Unboxing : Lola Box Anniversary Edition

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It doesn't take me long to get back in the Beauty Box train, eh?


I don't have any good explanation about this except that it's Lola Box' Anniversary box! So... It should be special, right? Plus they were having a special price for this box, IDR 111.000 (coz it's their first anniversary, duh! I hope it'd be 112 on the second anniversary instead of 222! LOL). I figured, an anniversary box with a cheaper price... that means a great deal! I cannot miss it! Hehehe... (It's also a way for me to show them that i meant every words when i said i will keep on supporting them because i actually do have a lot of faith in them. They offered me some real great gestures, i thought it'd only be right if i do the same)

And it is a pretty awesome box!

It doesn't look very colorful or exceptionally merry, but the individual items were pretty great!
Before i got my box, i read Winda's tweet to Lola Box about a broken eye shadow. I knew right away that i'm getting an eye shadow too and i dunno, i did have a feeling it'd be broken too (because of past experiences. Whenever someone mentioned a broken item in a beauty box, mine would arrive in the same condition-if not worse! And this time's sadly no exception...) pfffftttt. So i was waiting for my box to arrive, very anxiously...

I told hunny about Winda's broken eye shadow, and he told me he could hear rattling inside the box. Loud rattling is never a good sign in a beauty box T.T
The box is definitely heavier than usual!
Special celebration-printed box
The base looks white in this picture, but it's actually bright pastel yellow!

Vouchers from Luxola
Greeting from Lola Box team
The list of items included in the box
Some vouchers, i didn't pay attention to the surprise card from Luxola at first, but it was a very nice surprise indeed! I was also very surprised to see Me-Nail's card included in this box. As you may know, i am related to the owner of Me-Nail (read my introduction to Me-Nail here) but don't worry, i will not let anything cloud my judgement and review it fairly
First thing i that i saw when i unwrap the wrapping paper was the lavender colored bottle and i was pretty happy because i always wanted to try Cottage shower gels (let's hope that it'd work better than Original Source on my skin!) but was bitter about the awesome launch in Jakarta (seriously, Surabaya beauty bloggers can't complain enough of the lack of launches here haha) :p. I already got a small bottle in January Lola Box  but this is the middle size okay :D
First item : Lolita Lempicka The First Fragrance
I've always loved Lolita Lempicka's bottle but i think i didn't like the way it smelt (or i'm sure i'd have it in my collection already *sigh*), i'll try again with this little vial. I gotta feature an inner part of this sample's card because it's so pretty! The little vial's also cuter than usual for me because of its violet color!
Leaders Insolution Derma Soul Bright Mask. This is a pretty pricey mask (around IDR 36.000 if i'm not mistaken) compared to the usual local/Korean sheet masks, i purchased one from Luxola when it was on a huge sale but don't think i'd purchase this on a full price, so this is a great item to be found in a beauty box! The price of this one sheet mask covers more than quarter price of the box! (OH, i just checked, Lola Box stated the price is IDR 26.100. This is another great sign, they definitely do not jack up the price just to make the items appear more expensive than they really were like some beauty boxes tend to do *AHEM BTI, AHEM AHEM IBBox*)
Cottage Showel Gel (250 ml) in Fig. While i am very happy to receive this shower gel (i think i am always happy whenever i see a full sized product *sigh*), i am not too happy about the variant. I am not a fan of fig's scent, but at least the bottle's violet! LOL. Worth IDR 58.500 (half of the box' price!)
The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate (IDR 20.350). Two sheet masks in one box? I am a huge sheet mask junkie so i don't mind, not every subscriber would be happy about it though. The variant that i got is one that i already tried not too long ago, it was pretty nice so i'm pretty happy to get this.

No product description found, it just stated that it was from Me-Nail. WTH is that???

Upon closer inspection, it was dried flowers *___*
Like i said, i'm not gonna sugar coat anything here (when do i ever?). I am not entirely happy with it *LOL*. And i know for a fact a few other receiver weren't too thrilled about it either and they told me. Now, i know this might be a filler/bonus item, but still... I kept on thinking whether or not i should voice my concern to L (the lady boss), but i also know she also doesn't personally tend to collaborations/sponsorship/etc regarding Me-Nail. She reads this blog sometimes though , so i hope she reads this and she can get this message without me having to really tell her in person *LOL*.

