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Hello hello!

Erm, i don't think i need to tell you how backdated this post is since the expo actually was on January >.< yep, right after we arrived from our South Korea winter trip, we spent some time in Jakarta and one of the most exciting thing we did there (other than eating and shopping *LOL*) was visiting 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo!
Eh. Why i put the pic with no Doraemon on it as the header... But this is the only family pic we have (well, we have several others, with sillier poses, but at the same spot :p) so... What are we gonna do!!!
I read about this Doraemon expo before in Qiu Qiu's blog so i was quite excited to learn that they're also coming to Jakarta-and even more importantly, at the same time while we were in town. I grew up watching Doraemon (so was hunny, who's the same age as me). I remember waiting for it to show in local TV on weekends, getting excited whenever the iconic theme song start playing hehehe. Baby Boy knows Doraemon too, but he certainly is not as familiar and he does not grow up watching it-so it was a great time to show him how cool Doraemon actually is and how i long for the Anywhere Door (or as we know it, Pintu Kemana Saja *ting tung ting tung* LOL)!
We went on a weekend during holiday season, so i shouldn't be so surprised to see how crowded it was :( but i was (surprised, i mean) zzzz.
Had to queue for quite a while, possibly because they're limiting the number of visitors at any given time so it wouldn't be too crazy crowded that you cannot move (that is a good thing btw, i prefer queuing rather than getting in right away only to find myself unable to move)
There were quite some carnival style games booths
And souvenir expo where you can get Doraemon merchandises
Selfie with le hunny, the light streaming in caused weird shadows on my face -___-
Went with KC's family
Even the anti-heatie drink comes in special Doraemon packaging, kawaii!

Before we get in, i just want to rant a little bit about Indonesian's inability to respect other people's spaces, or just being respectful and polite in general OMG. I was so pissed because people leisurely took 10-20 pictures at the same spot (yes, even at the entrance) with no regards whatsoever to the crazy long line forming due to their lack of common sense. C'mon people, if it's super crowded, just take your damn picture and move along! You can retake once or twice lah, but if you come in a group of five and every single one of you wants : 1. single photos, 2. photos in pairs, 3. photos in 2 and 3 groups, 4. photos in big group then i suggest you to BOOK THE WHOLE EFFING PLACE INSTEAD LAH WTF. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. No, seriously, i was pissed right at the gate!
So i decided to just pose and snap a pic without bothering to wait any longer, it's simply NOT going to clear up within the next hour
Baby Boy with the original Doraemon before he lost his ears and turned blue!
Doraemon was so sad that he turned blue :(
Another thing that i need to get off my chest : i am an Indonesian and although it might be a bit rare, i am actually proud to be one. But i definitely do not appreciate our people's tendency to neglect rules blatantly just because we feel like "We already paid".

There were a lot of Doraemon statues that can be used for interactive photo taking, so i do not understand people's needs to touch those which clearly has the sign "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH"! What's worse, i saw kids actually RIDING the statues (that's not even supposed to be touched in the first place), even the smaller and fragile parts like the mouse's tail or something. OMG WTF!!! I know kids don't know better, but their parents truly should! They should stop their little monsters from trying to ruin the exhibition, not encourage (some parents actually carried their kids up so they could ride the statues) them WTF. AND those parents also shoved their kids up, trying to cut queues on photo spots!

After a while i got so mad i stopped caring about being polite and SHOO people off. Even if they're little kids, i'd bark "GO AWAY, MOVE!" when they're blocking us trying to take pictures after lining up for so long. I definitely lost my patience and cursed at some people openly when they cut lines hahahaha don't mess with me, i have no patience for mannerless people!

Anyway, we lost sight at KC's family quite fast because they mostly didn't bother to take pictues with/of the statues (too crowded, they said) and get out of the exhibition faster than us. As for us, i'm very kiasu so i'm not going to let things like "crowds" cut my visit short and stop me from making the most of the tickets we already paid, i.e : took as many pics as possible!

Okay, i feel better now! Let's take a  look at uber cute Doraemon in various expressions carrying his 100 gadgets, shall we?
The Anywhere Door 1 (there were 3 in the expo!)

