Halloween Fashion Part 1 : Monster High

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Hello hello *wave wave*!

I have plenty of posts from last Halloween, consider yourself warned! This is just the beginning of many other posts, Halloween related hahaha. I didn't do anything much for Halloween, mainly spent my time at a hip and happening bazaar that's totally in trend in Indonesia lately-BUT the thematic bazaar gave me a chance to dress up weirdly without being too out of place! Sure, i still got a lot of stares and every single person passing by Me-Nail's booth turned their head towards me-but that's good for business alright hahaha!

I can say that i kinda had a two Hallowen-like days in a row, and this is what i wore for the 30th of October :
Please excuse the quality of the outfit photos, i totally forgot to bring my camera and they were all taken using hunny's Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The concept... Actually i had no concept at first, i just really wanted to wear a bright blue lipstick i bought last July in Rubi while i was in Singapore hahahaha. I mean, what's the perfect time to wear it if not around Halloween, no??? So i pretty much built my outfit around the lipstick hahaha (yes, that happens!). 

L happened to gifted me this cute Cotton On skirt and i can so look Harajuku chic wearing it, so i decided to go with (soft) Harajuku style (since the lipstick's already so jarring, i didn't want to look too crazy with full on Lolita or whatever) with platform high top sneakers, loose tee and a choker. Then i added the bunny earred hair clips i bought in Korea last December (because, again, when else can i wear them???) to make the whole look more cartoonish (since the outfit's actually very basic and simple) and costume-ish.

The star of the day is the blue lipstick, of course :
Although Shelley pointed out that it turned out more grey than blue, that's because it's a bit hard to get the real color on a lip-balmed lips, the color kept on sliding around!
Used grey eyeshadows because i was running out of time and didn't have time to locate the blue ones on my messy drawer hahahaha. Used a purplish blush on for a slightly darker look (because my usual pink cheeks would be too kawaii)
List of products used :
1. Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
2. Oxy Face Powder
3. Eyeshadows from Australis palette
4. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
5. Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara in 01 Black
6. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
7. Mustika Ratu Simply Stay powder used as nose contour
8. Oriflame Tender Care
9. Rubi Lipstick in Horizon Blue 
10. Color Concept Blush On
11. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder

Er, i was waiting for the longest time for L to pick me up (1 hour later than she promised, as usual. I could've had another hour of sleep dammit!) so i took lots of selfie using my Iphone :p
I kept on forgetting that i was a Harajuku Bunny and not a cat
Later on i touched up the lipstick without any lipbalm underneath and really packed it on so the blue finally showed :
Anyway, although i was going for a Harajuku style, somehow i felt more like one of the Monster High girls (i loveeee them, i really want to buy a doll or two if only i could justify it!!! It doesn't help that they are everywhere and even had an exhibition and event in CW for Halloween, i want them even more nowwww >.<) when i put everything on. Maybe it's the lipstick? Even the bunny ears reminded me of the werewolf girl hahahaha.

Hunny was not home when i finished dressing up so i couldn't ask him to snap photos of me, PTC was quite crowded so i was too embarrassed to take outfit pics inside the mall (while the lighting inside the Goblin Marketz was too dim for outfit pics) so... We ended up taking the pics in the parking lot hahaha.
This part was quite deserted so we took a lot of pics hahaha
My makeup was kinda melting because of the crazy hot weather (times two in the basement parking lot!!!) and the lipstick definitely needed to be reapplied
Nobody was around so i didn't mind doing crazy poses. What do you think of my butterfly platform sneakers? They are rather painful to wear for very long period of time though, i almost felt like crawling at the end of the day because they're so hard all round!
My Unicorn Tears drinking cup bag attracted as much attention as my bunny ears and blue lips that day. Oh, the furry monster face mobile phone pouch is of one of the bday gifts from Sabsab
Dunno why one of the ears' so limp and slanted, people kept on making comments about them-but as L put it... Real life bunnies won't have their ears both shot up at all time anyway hahahaha
I offered Little O a sip and he actually opened his mouth *LOLOLOL*, not paying attention like always
Outfit details :
Dog Tee : Cotton On
Checkered Skirt : (gift from L) Cotton On
Butterfly Platform High Top : Online
Bunny Ears Hair Clips : Everland (South Korea)
Choker : Lovisa
Unicorn Tears novelty purse : Les Femmes
Monster Mobile pouch : (gift from Sabsab) Ore (can't remember the brand)    

O yeah, i found this cute fake Sylvanian Families cat doll key chain at Stroberi and thought it would the perfect Lolita necklace so i turned it into one to layer with my choker :
When you find the perfect item not used as how you like it to be, you turn it in your favor!
I will blog about the shenanigans we got into during Halloween (and before) next!
L and i drinking our pastel colored bag bloods, coz Monster High girls got pastel blood, that is! LOL

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