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When i'm posting outfit posts rather frequently you'd know i'm having one of those "too-lazy-to-blog-but-don't-want-the-blog-to-die" moment -____-. This means i would be more diligent in taking outfit photos coz i do not feel the productive #Pink will be back anytime soon @__@.

As usual, my outfit post is always backdated, this was way before my (even first) ombre hair. A look i put together for Furla's event, and what do you know... I'd be attending their event again next week *LOL*.
Love how bright and clear this photo is. Unfortunately, hunny only managed to snap a few with this kind of clearness. He ALWAYS produces mixed quality and coloring photos-even though all of the photos are taken simultaneously and in the exact location and position. Sigh. It takes a real talent because i sure can't do that
And yep, THAT is (or was. Not sure if it's still in since i do not really follow trends) the "It" blazer, alright. It was in every fashion blogger's closet (and their mother's). I don't think it works that wonderfully for my huge arms (a thicker, stiffer fabric might work better), but i think i still rocked it anyway. And the real it blazer should be black, of course. But don't call me #Pink if i don't put my own spin on it!

Of course, must show you the FOTD/MOTD :
Errr. Excuse the expression. I was trying the "oh-so-sexy" half parted lips look but i looked startled instead.

List of products used :
1. C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. elf Eye Primer4 . SilkyGirl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation in 01 Fair.
5. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
6. Daiso (Ellefar Color) Pearl In Eyeshadow A : Natural Brown
7.  Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
9. Sun Lip (from Switzerland) as lip balm
10. L.A. Colors in Dream On (gift from Sabsab)

Went to the event with L and we hang out at Lareia beforehand, i shot lots of product photos there #kiasu. Sadly i just realized that the super strong natural lighting from the windows washed out my lip color completely! I have no idea why the neon pink lippies looked so light in the second pic, the first pic shows the true color in real life!
Instead of decking myself with my usual pile of accessories, i went for a fake one instead hahaha. Flash tattoo sponsored by Me-Nail. Speaking of which, i have plenty of them still! Should remember to put them on again!
Okay, back to the outfit :
See what i mean with the lighting? This photo is so much darker! And nope, i have no idea how to adjust the color @___@
Since i went for a Furla event, i had to tote my Furla Candy bag for sure. Will be using the other one for the next event *LOL* (this is so an excuse to purchase a third Furla bag, for if i ever get invited to their next event hahaha)
We originally took the photos just outside this particular toilet in CW since they have the cutest wall with M&M looking decor, but the lighting is not the best :
And pardon the expression, whenever i'm taking photos in public i am always anxious and feeling very shy. Forever yelling at hunny to snap it faster. But that won't stop me from taking photos in the future of course. I am just wondering how long it'll be before i get used to the stares, like those pro fashion bloggers!
Outfit details :
Slit Arm Blazer : Magnolia
White Sundress : Cotton On
Transparent socks : Uniqlo
Jelly shoes : Online
Bag : Furla Candy Bag
Leather Wrap Bracelet : Furla
Necklace : can't remember. In some department store, i think

I just remembered that it's the weekend (which almost passed already). My brain's very slow from the lack of sleep lately. Hunny's so addicted to his game (Destiny) that our sleeping hours' been going crazy. This is a never ending cycle, he'd get a new game/new update on his game, i'd let him go crazy for weeks before i crack and pick a fight, he'd try to be better-then it starts all over again. We don't fight a lot really (not even once a year), and i told him it's really stupid that i have to pick a fight just to make him snap back to normal and curb his addiction. By fighting i mean i yell at him and he apologize. 

But seriously, i only have his best interest at heart. As a working family man, it's just ridiculous that he'd stay awake until 3/4 AM to play. And it makes my insomnia worse since i am a very light sleeper and would be jerked awake whenever he speaks to his friend over the headphone-not to mention forever worrying that he'd play until 7 if i don't yell at him from time to time. Why can't guys ever grow up? Seriously. And i would box whoever say that wives who nags are super annoying, i mean... I would imagine most wives wouldn't nag if you keep your act together! If we don't nag, should we let you deteriorate into a useless pile of shit who does nothing but tend to your hobby 24/7? Don't get a wife then, live with your stupid game instead!!!

On a lighter tone, i actually had fun this weekend (other than the lack of sleep that makes me zombie-like). Finally had a bday dinner with #Undecided and Lid (+spouses) since they couldn't come to the original bday celebration last week, then we went to an anime convention today (with no plan, we didn't even know there's one before we arrived in GM) where i bought some real kawaii stuffs and we also watched Crimson Peak (the cinematography is just BEAUTIFUL. And Tom Hiddleston is so dreammyyyy *drool*). which i loved.

Should try to be more diligent, so many celebration posts to do, not to mention the fact that i should really get started in my Sg/Malaysia trip post!

Hope you had (or having) a great weekend too!


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  1. "should we let you deteriorate into a useless pile of shit" lololol ini true story banget kalo pas lg ngomelin pacar buat ngontrol maen game nya XD

    1. Habis ngeselin bgt kalo lg kumat, out of controllll