Korean Winter Trip Haul

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Hey guys... :D!

Hope nobody's having too bad of a Monday blues today? If you did and you need some cheering up, do you think seeing me losing my sh*t and bought everything in sight amusing? Will it make your Monday better? Then i am at your service >.<!

Originally i wanted to finish my Makassar trip posts first before moving on to anything Korea trip-related, but i've got lots of requests for this blog post to be accelerated, especially from Kathy and Sabrina who keep on asking me to upload this, both virtually and in person. SIGH!!! Okay okay, i hope you guys are happy now!!!
Yep, went ape sh*t mad, apparently
So... I was quite confident (like i always am zzz) that i wasn't going to buy too many things in Korea. I was like "What am i going to buy there anyway? Clothes would be so expensive, not to mention it's winter there so there shouldn't be any clothes that i'd be interested in!", and i always had a pretty good iron will not to buy too much makeups unless i intend to (if you noticed my other overseas hauls i rarely shop for makeups, lots of beauty related stuffs yes but mostly stuffs that i know going to run out fast like shower gels or body lotions instead of decorative makeups)-the only thing that i had every intention of buying was a branded bag *LOL*, preferably a Korean brand. 

But well. You saw what happened. All will went out of the window as soon as i saw all those 1+1 (Korean terms for Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion) T.T. You know i actually thought i was going to be very good (i hardly spent any money on the first four days in Korea!) until the last two days of the tour when they brought us to the shopping places zzzz.

Most of those cosmetics were already quite cheap compared to even local online shop (who sell Korean cosmetics at pretty affordable prices), and the 1+1 thingy just made them DIRT cheap. (Good news is i didn't buy too many clothes as predicted and very little accessories, everything's just concentrated on cosmetics T.T so that's what we're gonna start with)

But honest to God, i didn't spend THAT much on cosmetics since i only buy mass-brands instead of premium ones like History of Whoo. I also limit myself to only a few items (mostly) on each brands (because i wanted to buy something from every brand WTF), i really thought i did pretty well (considering the amount of money that i spent on makeups)-but well. Apparently the accumulated total's pretty scary.
This scary
Don't worry, i'm over snapping pictures of every single items like i used to do (Kathy said she scrolled and scrolled and scrolled *LOLOLOL* and the pictures just kept coming FML), i take most of them in groups now to save time :p. And data plan for my readers. But as always, imma yap about the back stories of each and every one of my purchases. I'm a kick-ass story teller, man :p!