Oh errr.. Did i ever tell you that i tend to be very silly whenever there's a childhood hero of mine involved?
LOL, i warned ya
I don't even remember what this pink purse does, but it's pink and it's a purse so i was happy to pose with it anyway hahaha
You'll see 100 pics of Baby Boy with the same pose in this post alone WTH
Ignore my super fugly face, i just tot hunny looked cute here hahaha, we're obvi trying to imitate Doraemon's pouty mouth, not very successfully too hahaha
As you can see from this pic, it was crowded but not THAT crowded. It was manageable, but it's the people that made the crowd felt out-of-hand. If only everybody would queue up neatly and be respectful for each others' turns, move away from the camera's view when someone else's taking  a pic, the visit would've been a much more pleasant one. I can only imagine how orderly people in other countries would be, namely Japan *sigh*.
The set was quite elaborate, the bridge and the sakura trees were cute!
There's even a little "pond" under the bridge!
I do want my own personal Doraemon!
Did the pose which is my bro's "fave" hahahaha, he always goes "Why take pictures while sleeping???" when he sees someone pulled this pose hahahaha
Errr, i had to google the English name of this very familiar gadget (apparently it's... Take-copter?) because we know this as "Baling baling bambu"!
Errr. I really was in a silly mode that day.
Can you see all the festivities at the far back?
There's even a flower gate! What's the special occasion?
OH! It's Nobita and Shizuka's wedding!!!
Sure, you can take a pic with the bride and groom
Everybody's invited to their wedding!
Baby Boy too!
There's even a wedding cake! Excuse the angle and blurriness, Baby Boy took this pic!
The last section was the interactive one!
Skipping happily with my pal Shizu! Wogh, my hair was really long! I miss it!
Why so sad, guys??
Naughty boys
Joining Nobi and friends at their playtime!
Sign of extreme kiasuness : When one cannot ignore a wishing well, even the fake one out of a cartoon
Hunny's trying to make his shoes new again hahaha
Enlarging torch
LOL, Baby Boy's pretty good at posing/acting eh
Mailing a letter for your gf, Baby Boy?
At their famous playground
The 2nd Anywhere Door haha
Love Umbrella
You can count on us for silly poses
Took this pic after queuing up so long and being cut three times by mannerless people, i got so angry i shoved the kids in when the fourth person trying to cut the line and i cussed at them hahahaha
Love this pic, even though the angle makes my ankle looked so fat and my former trainer would kill me for my standing position...
One of the gadgets that i've always wanted in real life, the memory bread! How convenient is it??? LOL
KC's family joining Nobi's family for dinner haha
That's the end of the expo, next section's the souvenir shop (where we picked a souvenir to bring home each!)
Cute plushies, if they were a wee bit cheaper, i'd get one
Yummy dorayaki plushie
The 3rd Anywhere Door!
The exhibition was actually very nice, it's cute and we're feeling very nostalgic. The interaction section was really good too, i feel like the ticket's price's quite justifiable, the only thing i would complain about is the people. I would prefer it if the staffs were more hands on and strict, i know Indonesian are spoilt and we have this "power syndrome", which means we'd get upset at the staff for trying to make us follow the rule, BUT THAT'S THE ONLY WAY to make sure we'd behave! The more i think about it, the more embarrassed i become. We're like spoilt little children, always demanding to go first, not wanting to follow rules and unable to respect others! How can our nation grow if the people continues to act this way??? It's just... Sad.

Anyway. Yeah. Like little kids, we need strict discipliner, so the staffs of this kind of exhibiton should be more active. They need to reprimand people for touching (and banned people for making their kids ride the statues WTH) the statues with Please Do Not Touch signs and assist at every section, especially the popular spots (i'd say the entrance and the interactive section) to make sure everybody's lining up and not let anyone cut the lines.

Maybe i am wishing too much. Next time just visit expo in other countries, but then again if there are a lot of Mainland China tourists (which is the case everywhere at the moment) then it'd be even worse. FML.

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  1. Lucu banget ya... Bener bener kayak lg di dunia doraemon. Sayang cuma sampe maret ya... Pengen juga ke sana... Haha

    1. Hehehe iya kayaknya dia kelilingan Asia deh :D

  2. hello it's Nobita's sibling talking here. lol. i enjoy reading your blog! this post looks so much fun esp the moment you attended my bro's wedding :DD err.. so annoying knowing some people actually let their kids riding Doraemon statues -___________- why can't we (indonesians) act as how we normally do in other countries ? pffft

    1. Hi Nobita's sister! IRW, it was both annoying and embarassing, i hope there were no foreigners there!

  3. Bagus juga yah isinya.
    Waktu itu mau ke sana tapi jadi males pas dibilang gak sama barang2nya sama yang aslinya. Kualitasnya beda (kw) gitu yang dipajang.
    Tapi bagus lah kw daripada pajang yang asli tapi dirusakin sama tamu2 orang indo ("︸_︸)

    1. Oh ya??? Lumayan bagus sih, soalnya patung2 gitu doank kebanyakan hehehe. Iya betul, malu2in bener kalo sampe pd rusak ya kan...

  4. Doraemon always remind me of my childhood....baling-baling bambuuu...XD