Little O's 8th Birthday Party

9:29:00 PM

Hey guysss...

Arghh... Blogging mojo, will you ever come back to me??? Instead of sitting my (flat) ass down in front of my computer, games on my Iphone/Ipad, e-books and online movies are just so much more appealing nowadays >.< *sigh*. And to add oil to the fire, i recently lost/misplaced my card reader with my camera's memory card in it (actually misplace is more possible since i never take the card reader anywhere outside my room, heck... i never move it from my desk/drawer!) so i can't even move my newer photos to the computer (not that i need any new photos, i still have hundreds of photos already in my computer ready for blogging *sigh*) and i spent days obsessing and stressing over it (you know i can't lose my things or i'd go nuts -___-). 

The new, improved all-in-one card reader (which hunny convinced me that we need, basically the only thing to say to stop me obsessing and sulking over the lost one) is still on the way so... Even reports, etc... Must wait.

Anyway. Another backdated celebration post (GAHHH, celebration... My bday... my mum's bday, my dad's bday, #Undecided's baby shower, Av's bday... The list is long enough to make me hyperventilate), Little O's bday from back in August *LOL*. You might already know that i sort of blog about it before, but in tips format (you can read it here) so most of the party's photos are not posted yet... And i cannot be bothered to send the photos to every guests so i have to blog about it and tell them all to just grab their photos here :p.

Not gonna talk about the preparation because i went to detail on the previous post already... This post is all about the party itself... But first, how about a selfie?
I only had a very short time to slap on my makeup, the result's not too bad if i may say so myself...
My hair was curled by Silv, thank you Silv ^^... Kinda miss my cotton candy hair...
Other than the "success team" who were already in my home since the early noon, Sabsab's and L were the early birds.
Sabsab was assigned to hand out door gift of light up stick to wear as bracelets
While L's early because she had to bring her nailists to set up the photobooth (sponsored by Me-Nail). Which immediately flocked by my relatives and my mum's friends...

Setting up the dinner table and cake
Busy busy

Then Nessya arrived and i immediately handed a camera to her and ask her to help snap photos.
I look a bit crazy but not too crazy lah hor
Some of Little O's classmates started to arrive and here Lid's trying to persuade them to get their photo taken at the photo booth :
Lid seems to be pretty good with kids (they terrify me...)
Sadly the kids totally refused to use any props we painfully cut and assembled -____-
Av and #Undecided
I have no idea what Av's doing, cooling herself probably but what about the hand?
Since most of the kids refused to take photos at the photo booth (and none wanted to use the props T.T), well... It was dominated by Little O's mum's friends LOLOLOL.

Elaine, L with her old faded green hair (the ombre part's totally blonde now) and not-so-pregnant-looking-yet #Undecided
See, even Elaine who's too young to think props to be uncool refused to use one zzzz
So we used plenty as not to waste...

It's clear to see who's the most narcissistic bunch...
I miss our colorful hairs, dye it again L!
With my college besties minus O
More photo booths photos later.... Before the party's starting to go on full swing....
Silv got her turn at the nail corner
Little O busy "entertaining" his friends by letting them watch him play Ipad -___-

Av putting a shackle on Yuli's hand *LOL* (that's your life from now on, Yuli!!!)
A's little family
Luca seemingly quite confused and taken aback by the noisy crowd
I was starting to panic because the entertainer we hired were VERY late, but here they are at last. The guests trickled in, and honestly this is pretty much the crowd i was expecting... but in the end it tripled the amount and we panic again because we didn't have enough food *sigh*
The EO hahaha, viewing from the side and anticipating any problem
Silv decided to open the tattoo booth which again was refused by most of the kids *sigh* WHYYYY
Okay, i slap some on myself then
The adults think it's cool enough
Everybody gotta have some!
Silly G said she'd print out a pic of her with Little O and safety-pin it on her t-shirt but i didn't expect her to actually go through with it *LOL*
See how the crowd's so much bigger than the photo earlier already? Another panicky moment when i realized that i forgot to prepare gifts for the games *ARGHHH*, went to rummage Little O's pressie stash and hurriedly prepared some *without any wrappers whatsoever, we just chucked them into any paper bag we could find LOLOLOL*
A rare candid where #Undecided and i didn't look too crazy
Time for the bday cakeee
Oh, i like how i look from this angle *LOLOLOL*
The super plain bday cake looked festive with the super artistic way Lid and Av stuck the candles
I dunno why entertainers always forced us to take a pic of us kissing the bday kid while still looking at the camera, don't they know how hard it is to do that and how fugly we'd look?
LOLOLOL at the squishy, piggy face
Party on full swing
And they also decided to go crazy and pose with the angry bird. LOLOLOL at De's face
Again, i didn't know De could make such an epic face...
While i panic-ly trying to prepare the food for the kids, the entertainer decided it was the perfect timing to involve me to the games (i could've killed him. And one of the question was how much i weighed or something, thankfully i was too occupied to get angry) WTF. Here is the kids trying to give a very reluctant me a kiss -___-
Back to preparing and panicking over the fact that my parents *who i sent out to get more food* didn't come back with the very much needed food back for the longest time (again, i love how i look from this angle *LOLOLOL* #vainmum )
The angry bird tumpeng for kids
Angry bird and minion, aren't they adorbs
I asked the entertainer to try to delay meal time for the longest time because i was hoping that my 'rents would be back before, but he could only delay so long when the crowd were famished
LOL at Silv face this time :)))
I have no idea when they took all these silly photos and only saw them when i transferred the photos to my compie
Dunno why #Undecided's insisted on making that face on every pictures
Did i tell you they were ex bf/gf? LOL, for the 100th time probably. It's weird to see how #Undecided's in such good terms with her ex *LOL*. I have no contact whatsoever with any of my exes
While everybody's busy eating, i went back to the party venue and found this :
My mum's friend singing and dancing to a highly inappropriate song for a kid's party *LOL*
Look who made it to the party when it's almost over *LOL*. Kathy came straight from the airport because she just got back from Jakarta. For Big Bang's concert -___-. LOL
Trying so hard not to show her midgetness, so of course i have to post this one pic :D
Cute lil' Willy
Hunny being crazy
Lid and De borrowed my sis in law's sister's kids to see how they look with a set of kids
With my siblings (minus KC), nephews and nieces. Look at Little O's face, yes-on the verge of tears again. Like i always said, he has to throw a tantrum on every.single.function. Including his bdays. There's no family related events where he doesn't throw a tantrum and act crazy yet. Is it normal? Coz i sure feel like kicking him in the butt every single time. I mean, until when???
Crazy Au
LOLOLOL. Too many unused temporary tattoos left for us to be crazy :p
Little O's mood improved again when he was told he can open a few pressies
The grand parents and parents ^^
Totally forgot to slice the cake during the party so we had to do it when it's over hahaha
The view that greeted us when we stepped into our room *LOL*
It was quite a mayhem, my very first DIY (with hordes of helpers) bday party and most probably the last one too hahaha. Hope next year Little O won't throw a tantrum on his bday party (pretty sure it'd be a small one with family and very close friends!)!

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  1. at first I was like, "eh it's Owen's birthday again? I think I've read about his birthday already sometime this year leh" xD. so much fun! tapi merepotkan juga ya :(

    1. Heeh kalo sering kayaknya nggak deh hahaha

  2. Oh wow, this 8th birthday bash looks brilliant. I am very happy to find these details here. We also would be throwing a fabulous 10th birthday bash for our son and have decided to book the local venue New York for this Disney themed party.