Now, i categorized the stuffs according to brands/where i bought them to make it easier for me to remember everything. First group with the most amount of products were bought in some Duty Free store that the tour brought us to, Olive Young nearby our hotel when we extended (it was not very big but i went there three times because i loved it so much. I saw huge Olive Young in... Gangnam *i think?* on a website later and now i really want to come back to Korea just for it zzz) our stay in Seoul and random convenient stores (like 7 Eleven but not 7 Eleven, i just don't remember any of the mini marts' names).
First let me show you what i got from that Duty Free store (where i spent around KRW 84.000) :
Facial wash set of 3 from a brand i've never heard of before : Esfolio. It was very cheap (KRW 16.000? Something like that, which roughly around USD 16) and the design too cute to pass up on (it's my Kryptonite... Cute designs!!! I'll die in Japan T.T). There was another facial wash set that caught my eyes but i thought i shouldn't be so crazy on the first store i was in so i didn't get it. Yes, i'm regretting it a bit (now CL and i have a new motto "It's better to regret buying something than regret NOT buying it LOLOLOL #YOLO #WTF)
The only The Face Shop product i bought (i didn't even bother going in The Face Shop, just too easy to access in Indonesia *LOL* and am not too crazy about their products anyway), Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon Cream. Read some nice reviews on them and it was so cheap (KRW 3.000? Please note that i am just taking a wild guess of the prices coz i cannot remember any of them for sure!) so... why not?
Also the only (2) items i got from VOV, the small perfumes were just like KRW 10.000 each and smells so nice, into the basket they were!
Senite Perfumed Hair Coating Essence that i got purely for the pretty bottle... Super cheap as well, i also wanted to buy the body lotion and shower gel but they were pretty bulky (although super cheap as well) and we still had to move hotels *sigh*... The Girls' Generation (it's.. the same as SNSD right??? The girlband? I know i'm horrible at this, but my K-Pop knowledge is super poor haha) dry shampoo was actually bought in Olive Young (Batiste's very expensive there compared to local online shop so i thought i'd give this a try. It wasn't very cheap either, but curiousity won in this case).
OK, i don't even know what brand this lip balm is... Baby Boy was the one who pointed this out to me actually! He sure knows that his momma's a sucker for cute stuffs hahaha
Clio products. I've been super disappointed at most eyeliners and still on the search for that HG eyeliner, read a raving review on them (was it in Shasha's blog? I can't remember) so when i saw them in much lower price than local OS, i thought i'd give it a try. Still hurts my heart paying so much for eyeliners, but i wear eyeliners every time i go out and a good liner's making putting up makeup so much easier so i thought it's worth investing in. Bought the Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner in black and silvery white colors in the Duty Free and then the Brush Liner in Kill Brown set in Olive Young (i love Olive Young and their sets and promos!!!) because it was such a  good deal. I don't have a lot of stock for liquid eyeliner so i actually didn't feel guilty for this purchase!
Bought these sheet masks (that Korea's so famous of) in bulk to give to my friends, of course i keep one of each variant for myself to try-the Seaweed one's a bonus for shopping
More stuffs from Olive Young :
Yves Rocher Lilas Mauve mini Eau de Toilette that's been packaged with Botanic Hill Radiant Youth Peel & Care Water (what is that???? I have no idea OMG, i have to google it to know how to use this!!!)
Also stumbled into this brand i never heard of before, Elle Girl and gravitated towards the nail polishes. They were having promotions on some colors (this is very strange for me, in Indonesia when you have a promotion on a product that'd be for all of the colors!), i am very kiasu so i only chose the ones on promotions (KRW 15.000 to 18.000, which is like USD 1.5 to 1.8) :p. I don't have any preference on color anyway, i think i have almost every color in my stash already T.T
Of course, the oil tank cannot pass on trying out different brands of oil blotters T.T! They were not very cheap or anything (but on 1+1 so not so bad), but i just want to give them a try anyway. Seems like both are Japanese brands? Poretol and DHC. Never heard of Poretol before but i love DHC!
I also love acne patches, now THESE are CHEAP in Korea! SOO much cheaper than Indonesia's ridiculous Nexcare 3M ones. My skin reacts really well to acne patches (but it doesn't work on everybody, i know that it doesn't work at all on some bloggers) so whenever i got the chance to stock up, i will! One is from 3M Nexcare (which seems to be so cheap anywhere but in Indonesia/Singapore) and the other.... Is Care Zone the brand? Yep, the 1+1 made them really really cheap!
Errr... Yep... I am the lip balm monster, remember? This trip i behaved lah and didn't buy that many lip balms :p. Only bought these two in Olive Young (yes, i did buy a few more, but there was a time when i bought 15 lip balms at one go...), not sure what the one on the right's brand... But it's a collaboration with Jelly Belly, the little tag on the box is actually a scent tester that was hanging on the rack-hunny was like "I want the tag!" so i devilishly wrapped the tag on the box and pretended it was part of the set, if they caught us up i was prepared to say "Oh, i didn't know that, it was already wrapped in the box when i saw it" but they never said anything and gave it to us :p. Also bought the Chu Lip because it's cute and in this variant because the other variants were not on sale #sostrange. None of these two were cheap -___-
I really wanted to go to a Peri Pera store but we didn't find any (i also didn't manage to find Too Cool For School even though we passed one while on the tour bus T.T nor 3CE counter whatsoever) so i had to settle for the small collection Olive Young had :(. Planned on getting the Frozen nail polishes but it was not available in Olive Young so ended up with both Elsa and Anna's version of the Peri's Tint coz it was on sale and very cheap. I don't even wear lip tint much WTF. The Penguins Tint Jelly was bought purely for the packaging, i didn't know Dreamworks has their own cosmetic line! Was so tempted to get the Shrek sheet mask but it was so expensive! If they were cheaper i'd get a lof their sh*t, me the ultimate victim of merchandising WTF. Thankfully they were exp, so i limited myself and only got the one tint jelly!
That's all from Olive Young and the rest are from the random convenient stores :
Random Nail Remover that looks like its copying Etude House's design. Apparently this happens in Korea as well. It was cheap so i was tempted...