I know that Me-Nail positions themselves as a nail decorator supplier in this case, it's just that... I think dried flowers is not that dummy proof. I for once, don't know how to use it and even if i ever want to (i'm not much of a nail artists, you see...). If they want to feature a small nail decor, i'd much prefer nail stickers, or diamente, or studs, or pearls, or whatever. Just not this. LOL. This is my least favorite item in this box and if it's not there i wouldn't even bat an eyelash.

(UPDATE : I just read another blogger's unboxing post and she got nail stickers. So i think they gave out random nail stuffs, me and Winda are just unfortunate enough to get dried flowers T.T)
Make Over Re-fill Eye Shadow Palette. So even before i unwrapped the paper wrap, i fished for a stray eye shadow on the side and checked on the condition of the eye shadow. It's smashed to dusts (*hear my heart cracks in two? LOL*). I was disheartened already. Then i went through the other items, and found ANOTHER eye shadow! I was like "They gave out two eye shadows???", checked it-and it's BROKEN as well. I almost yell out in frustration *LOL*. Then i saw YET ANOTHER ONE! WOW! If only they arrived in tip top condition, i would be overjoyed! Those eye shadow refill's worth IDR 41.500 each
The only surviving eye shadow, in the least pretty color as well T.T PFFFFTTTT. This is in shade Sunset
The now-in-loose-eye-shadow-condition, Gold and Turquoise 
Such pretty colors too *glum*
Anyway, i contacted them about the broken eye shadows and they replied :

We are aware that a few of our members have received broken eyeshadows and we are just as upset about it as you. This time we wanted the shipping company to take special care, that's why we have informed them about fragile products. That's the reason why there's a 'Mudah Pecah' warning sticker on the package. 

As you understand, Lolabox and Make Over want to deal with this issue as quickly as possible - so we ask for your help on this one.
To file a complaint we need two things:
  1. A picture of the plastic wrapping with the 'FRAGILE' sticker (You probably have thrown it away already, but if you still have it, this will help us a lot - otherwise it's also no big deal.)
  2. Please also send back the broken eyeshadow, as the shipping company needs them for physical proof and for reporting reasons
The process might be quite lengthy (30-45 days), but we will try to speed up things as much as we can.

We know that this doesn't sound optimal, but in this case we are experiencing 'damage' as well.

Once again, we hope you accept our apologies and are keen on working on this together. 

Well, i had no problem to their first request, but the second one... First of all, the eye shadow's totally broken to dusts and my fingers were totally blue and gold just by touching their outer box *LOL* and i decided to remove the dusts into other containers so i won't waste anymore of them. I already threw out the boxes and all, so i don't think it's possible for me to send it back anyway. Second of all, like the said, it might take 30-45 days? Oh no, i don't feel like going through the hassle! It's still usable anyway, i'll just use it as eye pigments *LOL*. 

While i am not happy about this, i also cannot blame Lola Box too much. It's the courrier that should be responsible for it but really... JNE? I don't think you can expect too much from them. Lola Box could, however, minimalized the damage in the first place by bubble wrapping the eye shadows to prevent them from breaking. I know they might be concerned about the aesthetic, but really... I'm sure i'm speaking on behalf of the subscribers by saying that we'll take a little less pretty packaging rather than receiving broken items. You know what i'm saying?

Still, it's awesome that they'd feature THREE eye shadows in one box, it's literally unheard of!  I can't help but think if they gave out three different make up items (maybe a blusher and a lipstick instead of three eye shadows) it'd be even more fantastic! I mean... Not everybody wears eye shadow, you know? I know some girls who are addicted to lipsticks (or blushers) and aren't necessarily crazy about eye shadow. This box is amazing for an eye shadow lover (or beauty junkies in general), but maybe not so much for those who are less enthusiastic about eye shadows.

