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Hey guys ^^!

So, the latest trends are not always good to follow (i mean... if smoking is in, that doesn't mean we should follow that, right!)-but THIS latest trend among Indonesian is VERY good and a must follow : we're getting more and more conscious about being healthy! Lately i've seen more and more online shops selling health related food and drinks, from superfoods to cold pressed juice-which is precisely what i'm going to review today!

Have you ever heard of the term "cold pressed juice"? I sure have. But what is cold pressed juice exactly? According to the wikipedia, it is a method of juicing that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger. Making cold pressed juice is a 2 step process. Step 1 is to grind the fruit and vegetables into a pulp, and step 2 is to use a hydraulic juice press to squeeze the water out of the pulp, creating juice.

Why is cold pressed juice better than regular juice? Well, this article states, when fruit and veg is put through a cold-pressed juicer, the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients. These juices contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than those made with a traditional centrifugal machine.

This cold press juice trend has caught my eyes for a while (with more and more juice bars popping out locally and joining those hip food bazaars, plus celebgrams make them look so appetizingly good haha) but i have to be completely honest, i am not much of a fruit and veggie kind of person. I don't like them all that much (i love caesar salad, but that's about all. Super picky with my greens, i can probably count with one hand the type of veggies that i actually enjoy) so it's pretty hard to take that first step.

Lucky for me, Juice Doctor, a new Surabaya based cold press juice specialist, contacted me to try out their juices, i happily said yes ^^!
Those are four juices (i just realized how colorful they are! I picked them good hahaha) that i get to try out of the 10 variants they have :
A bit hard to see? You need to click the pic to enlarge it, or if you're too lazy, let me post a clearer info for you :
Oh yeah, i received a few questions regarding Juice Doctor's prices on my social medias when i posted the photos, and i just realize that they have the prices listed there *LOL* *silly me* so i can answer those questions now : it's IDR 35.000 for the mini size (35 ml) and IDR 50.000 (50 ml) for the big size!

Anyway, you might already know if you sponsor me then you'd be sponsoring my hunny as well *LOL*, so you'd get the opinions of two persons at once. And hunny's the health-food loving one between the two of us, he loves his juices and greens so honestly he was the one who got all excited for this particular endorsement hahaha. 

I'm not gonna lie, the ingredients terrifies me >.<. Not only i don't like most veggies, i also find green juice to be totally icky! For the sake of this blog post, i forced myself to down every single one of those four juices and i am proud of myself *LOLOLOL*. They're not that bad (i enjoy some of them), but i won't go as far as saying i'd drink my greens from now on! With that cat out of the bag, i can tell you that i actually only chose two of the juices, the other two are hunny's choices.

Now let's talk about them one by one!
Dazzling containing carrot, tomato and apple
It's obviously hunny's choice, carrot and tomato!!! The benefits of Dazzling is  (i quote) skin and hair glow, improve eyesight, lower blood pressure and increase metabolism.

Never in my dreams i thought i'd ever drink my carrot (if you know me in real life you'd know how i'd refuse to open my mouth to something i dislike hahaha)... But of course, i gotta try it. Dazzling has a cheery orange color (obviously from the carrot) and the thickest texture out of the four. It's not super thick like a shake, but thick enough to make you full if you drink it (that's what hunny said because he's the one who practically drink the whole bottle, i just poured a little bit for myself to try!). 

According to hunny, the most prominent taste is the carrot (he has a more refined taste bud than me, i find it hard to tell what i'm tasting most of the time hahaha), but the apple and tomato lent a sweet and tangy taste and aroma that masks carrot scent (i hate carrot's scent >.<) so it didn't smell as bad as i thought it would be. It tastes okay for me, but i am not a fan-hunny however, loved it! It's his favorite and he says he'd definitely like to order this variant in the future.
Sunshine with pineapple, lime, ginger and coconut water
If Dazzling is hunny's fave, Sunshine is MY fave! The bright yellow colored juice has the lightest texture out of the four and is very refreshing and easy to down! The benefits : immune booster, hydrate your body and protect against free radical. I'm currently down with flu and hunny is sure (it's just been confirmed by Juice Doctor too!) that the ginger would help me "get rid of wind" inside my body and the vitamin C it contains would help me recuperate faster.

The most prominent taste of Sunshine would definitely pineapple (which happens to be one of my fave fruits ^^), the ginger gives a strong and soothing taste and the coconut water compliments all the ingredients to make Sunshine tastes... well, very sunshiny! It's definitely the kind of juice i can imagine sipping on a sunny day on the beach. I love it! It's all a matter of taste though, because it is hunny's least fave!
Green Power with wheatgrass, apple and pineapple
Well, i don't think i need to tell you again, it's hunny's choice! Even the green color scares me already hahaha. Green Power's benefits includes : immune booster, increase metabolism, improve skin complexion.

The texture is not as thick as Dazzling but also not as light as Sunshine, so somewhere in between. The most prominent taste is the wheatgrass (only Juice Doctor can make me pour a dark green liquid down my throat >.<!!!) but it is sweetened and lightened by the appearance of apple and pineapple. 

Hunny finds Green Power to be alright (but he prefers Dazzling), as for me... The wheatgrass scent and taste is too much for me (i hate grass >.< i hate the scent and wheatgrass is still grass *LOL*) although it is masked by the pineapple and apple, i still prefer the others to this one!
Morning Call with watermelon, tomato, lemon and chia seeds
I actually really hate tomato, but lately i start to tolerate it better. I picked this variant because of the watermelon and chia seeds, i was hoping that the watermelon can mask the tomato taste (it does, not entirely but still much better than just tomato!). It has a slightly thick and slushy texture (but not as heavy as Dazzling) and it's oh-so-refreshing! A real morning call to say the least!
Can you see the chia seeds on the bottom? It adds texture and crunchiness to this juice, i like that!
Benefits of Morning Call includes : healthy heart, weight loss, stress buster, anti aging, source of energy. 

Morning Call is my second favorite, i can still taste the unmistakable tanginess of the tomato but i can no longer smell it (which is wonderful!) and it is much diluted with the most prominent taste : the watermelon! It is very fresh and it's my second favorite. I am happy to announce i like both of the variants i chose for myself (and hunny stated that he loves them all!)-it's clear now that i prefer light, refreshing tasting juices, yea?

Tasting out Juice Doctor's cold pressed juice helps me face my fear (of green juice), and it proves to me that i CAN drink my veggies (with the help of tonnes of fruits, of course!) and they don't taste nearly as bad as i thought they would be. Now healthy can be yummy too!

Get your own cold pressed juice from Juice Doctor, they will be delivered directly to your place and you can simply twist the cap and drink them-simple as that! No need to hassle and stress about making your own (which, if you're lazy like me, would never happen anyway) :

Line : JuiceDoctor
Whatsapp : +628883591021

Thank you Juice Doctor for letting me try their yummy and healthy juices out (and thank you Shasha who gave out the list of bloggers and included me always hehe)!
Notice my eyelashes? I just got an eyelash extention! Blog about it next haha

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  1. such a healthy post! :D anyway, not sure if it only happens on my compi or what but I cannot see the benefits of the juices and some important information that you stated on this post unless I copy and paste it somewhere else :/

    1. That's really annoying but that's the picture i got from the client >.<, and i wrote down the benefits of the ones i got to try so i hope that helps!

  2. Huahh kapanan aku pingin nyoba sunshine tapi kelewatan..kayake enakk