On : The Body Cherry Blossom Shower Cream. Not cheap (almost IDR 50.000) for the size but i was desperate for a shower gel to buy (bought it on the last day before going to the airport) coz i didn't buy any in this trip. Never heard of On : The Body before but upon googling it realized that it's the brand which CF's song seemed to be copied by that stupid Mastin (Indonesian supplement pill) CF. I also realized that i saw the big sized shower gel everywhere in the hotels so it must be a popular drug store brand in Korea? The lady in the bottle looks familiar too, she must've been a guest on Running Man once, that's the only way i'd recognize any Korean stars.
This... is going to be so useless in Indonesia. LOL. We ate Korean BBQ a lot while we were there and our clothes reeked of grilled meat, especially our coats-and we only brought one/two coats for this trip so to stop myself from smelling so yummy (in all the wrong way), i snapped this fabric refresher and sprayed away happily, so happily (i sprayed everything down to our heat tech, we only have two each -___-) that i almost finished the whole bottle within a few days. This was on 1+1 for only KRW 3000 i think, so worth it *LOL*
Happy Bath Rose hand cream, also on 1+1 (i'm giving the other one to a friend lah) so i couldn't resist. I start using hand creams regularly now and i don't have a lot of stocks so this is another guilt-free purchase. Happy Bath seems to be yet another popular Korean drugstore brand...
And finally, moving on to the products bought in their individual stores, mainly in Myeongdong. I almost went mental the first time we went to Myoengdong and was given just two hours by the tour leaders. I flitted from one store to another ASAP, panicking all the while, grabbing whatever in sight WTF.
Nature Republic : Only got the By Flower Powder Pact (on sale, very cheap) and the Acne Clear Patch (yes, we all know i am hoarder, when i like a product i will buy them non stop, and in various brands), plus a perfume for hunny. Nature Republic is also one of the most generous brand when it comes to sample giving (contrary on what i heard before, Etude House was one of the worst)!
Banila Co is a bit more expensive therefore i'm not too interested in them, however when i saw the lip crayons on 1+1, i gotta got it! It was around KRW 12.000-but for two!!!
Aritaum confuses me-their packaging are so similar from one another and that's a sure fire way to make me confused and ended up with none. Almost bought more Honey Melting Tint but i couldn't remember the colors of the ones i already have WTF so i ended up only buying this Ginger Sugar Tint Lip Balm (was it KRW 6000?). Aritaum's not so expensive, but i was overwhelmed with the other brands already so i wasn't sure what to get, i felt like i shouldn't get any more lippies/eyeshadow/blush on unless i really like the packaging or is very cheap, so i didn't buy anything more here
Now Shara Shara has one of the cutest packaging so i bought a few items here! The Banana Honey Body Cream were on 1+1 and super cheap, hunny was the one who pointed it out and told me to buy it (coz he knows i'm a sucker for both banana AND honey), was only KRW 12.000 (i think) for two. Then i also got the eye makeup corrector because i actually need one (okay, as a back up. I already bought an Etude House one from A's OS), while the eye shadow stick's bought for the packaging. I only wanted one but the BA told me it was on 1+1 *squeal*. I couldn't stop thinking about the lip crayon (i bought lip crayons like crazy in this trip, this happens whenever i like something eh zzz) so i got it the next (which was the last) time we were in Myeongdong
I bought the most items in The Saem because they were having a huge sale and very very cheap-that means they were very stingy with samples though zzzz. I got the eye brow mascara (this one is another "need"), lip crayon, eye shadow (it was so cheap i could've easily buy all of the colors available without winking if only i didn't think of how crazy packed my new stash storages already are *sigh*), blush on, Gold facial bar and cute snail-shaped hand cream first (i actually bought less but then they told me to spend KRW 30.000 to get a tax refund, and when the BA's super nice i tend to do whatever they ask me to do FML), then on another store (on another day) hunny tried the Snail Soothing Gel on his painfully dry and wounded hand, liked it so i told him to get it (it was only KRW 6000 and so huge!). Then while waiting for CL, i painted Au's nails with the LED colors, fell in love and just HAD to get one so i ended up with the green one. The LED line's just so damn pretty T.T
From Beyond i got these eye & lip makeup remover and bear shaped glitter nail polish, both on 1+1. Originally went in to check out the Bear shaped lipstick that i saw from Kathy's IG, it's a lot cheaper in Korea (Kathy said it was around IDR 180.000 in Indonesia? It was KRW 12.000) but i was blown away by the 1+1 price which means i get all of my lippies for under KRW 8.000 so i decided that 12.000 is just too much for a lippie #cheapo
Can you believe i only got this Healing Nails Remover from Holika Holika? Dirt cheap at KRW 2000! Again, could've bought so many stuffs *especially the lip sections, they were okay priced and oh-so-cute* but i kept on reminding myself that i already bought so many lip products in this trip that unless it's uber cheap i shouldn't get any! Imagine if i just go with my heart and get whatever i want, i might need another huge suitcase to carry my lippies huhuhu (i barely have space for this haul in my room as it is!)
Also bought a LOT of stuffs in Missha because of a huge sale. Uber cheap sheet masks (KRW 1000 each), firming eye patch, Sweet Line Blusher, lip crayon (again!), lip gloss and uber cheap eye shadows. They were crazily cheap wey, like Viva cosmetics cheap wei! And some of the eye shadows are for my friends anyway. Okay, just two of them, but that counts!
Also got these feminine wipes (the BA blushed like mad when Au asked them what the wet wipes are for hahahaha) for KRW 1000 each and a Blemish Clear Patch. I spent around IDR 450.000 in Missha while in Indonesia i'd probably just get the blush on and lippies for that price -___-
Missha's exceptionally stingy when it comes to samples though! I bought so many yet they didn't even give me one sachet sample (while The Saem, although quite stingy and also on a huge sale still gave me two sheet masks! Korean brands now have this new marketing strategy where they'd hand you a basket and free samples/masks/accessories just for entering the store, including Missha-and i realized they didn't even put the ONE lone sample i was handed by the marketer in my purchase (on the second Missha store where i went to buy more eye shadows). WTF Missha! I wouldn't forgive you if it weren't for your uber cheap prices...

