Event Report : Furla Fall Winter 2015 Collection Preview

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Hello hellooo ^^.

Back with another event report, a sort of late one since the event itself went down on 29th October and it's almost the end of November already :P. Furla Indonesia sent me an invitation for their Fall Winter 2015 Collection Preview at Ciputra World:
You'll see the collections in more details if you scroll down ^^
This was my second time attending their preview event (read about their previous event here). I'm not gonna lie to you, i don't really enjoy fashion events (not like i do beauty ones) and mostly try to avoid them now, but i was bored and i do love Furla, so when i found a friend to accompany me (thank you, Shelley ^^), i decided to go!
Nobody was around to take our photos in the event so here we are before the event when hunny was still around to take our photos at the Monster High decorations that i love so much hahaha
We also met up with Hiro San (from Tokyo Belle) for coffee
Okay, back to the event. On contrary to the previous event, when we arrived at Furla's counter at 4, it was already super crowded.

Love the color scheme. Oh, and i decided to treat myself to that unique looking bangle >.<
Furla's candy bag will always have a special place in my heart no matter how old and wrinkly i get...
This glittery candy back pack took my breath away but i'm not sure if i would wear it in Indonesia (pickpockets alert!)
Not a fan of bucket bags, the shape just doesn't appeal to me but i do love the colors!

These tiny bags stole my heart, so cuteeeee
Seriously, Furla's newer accessories are so cutesy, right up my alley!
For the more mature-styled ladies
This is the... MC of the day?
Since i don't attend fashion events all that often (actually i do get invitations, but i very rarely respond since i don't feel all that comfortable in those events. I feel like an impostor *LOLOLOL*), i'm not very familiar with the whole "host" culture that seems to be the trend for high end fashion brands nowadays. They always have these socialites/celebgram "hosting" the events. 

When i first heard about it, i thought host would be like... The MC. But turns out it's an entirely different thing, more literal-like they are supposed to be welcoming and mingling with the guests, i've never been welcomed by any of those said hosts though *LOLOLOL*, so i think they only welcome those who they know and that's betraying the whole point of having them as a host #confused .

Anyway, it's time for the actual preview with models next :
A very familiar face by now haha

My fave part of the collection? The fluffy purple and hot pink bag charm. TOO CUTE!
My fave bag of the collection
Totally deserves a second pic
One of the best things on preview events is definitely the big discounts!
And clearly everybody has the same thought. Had to queue for a pretty long time to pay for my purchase
I think everybody knows by now that i don't really splurge all that much, when i do i tend to spend days, even weeks really thinking whether i want that particular, expensive item. But there are always exceptions >.<, namely a very limited discount! 30% (+10% off using Mega credit card) is too strong a temptation for even my will of steel -___-. There's only one bangle left (and surprisingly it fits perfectly even though it looks so small *LOL*. Only when i got home and had time to examine it that is saw that it's size S -___-. Didn't know that fashion jewelry comes with sizes too) and the SA told me to hold on to it in fear of someone else snatching it... That did it, i just gotta have it -___-.

I guess i gotta be thankful that the one thing that stole my heart was their bangle instead of a bag, yes? LOL.
Suddenly so short and stocky beside one of the models :p

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