Halloween 2015

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Yep, like i promise. A summary of what i did on Halloween (and Halloween -1) hehe.

Mostly i became the Halloween version of Manekineko (guest inviting lucky caty #ahem) for Me-Nail's booth in Goblin Marketz :

With Kiki Kwee the Robust Witch (LOLOLOL), Shelley the Vampiress, the always-act-cute Me-Nail boss L and Disney Villain (by default, its her face *LOL*) Silv
For Day 1 of the Goblin Marketz i decided to go kawaii creepy (the creepy part was just the blue lipstick la, and it's not even that creepy) and on the contrary, Shelley showed up (thank you Shelley and Silv who came to accompany me and support Me-Nail ^^ you guys rawwwkkk) in all black ensemble and Vampy-lipstick, i almost felt like her pet bunny (or chubby bunny that she's going to cook for dinner FML)
This picture tells it all, but why on earth were you smiling Shelley! Put on you scary face! (FYI, Shelley has a stern face but she's super soft spoken and sweet IRL!)
Of course, i had to have a selfie with my Nailly Godmother (who was supposed to wear a cape with that name i came up with on the back but she said the cape turned out weird so she discarded the idea *LOL*)

Hoh the lighting.... You can see only one side of my nose shading because of the lighting hahahaha. Speaking of nose shading... The power of makeup is no joke, my aunts are visiting from Singapore and one of them just accused me of having a nose job (she said, since i go to Korea "all the time now". FYI, i only went to South Korea TWICE *LOL*) coz my nose's so sharp now. LOLOLOL. If i had a nose job, i would have asked for a smaller nose for sure!
Yes, the hair clips are bunny ears but i felt more like a cat...
Btw, my friend Av just started a new culinary business called Hungry Jar and she joined Goblin Marketz so i dropped by to support her..
With my platform shoes, Av became super short.... (but when i stood next to Shelley, i felt like a hobbit immediately)
Then i also got dragged to L's friend's booth and another photo session ensued hahaha #suddencelebrities.
Dapur Mama Ming
Not enlarging the photo because i just realized how oily my nose was wkwkwkwk
They kindly let me try out their pork rice (yeah... lots of the foods in these happening bazaars are not Halal one :p), which i share with hunny (he's a huge fan of pork whatever. How ironic. Pig who eats pigs *i'm referring to our Chinese Zodiac, of course) and he loved it. He said Dapur Mama Ming got the yummy crunch just right, even when the pork's not that warm anymore-while for me... I loveee their sambal, totally packs a punch!

Anyway, since i dressed up already (and garnered so many stares since i took the first step out of L's car), of course i snapped lots of pics :p.
When we approach this decorated area, one of the committee members saw me and he came asking me to let them take my picture and handed me that prop. My paparazzi moment *LOLOLOL* (with mobile phone cams ahahahaha)
Snapped one with Shelley and Silv too
I left Goblin Marketz around 4 because i had another event to attend (honestly the event was a bit weird... LOL. I don't even know what i was invited for and what i was supposed to do. I mean... I've been to fashion events before but there'd usually be some things to actually see, like a "fashion show" or something) at Tunjungan Plaza, Liebeskind Berlin VIP Party. They had a style competition (which also a bit weird, so i didn't even bother waiting for the announcement and went home long before), we had nothing to do so we took part just for fun (yeah, the winners were their customers... LOL, i already had a feeling about this :p)
Thankfully Silv agreed to accompany me, because Kathy was 1 hour late as usual

The lighting's not the best inside the Urban Icon store hahaha. With Fhenny (who invited me ^^), Silv and Kathy
Other than Goblin Marketz, there were two other bazaars going on at the same time (told ya it's the "It" thing. At this moment there are other bazaars also happening). I have to be honest with you, i'm not really interested in these bazaars. I guess i'm old hahahaha. But crowded places never appeal to me (and the hip-er the bazaar is, the crazier the crowd! One of the most successful is called Basha and people told me sometimes you can hardly move! WTF sounds like a nightmare to me) and most of the stuffs in those bazaar also not my kind of things. 