Then i almost didn't get anything in Etude House because the first time i went to the Myeongdong store it was on a Saturday night and they were having a huge sale. It was super packed and the BAs were super rude, they kept on shoving me out of the way WTF. I got so annoyed i just left without buying anything. Then i went to a bigger store in Lotte Mall but i was so tired after spending the whole day at Lotte World (the theme park) i couldn't concentrate-i totally regret this since this branch is bigger and has newer and limited edition products like the Disney Princess ones-they were not available in the Myeongdong branch for some reason grrrrr (i wasn't interested in the Disney Princesses line initially, but they were more attractive in real life so i would actually get a blusher, lipstick and nail polish if i could).

Went back to Myeongdong and was determined to buy something from EH, it was not as crowded (but still very crowded) and the BAs were still as effing rude, but i managed to get some stuffs (at least the guy at the cashier was friendly and gave me some freebies zzz). 
Got the Mascara Removers because i used it before and loved it, apparently it's super cheap (KRW 4000 each) so i got two for backups. The Every Month Cleansing Foam's also super cheap (KRW 3500 each) so i got one for myself and another one for #Undecided, the number 6 Trouble Care with tea tree because tea tree works wonder for #Undecided's skin and i just like acne-preventing stuffs in general. Also got the glittery nail polishes just because they were pretty, the Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat because i am having another obsession on trying out different top coats plus one Apricot Stick i've been wanting forever. Could easily bought so many other things but the price point's not too far off from local OS and the limited editions were nowhere to be seen so i was saved!
Only got this from Tony Moly but then i went back to Jakarta and they were having 70% off and ended up buying quite a few items there zzz!
I got the nail polish set from Lotte Duty Free but the other two from the store in Myeongdong (because duty free stores mostly sell cosmetics in bundles and i don't need 10 banana hand creams okay!). Got the Banana Hand Milk purely for the packaging and the Tint Crayon Neon because i swatched it (BIG mistake zzzz) and fell in love, so yep, yet another lip crayon on my stash zzz.

