollywood stars. She's hilarious, she has a fit, strong body, and she's not afraid to look ditzy. In short, i find her to be super likeable. This is also another so-so movie (it's actually quite entertaining, but definitely not memorable or leave a lasting impression), but her presence made it a tad more special.

Megan Walsh is part of an international assassin organization called Hardman that recruit young girls (from infancy, actually!) to be trained as a high class assassin. Megan (who, like the other girls in the organization, is addressed by number only) has always feel like she doesn't belong there, always wanting and feeling something more than the cold, solitary way of living that Hardman's making his girls live. She feel it even more now as a teenager, catching glimpses of how teenagers like her having fun and living their lives. After faking her own death, she enrolls in a student exchange program and lives with a foster family. She soon realizes that being a normal teenager is not as easy as she thought it would be, at the same time her former boss is tracking her down and determined to bring her back in while a disgruntled enemy tries to kill her.

It's an action comedy, and it's actually quite wholesome. It's got some exciting action scenes, and its funny moments (again, Hailee is so adorable and likeable, and she really has a funny bone!) and i would recommend you to watch it if you have sometime to spare and don't mind a light, popcorn movie to accompany you. It's not mind blowing, but it doesn't suck at all.

I enjoy superheroes movies now (thanks to hunny) but i definitely do not have too much knowledge about them other than the super famous ones (Avengers, Batman, Superman, you know what i mean) so when i first heard about Ant-Man i was like... A what? LOL. Hunny obviously insisted on watching it, and i actually quite like it (but not as much as i like other Marvel's super heroes movies) especially after i immediately recognized the forever handsome Paul Rudd as the leading man.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is an ex convict recently released from prison, he is banned by his ex-wife to see their daughter until he sort his life out and start paying child support. Although he's trying all he can to not go back to criminal life, it is really hard for him to get a job and soon he agreed to do another "job" with his two silly pals (who ended up being his sidekicks)-which leads him to Dr. Hank Pym who has a job for him. A heist on his ex-protege who is obsessed with Pym's rumored (but it's actually a fact) size-changing suit and is able to almost replicate it because he is crazy enough to destroy the world with it.

It's Paul Rudd, people! I kept on exclaiming in wonder (because i don't really follow that kind of news, so i actually had no idea he's even in it, although his name is clearly plastered all over the posters hahaha), because i mainly knows his for his comedic roles-and sure, he doesn't disappoint-he's still hilarious as an unlikely super hero! And not to mention easy on the eyes, look at those blue blue eyes! Ant Man is... Definitely quite entertaining! It's funny, it's exciting... Well, everything you look for in a Marvel's super hero, i guess. My fave part though, is whenever Luis (Michael Pena) start explaining things and all kinds of people would start talking in his voice and in his demeanor, HILARIOUS!

It's not the best super hero movie or whatever (Hm. I guess i like Iron Man better, you know... If we're talking about Marvel), but it's still worth a watch. Younger kids (under 12 i guess) might get bored during the drama-parts though, Baby Boy was a bit restless since it's not a nonstop action kind of movie.

This is another case of me having a horror movie withdrawal (i watch movies a lot at hdmovies14.net now so i can have my fix easier hahaha). Honestly i was a bit hesitant when i saw how bad this movie rated in IMDb (only 4.4!) but then i read the user reviews and surprisingly a lot of them actually got confused by the low ratings because they like it! I tend to trust user reviews more than the numbers, so i decided to go watch it anyway. I... kinda like it!

A high school production of The Gallows went horribly wrong and one of the student died as a result of a freak accident. Twenty years later, the students of that school resurrected the failed stage production. In the midst of theater enthusiasts, there's also Ryan who hangs around with his camcorder mainly to tease his friend (who's a former football player) Reese *but i think he also does it for extra credit, i don't remember the specifics* who's now the lead actor for the play but he's there just because he has a crush on the leading lady. Ryan convinces Reese to go to the school to trash the stage so he wouldn't have to actually perform and soon they found out there's a non-human force punishing them for it.

