Event Report : Rever Academy Graduation Show 2015

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Hello hello...

How's everybody doin'? Y'all had a great weekend, i hope? Mine's not too shabby either, but i've been bugged with this piercing headache for the past three days even my usual Neuralgin doesn't do its wonderful work like usual :(. It's still pretty fun regardless (once the Neuralgin did its job, that is... LOL).

Anyway. Event report. Yes. I was contacted by Andreas from Rever Academy just a few days before the event and he invited me to Rever Academy's Graduation Show-here we are at the awesome front row :D :

With Shelley and L
Thank you Shelley for accompanying me again, you're the best! As for L.... She arrived an hour after we did and left after the first participant *LOLOLOL* so annoying. Rever allowed me to bring two friends and well, in the end i feel like i only brought one-the other one's totally doesn't count hahaha.
I was invited via Line so i didn't even see the invitation until we were at the venue. I did not know what to expect
But it turned out to be so much bigger than i expected
Shelley and i were already at GC hours prior to the event because we wanted to shop :p (and we did) so we could go to venue on time... The event didn't start until an hour or so later though
Those are the graduates, in the seats across of ours all dressed in whites
Trophies and other things for various winners/best of
Ohai me on the giant screen on the stage *LOLOLOL*
So... Like i said, i have no idea what to expect (first time to a makeup and hair academy's graduation show for me) and when i am not sure about something, i dress down. Even L commented on my lack of makeup (actually i wore natural colored makeups, which for most people would look like "natural makeup" hahaha) and i didn't even wash my hair... I was pretty surprised to see how big the whole thing was and more than a little regretful with my lack of preparation, even more so when Andreas dragged me to be interviewed by the MC >.<.  