Btw, other than Etude House, Tony Moly is also very stingy. CL asked for free samples (coz every other stores gave us some with our purchases) and she was told (not very nicely either) "NO SAMPLES, DISCOUNT NO SAMPLES!". Oh geez, WTF. Tony Moly and Etude House needs better BAs *angry*.
These are all the free samples and sheet masks i got (including the cute pens) from cosmetics shopping/just by entering their stores. You can see how generous Nature Republic, Beyond and Share Share are! I didn't even buy that much products from them!
CL (who shopped for premium cosmetics like Whoo, S:um, Odbo and Missha's premium lines) gave me these S:um Bubble the Mask samples to try, it's supposedly very unique-i can't wait to give it a try!
And with that we come to the end of my cosmetic haul! Phew! That's quite a lot yah T.T. Now let me show you my fashion haul :
I bought a total of 6 bags in this trip WTF (2 more in Jakarta) but i only bought 6 pieces of clothing items (plus one poncho and one pajama bottom) so it's still balanced, right!
Like i said earlier, i thought i wouldn't be buying any clothes at all, but when we were in Dongdaemun, my eyes immediately went to those KRW 10.000 signs, that's not too bad at all! Most of the clothes (the cool ones) WERE very expensive, but i focused on the sale ones and got quite a bargain! I even scored a fluffy pink cropped top for KRW 5.000! I also got some light clothing, sale from their Summer collection for sure, the most expensive thing that i got was for KRW 15.000 and only one of them!

I only regret not getting this super cool light sweater that was KRW 20.000, they do not accept cards in Dongdaemun (or i'd be sure to buy more items zzz) and i was really scared of running out of cash so i didn't dare to buy too much-and to this day i still want it zzz. Nevermind, pretty sure those Chinese PO would soon have a version of it haha.

As usual, i don't show you in detail for the clothing lah okay, you'll see them in my outfit posts anyway. Lemme show your my new bags instead :
Blue bag from La Palette that i already featured here
Originally wanted to buy something from MCM because it's the most well known Korean fashion brand that i know, but their style's a bit too loud for me... But i was still determined to buy a Korean branded bag, then i stumbled into this La Palette counter (in the Duty Free store. It was so strange, the dude manning the counter tried to chat me up but i couldn't understand him. He kept on saying he liked my Teddy Bear (????) while pointing at my Maneki-neko phone charm and ask me if it's rechargeable (he spoke to me in Korean at first, then to Chinese, then attempted some English). HAH??? When i asked him "Sorry, i don't understand. What?" he backed away in fear and refused to serve me even when i ended up buying the bag LOLOLOLOL).

I am so unfamiliar to Korean anything (except their cosmetics, but even that i also not that up-to-date) that i never even heard of La Palette before. I saw the copies with their signature horse everywhere and even own one (i even know that one of the bag's named Kim Na Na bag because it was worn by one of the main characters in City Hunter, the only Korean series i watched and liked) but i didn't even know that there is a real brand who owns the design WTF.

I gotta be honest, i was almost turned off when i realized that they were endorsed by those K-Pop girls (i cannot tell one from another) but in the end the desire to own one Korean branded bag is stronger *LOL*. They have very nice collections with great designs, i was quite confused on which one to pick-and ended up with this classier blue one. I tend to not pick crazier designs for my more expensive bag-even though La Palette's not even that expensive. My bag was... about KRW 177.000 (less than 2 million rupiahs) but i do like it a lot and i would definitely consider buying more La Palette bags in the future.

Someone told me Sonovi is also good, well it was on 50% all item when i was there but sadly i couldn't find anything i liked. They were just too young with all the illustrations, i can't believe i'm saying that (coz i wear unicorn shaped bags and all, but not at the price of a Sonovi bag hahaha) WTF, my niece did bought a sweet backpack from Sonovi!

