Event Report : Profira 5th Anniversary

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Hello everybody ^^.

Time for the first of many event reports from me this month ^^, Profira Aesthetic Clinic's 5th Anniversary!
So a while ago i got an invitation sent by Janice from Profira (actually i've anticipated the invitation because Av already told me she has a friend at Profira that would like to invite me) :
It's not secret that i hate attending events alone (but i'd do it if i have to!), Profira was kind enough to let me drag bring along my nanny BFF, G (#Undecided doesn't enjoy beauty events and as a good BFF i understand that and try not to force her to come too often). I was also allowed to bring fellow beauty bloggers so Dyta and Gadis also came ^^.
G and i were running a bit late due to bad traffic jam, we arrived around 11.15 AM and even though the event itself hasn't started yet, the place was completely packed! I was quite confused and overwhelmed with the amount of attendance (95% formed by Profira's loyal customers, and the other 5% was us hahaha). This is the first time in my whole blogging career (which is almost three years) that i didn't get a seat *LOLOLOL*.

I understand that it was our own fault for not coming earlier and they probably didn't expect that much crowd (i've been to Profira events before, a few times actually. This never happened before), but if i can give them a bit of constructive criticism... Is to make sure you have seats for your guest bloggers/medias ^^. It's not like i'm demanding any special treatment (actually, i should start charging *LOL* *just kidding*) or anything, just a nicely positioned seat reserved for us would be nice. After all, we were there to cover your event and to take nice pictures, yes? If i'm seated so far behind (like i finally did) or worse, not getting any seat (FYI, i would walk away. Sorry, don't mean to be a B, just being real here ^^) how am i supposed to concentrate on the event and take nice pics?

Anyway, luckily they had a sweet corner so we were kinda distracted (and feeling like unloved step kids, standing in the back corner nibbling on snacks HAHAHAHA), or G was-i don't have the sweetest tooth and for me 11 AM is like, dawn. And i don't eat sweets at dawn *LOL*.

Finally we were given our seats (rounded chairs with wheels and no back -____-. I was wearing a very slippery satin skirt *since i would have to go straight to my dad's bday dinner at JW Mariott, i can't exactly wear rags now, can i?* that i almost fell off when i tried to seat -_____-. Had to anchor myself to the floor with my foot to make sure the chair won't slid under my slippery skirt, i ended up with sore feet by the end of the event. Should i bring my own chair next time then? LOL) and of course *you know it*, wefie is in order!
Then after waiting a bit more, the event finally started.
Opened by a very familiar looking MC. I think Profira's using this MC exclusively? Haha
One of the special guests was Puteri Indonesia 2015 (which i can't remember the name of, you know how i feel about pageants... And i just realized that she's the Jatim finalist, look how bad i am at this hahaha, that's why she looks so different from the pictures of Puteri Indonesia 2015 in news) who was invited to join the doctors to blow the candle on the cake
The first agenda was to introduce Profira's latest treatment series
It's The Global Rejuvenation-which in short is a combination between Profira Cone Lift (using coned thread) and Filler with a rejuvenation technique for a more maximum and natural result (compared to, let's say... Invasive face lift procedure)
I should probably stop LOL-ing to much, right? Sigh...
Then we watch the live demo (for once, the patient was actually in a separate treatment room and we watch via the projector). Here the doctor was giving her some anesthetic injections
The markings are where the threads going to go in
Started with some fillers first. Filler is a non-operation treatment by injecting natural ingredients (clinically proven to be safe to use) into skin's layer to "fill" certain areas which need them (due to aging process or other facial flaws). Aging signs will look more pronounced once someone reaches 35 (OMG, 3 more years for me! So scary what to do???) like the appearance of smile lines, wrinkles on forehead and eye areas, also other concave areas. Other than that, filler can also be used to correct certain facial areas without going under the knife i.e : less than proportional nose/chin, eye bags, thin lips, etc. 
The blurriness was from the slide, not my photo/your eyes :p. Profira Cone Lift is a treatment method that stimulates collagen production with implanting thread to the patient's face , it also would give a lifting effect. This process is also very safe since the thread used are made from Polylactic Acid which can naturally be absorbed perfectly by our bodies. The technology in the Profira Cone Lift thread is they way they are completed with cone so the tightening and lifting effect would be more maximum.
The MC gave the audience a chance to ask questions and get a pressie from Profira while at it!
The thread insertion process that looked very painful >.<. Even though the MC kept on saying that it's not painful (wonder if has ground to say this, as in.. Has he tried this himself?) but the look on the patient's face cannot deny that it was not a walk in the park! Still, what wouldn't women do to drink from the fountain of youth, yes? I don't know about the thread, but i personally would give filler (and botox) a chance when the time has come for me to need it
The result. I think it'd take about a week for the slight swelling to calm down and you can see the final result of the treatment
I was quite shocked when i saw this, i didn't know that our facial bones would also shrink with age!
The MC questioning the patient we saw earlier. Some of the plus points for Profira Global Rejuvenation are : handled by experienced doctor, very safe ingredients that's recognized internationally, fast and simple process, without excessive pain (i would take this lightly though), without stitching/operating process, lighter/easier recuperating process, immediate result
After the demo was a wrap, it was time for some pudding art!
By Charisma Wu
Beauty Pudding. Never heard of the name before, but i did see beautiful puddings with flowers inside of them circulating in IG
Not very easy to see yeah, don't worry i'll show you the actual product later!
Apparently making beauty pudding requite quite a minimal fuss, all you need other than pudding mix and food coloring is syringe (the normal ones you can easily get in pharmacies) and nothing else!
Looks simple, but i'm sure i would make a total mess and create... I dunno what, dung looking flowers more likely...
Here's one of the samples of beauty puddings on display
I was totally enchanted by the blue blowers encased in round, crystal ball-like pudding. Looks like frozen roses, Elsa would approve!
They invited 5 ladies to join Ms. Charisma to try the technique themselves. While the rest of the audience flocked to the front section of the clinic because apparently they prepared lunch there haha. That's pretty thoughtful, since the event was during lunch time and all. Honestly without G to accompany me i would probably never dared to go get myself something to eat, crowds and strangers really makes me uncomfortable. That's why i detest standing parties -___-.
Ms. Charisma explained that you inject the pudding from the bottom (of course, that makes total sense. If you inject from the top, you'd be left with lots of unattractive holes and that's hardly beautiful at all *LOL*)
The ladies practicing
The lady in white was quite a pro
Result of the lady in white, not bad at all!!! 100x better than anything i can ever come up with hahaha
See the pro at work
The pro result!
After lunch, the Puteri Indonesia JaTim (who seems to be quite friendly) was attending to the guests who asked for photograph with her, including G :
LOL, G's a whole one and a half head shorter than her