Anyway, if you were there and happened to listen to me yabbering, please understand that i will probably never be comfortable with being the centre of attention (although Lord knows i've been one more often that i can ever hope for, especially since i began blogging *sigh*) and i was a bit confused by all the unexpected questions (LOL, sorry, i really had no idea what to expect) so i just rambled without really knowing what i was even saying.
Fake candid *LOL*
Ohh, i should totally warn you... It's a very photo-heavy post :p. You know i'm a very detailed person, i have to snap a pic of every single one of the graduate's masterpieces-and there are 27 of them -___-. And i took multiple shots of every one. But do stay and read on until the end, they're quite spectacular (the whole she-bangs. Rever students really knows how to put on a show!) so it'll be worth it!
Finally! The event's starting with a group of energetic dancers
Souvenirs for the sponsors (spotted a very familiar face from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic hehehe)
And these are the panel of judges
Let's start the show!
Graduate number one
Almost all of the graduates had an elaborately planned theme with backup dancers, illusionist, etc. It was really exciting and entertaining to watch, i did not feel bored for a sec since the start!
Graduate number 2's creation, totally reminded me of Poison Ivy. Btw, there are two categories (makeup and hair), but they change back and forth and i couldn't keep up -___- so i honestly am not very sure which one's makeup and which one's hair >.<, sorry!
Bryophyta is a type of moss, btw
I thought the drawn-on doll joints on the model were really cute, but maybe it'd be even better visually if they thought of shaving the model's legs? LOL. Sorry sorry, i don't mean to be a B, but our seat's basically at the people on the stage's legs level so i couldn't help to see that
Here comes my favorite in the hair category. I mean, purple-blue-turquoise hair??? Even hunny who's waiting for us at Starbucks just across the venue knew that i'd love that hahahaha
So pleasing to my eyes, the color palette's so ME!
OHHH i want that hair!!!
I wasn't that interested in grauduate number 6's creation...
Until i saw the backside of the hair, that is! Pixelated hair is oh-so-kewl!
I was really concerned about this model, the head gear's so huge and she's so skinny...
Anime feeling going strong
Rever graduates really went all out, including costumes and props. While i immensely enjoyed the whole show and was awed by everything, i couldn't help but thinking that sometimes the epicness of the whole thing can overshadowed the most important aspect of all : the hair and makeup!
The theme is Korean Madam, but if i can be brutally honest... It reminded me of Chinese princesses from those kingdom tv shows instead. The colors, the dress, even the song choice (it's a Korean song, but somehow very Chinese) LOL.
Love all the blings, and i thought that the model's v pretty
You've seen my fave in the hair category, now here's my fave in makeup category!
So colorful, so fantastic!
This graduate has one of the cutest concept with a group of dancing little kids. While sure did cheer the audience up, it left very little time for the actual model to do her job. Plus the very upbeat song means the model walked super fast (to match the cheery song) that i couldn't get any clear, closeup shot of the makeup
The little dancers swarmed the audience and gave up chocolate, A for cuteness!
I love colorful hair OMG
Blue did seem to be a very popular hair choice that night
Love the bold, unique cutting, totally compliments the blue gradation well
How cute is a social media theme? I thought i heard it wrong at first hahaha
The next graduate's theme was Transformer! But if i'm being totally honest... it reminded me of Squidward instead. Love the colors though, not sure how wearable that hair cut is...
Since most of the graduates went all out, i was almost shocked when i saw the simpleness of this graduate's model with only a white wedding dress and a bouquet. But isn't it what it's all about? I watched nothing but the makeup this way
Having said that, i did enjoy this graduate's makeup as much as the costume!
This one's also gorgeous. In a way i thought the model itself was already enough to showcase the look, the many dancers prancing about (and poking the model on the face) was too much and not very necessary
Shelley and i were busy commenting how the background looked so much like those silly horror shows in our local TV stations *LOL*
This one reminded me so much of Black Swan
This time i was distracted by the eeire contact lenses hahaha
The finale. Again, it i couldn't get a close up pic of the model's makeup because there were SO MANY people on the stage (the dancers and a group of super scarily beefy guys *NOT in a good way*) who kept on shielding the model SIGH
The event was not finished yet, they were still announcing the best graduates, but by the time the 27th graduate's creation's on stage, it was 9.15 PM and i had to go home! I really did enjoy the whole show, it was super entertaining and all, but like i mentioned earlier-since everything's so elaborate and the costumes super cool, sometimes the audience (meaning me) forgot to pay attention to the makeup/hair and were busy gawking at the gimmicks and costumes instead. It was a great show though.

I do have another thing that i have to mention, i do hope that Rever would be more communicative to their event's crew/staffs next time? I was invited in my capacity as a blogger, obviously i was expected to take pictures (why have me otherwise??). I did notice there's a sign saying "No professional camera allowed" at the registration area-and they clearly saw me holding my huge ass camera, and they let me in. Sometime in the middle of the show, we were approached by a staff asking if we were, what was it that she said... Audience? I was like, no, i'm a blogger. I have no idea if she even understood what blogger is because she went on telling us that my camera's forbidden to use. I'm glad Shelley was there and she told the staff firmly that i'm a blogger and my camera's definitely allowed in (honestly, if Shelley wasn't there i would get really upset and when i'm upset, i'm very VERY rude). 

The staff left but CAME BACK later and told us to register the camera at the reception area (which is pretty far away from our seat). Again Shelley told her off and said if she wants, she can bring the registration book to US not the other way round. I told her to go find Andreas and ask him. That was really really REALLY annoying, and i totally almost lost my temper *LOL*. I told Shelley if she comes back one more time and insist on us going out, i WOULD walk away and leave the event altogether. Maybe Rever can kindly provide us bloggers with a media badge next time (never have this kind of confusion before), or maybe they can tell us that no camera's allowed so we just need to sit back, relax and watch the show-but i have a feeling that they would prefer us to take pictures-and a good one at that, so that we can write a nice report. Like this. After all, what can you expect if i am only allowed shitty phone cameras? 

Anyway, apart from that very irritating incident, we had a great time and really enjoyed the show. Thank you for Rever Academy for having us!

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