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Been slacking again in product reviews *sigh*, oh well.. You know me and my moods. Anyway, i'm  very happy to win another campaign held by Kawaii Beauty Japan and this time round i tots feel lucky that i got to try out Cowstyle's Milky Body Soap :
Cowstyle Milky Body Soap in Mild Soap
I've been eyeing and planning to try out Cowstyle products for a while now, not only because i like to try out various brands (as you might already know by now)-but also Cowstyle is a JAPANESE personal care brand and we all know how obsessed i am with anything Japanese. All of Cowstyle products are made in Japan-and my mantra is : whatever's made in Japan must be GOOD hahaha.

Although Japanese brands' high quality often come with high price tags as well,  this Milky Body Soap's actually still quite wallet friendly. I got this product as a gift so i don't really know how much it costs, but after browsing around a bit i come to the conclusion that the price range is around IDR 70.000-80.000 (because different store might sell them in different prices so i cannot pinpoint the exact price) for a bottle with 580ml of products-that's not bad at all, isn't it?

Cowstyle Milky Body Soap comes in four different variants :
The available variants : Mild Soap, Happy Fruity, Relax Floral and Refresh Citrus
And i decided to choose the Mild Soap to try out.
It comes with a normal looking big bottle (also available in refill pouches) made of sturdy, high quality plastic. Mild Soap's bottle's dominated by light blue and white colors, totally embodies the word MILD (IMO)
When it's still brand new, the pump's sealed like this
All you need to do is to twist the pump to the left and pump the desired amount to your hand
The dry, pruny looking palm belongs to my hunny, my own palm's much prettier than that hahaha
The Mild Soap variant has an off white, pearlescent color. The scent is mild and soft, kinda reminded me of another Japanese originated shower gel that i used to use when i was younger so it's kinda nostalgic haha. Not only nostalgic and familiar, the scent is also very relaxing and therapeutic that i left the shower always feeling invirogated and refreshed. I can't really describe the scent well (i never could, actually >.<), but i can say that i can definitely smell some soft milky scent and maybe a hint of floral? 

The texture is slightly thinner than most liquid soaps i've used in the past, quite runny but even though it's runny, it can create more bubbles than those thicker liquid soaps!

I only need one pump to create the crazy amount of bubbles that i love so much!
It's super easy to lather, it makes me so happy haha ^^. One thing that stole my attention is the fact that the bubble and lather Milky Body Soap creates are so much denser, creamier and richer than most other shower products i've used before (and trust me, i've tried PLENTY. You can say that i hardly ever use the same brand/variant anymore so i know what i'm talking about), it's a real pleasure to use. You can definitely feel how mild and soft the body soap is when you slather it all over your body!

Even though the bubbles are so thick and creamy, i was surprised when i see them washed out very quickly in my shower's floor. Some brands' lather would take forever to disappear and i read somewhere that bubbles/lather that doesn't disappear for a long time is bad for environment!

Milky Body Soap is definitely able to clean my skin thoroughly without stripping them of their moisture, i'm glad to say that it leaves my skin smooth, supple and hydrated, not squeaky clean or tight at all. No dry patches can be found in my skin ever since i began using this product, and hunny's sensitive, super dry skin is also in tip top condition (of course he is using whatever i am using!). For those of you who hates the filmy residue some moisturizing shower cream leaves on your skin, fret no more! I finally found a body soap that leaves no filmy residue but still manage to keep my skin well hydrated!

It's so hydrating thanks to the three different milk ingredients (so much milky goodness in one product! I just loveee milk on my skin products, they're the best! And the fact that i love milky scent makes this product get another star in my eyes!) : milk ceramide (Sphingomyelin), milk powder (skin milk) and milk protein (Hydrolyzed Casein).

I highly recommend Cowstyle Milky Body Soap to... well, everybody! Haha. You who are looking for a pocket friendly (remember, 580ml-it can last you a very long time, maybe up to three months if you're using it alone?), mild, effective body soap that can help you maintain a soft, silky skin. The Mild Soap variant in particular i'd recommend to those of you who have sensitive nose and can't stand strong scents, or if you don't want your shower products to interfere with your perfume (this is important for me since strong scented shower products and clash with my perfume of the day!).

I would definitely purchase this with my own money! And yes, i would purchase them in the future because i'd love to try out the other variants!

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