It's not the best horror movie out there or whatever, but it's not bad at all! It's actually quite good in the jump-scare kind of way, i was shocked out of my skin more than a few times. Not actually very scared (because the ghost-if it's even a ghost-is not scary at all), but definitely terrorized hahaha. Lots of plotholes (who the hell Pfeifer really is??? Is Charlie's girlfriend pregnant when he died??) and there's not much on the storyline, but for die hard horror movies looking for a cheap thrill and some good time, it's actually a pretty good choice!

Again, another movie that scores kinda low in IMDb but i ended up liking, i wonder if my taste is really that bad or those rates are given by pretentious "critics" wannabe? LOL. I really think it's a very entertaining, funny, silly movie! And which kid at heart wouldn't love it if their favorite games come to life? Maybe not this way, but still... Hehehe. This movie totally entertained me, hunny and Baby Boy thoroughly!

Sam Brenner was really really good at arcade games, he even almost won the championship before getting beaten by Eddie. Life has not gone as he planned to ever since, all grown up and working as a "tech guy" who installs and repair gadgets. His best friend, now president of the USA, reached out to him one day when some alien misinterpret the video of their arcade championship as a declaration of war and attack the earth in the form of classic video games. Now the world's existence hangs on the hand of Sam and his friends. 

Really, i think this is a fun movie! It's Adam Sandler and Kevin James but they're being mild (no crazy slapstick antics like in most of their movies) but effective, it's funny, entertaining and imaginative! Again, i am reading the user reviews and they all tell you to ignore the critics. I agree! It's fun! If you're a fun person, go watch this! If you take movies way too seriously and cannot stand pop corn movies, don't! Simple as that!

So when the first Comic 8 movie played, i was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was hilarious, and the cinematography was also not super cheap looking-all in all it was a good comedy movie that is like a sign that our cinema world is not entirely dead (it's been dominated by horror comedy porn lately, it's sad) and we CAN produce a good, quality movies. And that we have some kick ass stand up comedians. Hunny especially, loved the movie-so when the second movie is showing, he insisted on watching it. 

Continuing from the previous movie, the 8 comic who's really undercover agents receive their next assignment : to pretend to be comics and join the nation wide comic tour to try to find the highly private casino king. Not only they have to go undercover and try to avoid being captured by the bad guys, they are also wanted by the police and even interpol (i think Prisia Nasution is gorgeous and her body is da bomb-and i know this is a comedy movie but still. I think her Singaporean accent is a total overkill, it drives me crazy!).

Well, i think it's still pretty good! It's funny, it's silly, it's kinda stupid (in a good way), and it looks "expensive" (i guess it really is expensive)-and the CGI-although not the best, also not as bad as most local (or even Asian in general) movies can be (and i find it hilarious how they air-brushed Sophia Latjuba, making her look like Arwen in LOTR). Of course, it's not perfect, like the first movie there are parts which i find to be dragging and absolutely unnecessary (i find myself getting bored in those parts), but all's forgiven because when they're funny, they're REALLY funny. Those comics really are saving our comedy movie's industry, IMO! Totally worth a watch!

And those are the movies we watched in July! My fave is probably... Not so sure, i find most of them so so, but i was probably most entertained by Pixels (The Gallows' really not bad too!), my least fave is actually Ted 2. How about you? Did you watch any of the movies i mentioned here?
Family #wefie for a change!

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  1. oh menurut lu pixels bagus juga ya...
    gua baca2 review nya (termasuk review dari blog2 lain) pada bilang gak bagus. jadinya gua gak jadi nonton padahal tadinya udah pengen. hahaha.

    1. Kalo menurut gw lumayan banget koq Man, ya gak sampe yg gimana2 tp cukup seru dan menghibur hehe

  2. Those are a lot of movies and I have not even watched at least one. Haha! All of them looked worth watching especially since they are made with different genres. I think I will mostly enjoy The Gallows (because I like horror movies even though I always end up hiding from a blanket), Comic 8, and Ant Man. Too many people raved about Ant Man, and I felt like I really missed it big time.

    1. Oh you like horror movies too? High five for that!