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Hi guys ^^...

This post is long overdue >.< i feel so bad, but you how busy i've been #defensive :p. Anyway, i've been using this particular product for months now so at least i am highly qualified to review it *excuses, excuses* hehehe. As you might already know, back in March Miracle Aesthetic Clinic kindly sent some products for a few bloggers included me, i've reviewed the other product (TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex SPF 20) before so now it's this one's turn :
TDF Age Defense Cleansing Gel
What is Age Defense Cleansing Gel and what it does?
This cleanser functions to stimulate skin cell's regeneration and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of  skin aging. It effectively cleanse pores, erase makeups and eliminates oil. A unique formula from exfoliating acids, skin conditioning agent and botanical ingredients working in synergy to brighten and soften skin's texture. Making skin very clean, soft and bouncy. Can be used for every skin types.

How to use? Just like your regular facial wash ^^!

Let's see the packaging first!
The transparent nature of the gel makes the back of the bottle visible so it was a bit hard to see the writings on the bottle
Back side of the bottle
The instructions and information is in English so they stick a sticker of the Indonesian translation
TDF Age Defense Cleansing gel comes in a clear cylinder plastic bottle with white cap and pump. The bottle is heavier than your regular drugstore cleansers because of its high quality material. It feels very sturdy and in fact, it really is! I am such a klutz that i managed to drop it a few times from considerable height but it's totally fine. Not a single crack or chip was found!
The pump is very neat and easy to use
All you gotta do is pump! It'll dispense tiny amount of gel so you shouldn't have to worry about getting too much product out
The pump works fine and very consistent, from the very first time i got it until the last drop *LOL*. I have no idea what this kind of mechanism is called, but you can see there's a slightly transparent part in the bottom of the bottle? It hid this :
Sorry for the low quality of this pic! This was taken quickly with my Ipad because i forgot to snap pic with my camera
It has the same mechanism as... syringe? When you use the cleanser, the white part would push up the rest of the cleanser up so it's easy to get every single drop of the cleanser with no hassle, no need to tilt the bottle, open it or turn it upside down (true story) when it's almost finished. Totally brilliant, IMO! I only had one other product that has this mechanism before and it was a hair tonic.
As you can see from the bottle already, the color of the cleanser is light orange. The consistency is, well, gel-runny gel, if that's not too weird for you hehe (as in it's not dense, it'll slide and drop easily if you tilt your hand). The amount you see in this picture is one pump. One pump is actually quite enough to use, but i like slathering myself in products *oops* so i always use two pumps.
The gel cleanser feels very light and it doesn't lather much, which means it doesn't contain a lot of detergent (which is good), it might get a little time to get used to if you're a bubble monster like me though hahaha.

This cleanser feels very mild and soothing when used, i LOVE the sweet peach scent (on contrary to the Day Rejuvenation Gel) and it relaxes me when i am using it (mostly in the shower because i prefer to wash my face while i am showering). It's so soft that it doesn't drag on your skin and it leaves a moisturized feeling after use (but no greasiness), no tight, pulled skin feeling you sometimes feel when you use facial cleansers that are too strong and stripping. 

It's strong enough to eliminates any dirt and oil from my skin, but it doesn't prevent my skin  from getting oily haha, it's both good and bad for me : good because that means this cleanser is mild and not draining your skin of any moisture (this is a cleanser for all skin types, that's why), but also bad because my skin would start producing oils pretty soon afterwards (this can be prevented by using some products though i wouldn't bother if i'm staying at home all day).

The good news is, this cleanser can REALLY be used for all skin type, IMO. It works well for my oily skin (beside the fact that it's not controlling my oil production) and even better for my hunny's dry skin. His skin becomes very soft, less dry, supple and  more youthful after using it just a few times, he loves it so much so i decided to let him use it most of the time. It doesn't break any of us out.
My skin feels refreshed and clean without the stripping feeling after using TDF Age Defense Cleansing Gel
Does it do what it claims? It definitely cleanse thoroughly and it does eliminate oil (but not preventing it from being reproduced), it also manage to soften our skin's texture so the "making skin very clean, soft and bouncy" definitely is justified. It, however, does not cleanse makeup. You definitely need to use a separate makeup remover (i tested by using some staining lipsticks, eyeliner and foundie. Nope, they're still there!) beforehand, it does help remove any trace of makeup you might leave behind (this was tested by swiping toner afterwards and no trace of leftover makeup was found in my cotton pad).

I have no comment for the reducing fine lines, etc because i do not have any yet-however i guess it's actually kinda works because my hunny did developed some fine lines on his forehead due to his dry skin (don't think we're old enough to actually get wrinkles yet okay!!!) and it's much better now because his skin is not as dry.

I also do not think you should rely on a cleanser for fighting skin aging signs, you need to incorporate anti aging skin care to your routine as well for a significant resut. But it sure is a good idea to use cleansers with anti aging properties to support those skin cares.  

TDF Age Defense Cleansing Gel retails for IDR 475.000 and available exclusively at Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. It is rather pricey, like all TDF products, but one bottle contains quite a lot of product and a little goes a long way-meaning it'll take pretty long to be used up. I would definitely recommend this cleanser for those of you who are looking for mild, soft, refreshing and non-stripping cleanser that feels very luxurious and kind to your skin-especially for mature and dry skin.

Thank you Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for this awesome cleanser, my hunny's skin totally loving it!

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  1. pricey yak :( I thought that can remove makeup too, ternyata enggak

    1. Iyah mahal hehe... Engga bisa sayangnya, cm sabun cuci muka aja nihh