I mean... designer (or designer wannabe) clothes, trinkets and tidbits nearing half a mill each, then the "it" food... I kinda like those creative drinks (you'll see some below) but they're so expensive for a drink (they have kinda uniform prices too, IDR 35.000 mostly, while i'd actually wouldn't pay more than IDR 20.000 to be honest, but i do love the creative ideas, they're so Instagram-worthy hahahaha) that i couldn't justify trying more than one (once!) in a venue-but we were already in TP and Kathy dragged me there so we went anyway.
I do love the decor (i think Goblin Marketz' severely lacking in the decor department)!
So colorful and bright
If i wasn't already so tired i could hardly walk, i would definitely take more pictures with the decor (yeah, my fave thing about the bazaar's def the decor. They're so creative no wonder high end bazaars become the "it" place to see and be seen among youngsters nowadays, i am not young anymore though hahaha). I mean, they even build a mini (styrofoam) merry go round that actually works!
The bright and colorful decor matches my look haha
Didn't buy much there... Just a Halloween headband (that i used for taking photos of my second Halloween look, post coming up soon next :D) and some food for supper (oh, and hunny insisted to buy me these glow-in-the-dark rubber shoelace replacement. He's crazy about whatever that glows in the dark, that nerd!). Hunny also tried out this ice cream that i do not remember the name/brand anymore :
It's salted something. It's confirmed, sweet and salty confuse my palate, i cannot take them together! I'm a savory kind of girl but i do appreciate a good sweet (during PMS hahaha) but not at the same time. Hunny also said it was very so so anyway, totally overpriced for IDR 30.000 but hey, they gotta pay for rent hahaha.

There were a lot more to see in WTF Market (stands for Where the Fun, btw, not like you think hahahaha) because they focused more on products than food (total opposite of Goblin Marketz), but the crowd, my throbbing feet and lethargy were stronger hahahaha. The most notable tenants was the Petit Monstre, a handmade fluffy and furry doll. Kinda expensive though, and you know i don't like to splurge on tidbits... The owner's a French Chinese guy who made us guess where he came from when we asked him, i stupidly overlooked the obvious French name of the booth WTF and kept on guessing wrong hahaha. He was super confident that we wouldn't get it though, he even told us he'd give us one for free if we can guess it right hahahaha. Lots of other interesting booths (mainly jewelries for me) but yeah. Maybe next time when i actually have the energy to really browse.

We called it a day soon afterward when my feet threatened to abandon me!

Onto the next day, the actual Halloween day! I decided to dress up as a Creepy Gypsy Fortune Teller (details for the look would be in the next post) when L dragged me back to Goblin Marketz.
Tried to look somber the whole day and avoid to LOL too much to fit in the character, failed miserably of course
Blurry and creepy, i look so ghostly pale with my black lips hahaha
Then L actually plopped Kiki's witch hat on my head and forced me to pose :
Thanks L. L kept on calling me Wewe Gombel (which is SO WRONG, she fits the description better-at least her boobs do hahahaha) the whole day and now she's making me a witch. I kept on insisting that i was a Gypsy fortune teller, but of course... She didn't listen. Never does,actually
Me-Nail's staffs are also wearing some real fun headbands (i actually wore a spiky headband myself but it was so tight and the weather was so HOT *still is, today's as hot as hell WTF i didn't even feel like shopping, how amazing is that* that it gave me a piercing headache FTL, i had to remove it) so i had fun borrowing them hahahaha :
This headband would look fantastic with a blue ball gown and gothic makeup (basically the makeup i had on) and i would be so ready for my ghostly ball dance
And how cute is this spider one??? I hate real spiders, of course
Yea crazy L decided to use my black lipstick and she looked so much more like Wewe Gombel now hahahaha
Let's nom Arip *LOL*

Kiki's boyfriend's so game *LOL*, he didn't mind wearing the crazy headbands
Oh yeah, crazy creative drinks (they're all just flavored milk, btw....) :
The hilarious glasses straw from Dapoer Dik Nyoman
Kiki Kwee being abused by Lady Boss, and why she looks like a chipmunk here??? LOLOLOL
Hunny asked me to buy one for Little O (it's at times like this when i realize he cares a lot about his son, even though he doesn't show it very much for some unknown reasons. I know he always thinks about his son, admittedly even more than i do). Like L, Little O kept on complaining that his face was cold when he drank it hahaha
Hey, i paid IDR 35.000 for a frigging bottle of milk, of course i gotta milk it! (sorry for the stain on my lip, i wiped the black lipstick off before we entered the restaurant but i wasn't using any mirror :P)
The other creative packaged milk i tried the day before, bag of blood or something
Okay, here's another photo of me drinking, 3 in one post *LOLOLOL*
Crazy L, thanks for the treat!
We spent the actual Halloween night at a Taiwanese restaurant nearby (the whole restaurant stared at me when i went in. I guess my ensemble was still weird enough even without the lipstick!) and shopped at a supermarket. What a creepy Halloween, right? LOL.

It sure was a lot of fun though, not sure if i'd ever do Halloween again (sad to say hahaha, unless L decide to join another Halloween bazaar next year) coz there's nothing to do (or maybe i'd take the plunge and really go to Universal Studio Singapore and have fun there! I'd definitely dress up then) in Surabaya for Halloween anyway (not interested in clubbing and partying anyway, that's way passed my era hahaha). 

Did you do anything on Halloween?

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