I was also contemplating getting a houndstooth Michael Kors sling body but when i couldn't find the MK counter, i stumbled into this
Rebecca Minkoff beauty
I already spent so much and bought the La Palette bag (well, hunny bought it for me, but still...) so i was very hesitant to buy this. I even left it to walk around some more but i really couldn't stop thinking about it so i decided to buy it for myself as a new year's gift LOLOLOL (but i'm pretty sure i'd still make hunny pay for it in the end :p). It was not super expensive either, i don't remember the exact price but it was under USD 300 and we got 5% off for using Visa. It was a strange experience though, just paying and getting receipt, having to pick up the item at the airport!

I told you i am no brand snob, i also bought these two non-branded bags in Dongdaemun :
So chic and cheap! I think the small one was KRW 12.000 and the bigger one... KRW 15.000?
The ahjussi told me "made in Korea!" and i was like "Yeah right, for this price? Must be made in China la!", but when i used the off white one i found a tag with "Made in Korea" written on it! Whatta a deal! They have so many different colors, i could've easily bought them all if not for the no card accepted thing zzz. 

I am also announcing that my favorite high street brand has officially changed from Forever 21 to H&M!
Thank God i bought that dusty pink furry top that was originally priced at KRW 49.000 and slashed off to KRW 9.000 (yes, WTF) also the cupcake socks set (KRW 5.000) because when i saw them in H&M Jakarta they were still on their original price (even though H&M Jakarta's also having end of year sale). The top was still IDR 499.900 WTF how scary. 

And no, i have no plan to wear three of the same necklaces *LOL*, the other two are for Kathy and G. I would've buy more for my other friends if they have more stocks! Since Kathy reads this blog, i think it's unethical if i disclose the price here zzz. But it's... crazily cheap. C..R..A..Z..Y. That's all imma say.

I also splurged on cute stuffs in theme parks...
And got this uber cute penguin fluffy poncho in Everland. It's as painfully expensive as my Panda beanie and mitten set, but i am big on mementos and a total sucker for kawaii items. So... there.
Also got these uber cute bunny earred hair clips, it was not as crazily expensive, KRW 6.000 if i remember correctly
It's weird how in one theme park with multiple souvenir shops (that sells the same items), they had a sale in one store and not on another. You know i collect kawaii headbands especially from theme parks and i saw some going on for KRW 5.000 in one store but decided to postpone shopping until later (because we were just given 2.5 hours in the theme park, which was plain ridiculous) at the biggest store-but turned out the items were not on sale on the main store! ZZZ. So i decided not to buy more.
But i did get this hilarious raccoon headband in Lotte World on 50% off (can't remember how much, it was pretty cheap)
It was the mascot of Lotte World
Saw Frozen gachapon that dispenses mirrors, of course i was aiming for Elsa's but Olaf's not so bad i guess...
Bought these earrings in Myeondong for... KRW 1000 each?
And this kawaii cat face tiny pouch at a store in an MTR station. I always wanted the sling bag, but for now the coin pouch would have to do... It was quite cheap, KRW 3000 or something
These Teddy Bears were gifts from Hana (our tour leader) for the entire tour group's members. We had three but hunny immediately lost one :(. I broke mine but at least it's still there and repairable!
After snapping these pictures, a few days later hunny told me that i haven't retrieve the accessories i bought from his camera bag WTF, i totally forgot about them!
Yes, big on mementos. Must have something to keep from places i go, so even though normally i wouldn't pay so much for accessories, when i travel i suddenly become more generous.
Snow Man bracelet and necklace from Nami Island, hunny bought the Naminara Republic coin as souvenir (coz he's as big as a memento keeper as me)
Also got this uber delicate and pretty handmade bracelet at Namsan Tower, it was KRW 12.000, but it was just so pretty...
Matching genuine amethyst phone charms for hunny and i, they also gave our free chains in case you want to turn it into a necklace, i guess? In the shape of our Chinese horoscope, of course
Unfortunately for our tour guide and tour leader, our group's consisting of mostly young-ish people so we're not big on spending bucks for ginseng or amethyst! The total opposite of the other group (we're actually one BIG tour group split into two, but we go everywhere together and the other bus' tour leader LOVES us LOLOLOL) who consists of grandmas, grandpas, uncles and aunties who spent a fortune at those places!