As for me? Hahaha, no. You know i don't get star struck. I would probably ask Xia Xue, Qiu Qiu, Aud or Cheesie for a selfie, but i'd also most probably be too shy to do so :p.
Puteri Indonesia Jatim also trying out to do the beauty pudding
Attending to the staffs. I remember G commented that the mbak on the far left (our view) was pretty tall and i burst out laughing, she is TINY and she was standing on the stage! LOLOLOL. So typically G
Dyta modelling the Victoria Secret tote bag from the goodie bag (she asked me to say that she looks like Beyonce if i want her to take my pics, but then she made me look like hobbit that i had to stretch my pics *thank God for beauty camera* so, NO COMPLIMENT FOR YOU DYTA! LOLOLOLOL
The last agenda of the day was "Fabulous in Fall" fashion show by Caroline Kosasih. I don't really see how it's fall collection per se (not that we have fall in Indonesia anyway hahaha) but they're definitely collections of fabulous party dresses!
The color palette really pleases my eyes, again i don't think light blue is very fall?
Like i mentioned earlier, my seating position (thankfully the crowd died down during the fashion show and i can finally move to a more comfortable chair!) was a bit awkward and the stage itself is not very wide so these are the best i could get, sorry! This is probably my fave dress of the whole collection, shimmery, tulle, light blue.... Heavenly!
Love this one too!
This dress' so pwetty too, would be perfect for #Undecided (once she pops, of course)

Then i had to rush out of the venue because my ride was already there! 

Thank you Profira for having me and for the pretty awesome goodie bag :
I've tried the Crystal Facial Mask before and i loved it, so glad to have another one! And the generous voucher (i like no nonsense vouchers, you simply don't give a blogger 50% off vouchers and hope they'd use it AND blog about it, that's just rude!)+bag's totally awesome too
Follow Profira's social medias for info, updates and events :
Instagram : Profira Clinic

I also got to know another blogger (she's a fashion blogger though) named Wulan Wu there, i suspect she's like... 10 years younger than me based on her Line ID >.<
Until next time!


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