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Hey guys...

So this is kinda long overdue, but i am ready to share with you the final result of my 3x SHR (Super Hair Removal) with Bangkok Beauty!
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But first, if you haven't, please read the first and second posts to get the full info of the journey!

My third (and last) treatment was back at September, and this is how the hair condition on my legs a month after the second treatment :
Pretty hairless, yes? Please note that before every SHR treatment, the hairs in the area you're having a treatment at would be shaved so this is result of both clean shave AND SHR. Obviously the SHR treatment totally delayed the growth of my leg hairs dramatically, normally even when i used hair removal creams, a month later the hair would grow back to normal-while this result is definitely far from normal hahaha
I dunno if it's just my feeling, but after SHR i feel that my legs are smoother and softer too-or maybe that's because there's no hair?
I only had a few thicker hairs scattered around my legs. Even the thicker ones are significantly less thick than they used to be, maybe by 50%! And look at the length, that's half the length my leg hairs used to be in 1 month hehe
Completely sparse
A selfie before going for my last treatment. You know, in case you forgot how i look like. LOL. Went totally bare-faced with glasses, the mbaks still recognized me so i guess i don't look that different without any makeup on hahaha
Even the way they mapped the area to treat was different, didn't look like a cow ready to be filleted anymore hehehe
Now, i waited for more than a month from the final treatment so i can see the full scale of my hair growth after i stopped having treatments. This is how my legs look today, almost two months after :
Sorry for the mosquito bites, i can never be mosquito bite-free nowadays -____- that why Autan's my BFF now
Close up look at the front of my left leg
And the right. After two months with no treatment (and no shaving/hair removal cream), i noticed that i probably lost 30% of my leg hair compared to the very beginning. Those leg hairs also become a lot thinner and softer, mostly also shorter (meaning the growth are delayed even after the treatment's stopped)
In areas where my leg hair was very thin, they never grew back and that's the back of my legs
You can say that the back of my legs are completely hair free!
The inner side of my leg also showed significant reducement of hairs
I have the most hairs on the outer side the legs, and you can see here that i STILL have quite a lot of hairs here-but although i can't say that i have less hair in this area, they are softer and thinner!
Here's a comparison between my SHR virgin hair VS 3x SHR treatments :
Sorry for the lighting difference!
Yes, i was never that hairy anyway, but even so i think it still manage to show some result. I definitely don't think you can just get 3-4 treatments and expect to be hair free, and all result would vary from one individual to another since hair's all depending on your hormones! I personally think maybe the safest bet if you're interested in trying out SHR is to get a full package (6-8 times) for a more satisfactory result (and if you're VERY hairy-which means your androgen hormones are very strong-then maybe you'd need 2 packages).

I guess there is a reason why they also have a "maintenance" packages, because even after you seem to get rid of most of your hair, depending on your hormone changes  (which definitely cannot be escaped if you're a female, what with out rollercoaster hormone changes hahaha), your hair would still be growing but in a lot less number, thinner, and softer.
Is it just me but do you find your recorded voice sounds weird? Nothing like what i expect (or how i think my voice sounds like) at all *LOL*.

If i can offer one advise though, is to delay getting SHR packages if you're planning to get pregnant, just wait until you give birth! This is based on #Undecided's experience, she went through 4x treatments and noticed that her hair began to grow again-then she found out that she's pregnant-and at 8 months pregnancy she said her hairs' grew back to its full scale *LOL*.

In my experience, i would say that SHR is NOT a fast fix, you can't go to one or two (or three, in my case) treatments and expect to be totally hair free, it doesn't work that way! You need to get regular treatments for a significant amount of times (depending on your hair condition and hormones)-but yes, it does work and has visible result! If you're committed, doesn't mind to spend quite a bit on hair removal, and want a fuss free (as everything would be done by the therapist anyway hahaha) and pain-free hair removal with long term effect (just remember that it's not magic! Everything is a process), then SHR is definitely something you should consider.

SHR is not exactly super cheap, but if you have a Mandiri credit card, you don't have to worry anymore because you can get a 0% installments at Bangkok Beauty

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Hope this post helps you decide if SHR is for you! 


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