We're also not into precious stones (especially amethyst that we have truckloads of back home in Martapura :p, its hardly even precious in our country) and i personally don't buy into the whole holistic thingy so... Not interested to even enter the store *LOL*. But then we saw the cheap phone charms (KRW 8.000?) so we thought, why not :p. (I guess kiasuness runs in the family, CL also bought some :p).

And finally we're doneeeee :D! Pretty crazy, huh? *Sigh*. No matter, i have no plans to travel again until June (L keeps on promising me an adult-only trip but i don't see it happening, she's just horrible at keeping her promises -___-) so i have a few months of breathing (and trying to use some products up so i have space for new stuffs *LOL*) space :p.

I hope you enjoy this post and do leave me a comment hahaha! (Pretty sure i'll just get the "Are you crazy???" kind of comments though haha)
#Pink / #Shopaholic

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  1. wih.. koleksi haulnya bikin ngiler >.<
    minta satu dong. haha ^^

  2. Quakkakakakakakaka ayokkkk L,G, undecided, sabsab, henny. Ayok brgkt. Kapan2? Btw aku rasae tw necklaces ny ce 4000 won bukan? Xp

    1. Hadoh jgn bawa #Undecided, ntar aq di jiret ga ole belanja? 4000 won? SALAH hahahahaha

  3. Answering your question cece~ I love clio pencil eyeliner *and yes, you maybe read it from my blog hehehehe* but, to be honest the liquid does not works for me *the one with the pen type. Many people raved about that one, but surprisingly i dislike that one *.

    And see what I told you? You'll couldn't resist the temptation to buy cosmetic when you're in korea. especially when you see them everywhere and also the 1+1 sign hahaha.

    1. Ohh iya Sha, yg pencil liner ya. Aq lupa jenis nya yg aq baca di blog km, tp kalo pencil (yg bukan liquid) krn lipetan mataku dalem dan tapered banget, biasanya bakalan messy >.<... Kmrn wkt aq swatch kayaknya bagusss, engga tau deh cocok apa engga nanti di coba dulu *fingers crossed*

      Yes Sha, it was a total madness. 1+1 nya OMG banget deh... Coba kalo ga tahan diri, bisa beranak 10 koper...

  4. Ayokkkk... Hohoho... Bisa menggila kita...

  5. Super long post. Hahaha. But I enjoyed it. Swatch min. Hihi lip productsnya byk yg bikin penasaran bgttt

    1. Hahaha iya post ku rata2 emg super panjang Jess, mgkn krn terlalu cerewet :p. Ntar aq review satu2 ya hahaha

  6. omg ce aku ngiler parah sumfeeeeh.huaaa lemparin satu boleh dong

    anw aku follow cece ya


    1. Di lempar2 ntar benjol, dear ^^ hehe. Thank you for following me ^^

  7. wow, you really bought a lot :D
    that banana hand milk looks awesome, i'm so gonna buy that when i return to Korea x3

    1. Yeah i did >.<! I hope it would be as awesome as it looks hehe

  8. Wahhhhh belanjaaaaa....
    And I'm like..... *drooling*


  9. Tinggal Di Martapura ya ci ...? haulnya bkin ngiler saja...

    1. Hehe engga sie, aq tinggal di Surabaya koq ^^. Cm aslinya dr Banjar :)

  10. Mw nanya dong, itu esfolio tokonya di mana ya???
    Di myeongdong atw dmn???

    1. Udah aq bales lwt email yah, kalo toko stand alone nya ga tau krn aq belinya di Duty Free :)

  11. my tour leader is hana as well! she got us the same exact teddy bear from teddy bear musseum! what a small world!

  12. Woah I envy you, and it's only the first part? It's a very huge haul O.O I also done my July makeup haul recently for a makeup class so feel free to check it out ^^