Anyway, the list stops until the Make Over eye shadows (Btw, their new catalog? Isn't it a real work of art? So pretty!!! I love it! And looks as professional as any international brand! Proud of local products now getting better and better in terms on packaging and promotions! The quality's been pretty great as well!) but i still got a few more items :
Sachet samples : The Face Shop Natural Sun Cream and Rich Water Cleansing Foam. Nice bonuses! OHHH I TOTALLY forgot to take picture of the Face Shop's CC Cream sachet sample! Apologies!
And this one! Ta dahhhh!!!!
It's a surprise full sized product from Luxola, i got a Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Balm! I am crazy about lip balms and i am always attracted to Rosebud Salves, i kept on almost buying them (in bulk. You know, the tins with three balms in them) in Sephora and in flights, but they're pricier than most lip balms i use (i use cheap and cute ones haha, but i do have hundreds of them so it's totally ironic, isn't it?) so i decided i didn't need them (refer to earlier line). I buckled and bought one in Taiwan, but i welcome this whole-heartedly! So happy that i got a different variant than the one i already have! Dare i say this is my favorite item in the box (even though it wasn't even in the list)? No? But it is! I also love the eye shadows of course, if only they were not broken...

All and all, a pretty fantastic box indeed! I think Lola Box celebrated their first anniversary with a bang! The items inside (not counting the perfume, dried flowers and lip balm) tallied up to IDR 228.950! That's like, more than twice the price of the box! Counting the lip balm it'd be 3x! AWESOMEBALLS!!!!! (but after reading some other unboxing posts, i just realized that the surprise full size product's not given out to every subscribers, only the lucky ones! So i take back my unlucky statement about getting the dried flower, because i'd take a lip balm anytime to any nail decors! LOL) I definitely do not regret jumping back into the beauty box wagon!

Do you think this anniversary box's pretty fantastic too?

I am obsessed with neon-colored lippies lately! It doesn't look too neon in the picture, but it really is IRL! I will be doing a special post about neon lippies!


Good news! I just got an e-mail from Lola Box' team telling me that they are going to replace the broken eye shadows without us having to go all the hassle! So happy! Gonna update more once i receive the replacements!

2nd UPDATE :

I totally forgot to update this sooner, but i already got the replacement eye shadows a few weeks ago >.< sorry! Kudos to Lola Box, keep up the great job!

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  1. U got lovely products. .n loved ur pics..
    U look lovely sweetie. .

    My recent one : http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2014/04/bourjois-blush-rose-ambre-review.html?m=1

  2. aku merasa ada yang manggil2 dari tadi, bener ajah namaku disebut2 disini hahahaa
    punyaku untung yg hancur cuma satu XD dan setuju sama kata2mu Mindy, seharusnya sih kita ga terlalu nyalahin Lola, karena kurir yang banting2, tapiiiiii...manusia kan omongannya ga bisa dipegang jadi jgn gt ajah percaya ama janji si kurir dan sticker FRAGILE. Minimal buat jaga2, dikasi bubblewrap kek :( hiks
    aku juga ga bakal kirim lagi, nunggunya bisa keriputan, mending di selamatkan dengan press manual *brbngumpulinserpihaneyeshadow*


    1. Wahahahah kayak "Panggil namaku 3x" gitu ya Win, lsg muncul dah org nya huahahah... Iya loh rata2 pada hancurnya cuma 1, koq pny ku hancur 2??? GAHHHH!!!! Iya winnnn, masalahnya packaging nya refill kan emg rentan banget, ke banting2 sendiri di dalam kotaknya aja emg bisa pecah, penting lah d bubble wrap itu :(... zzzzz

  3. Wowow.. pertama kali bner2 impressed ama beauty box. Biasanya so so aja.. nyesel g dpt yg ini. Mindy, cobain cottage caramel ama vanilla. Super sweeeetttt love em. N def more moist than ori source. Hehe different price lahh.. oyea, cottage ada pina colada juga. Penasaran bgt. Tp lbh mhl dr yg biasa

    1. Iya Jess, nungguin diskon d Guardian *pelit*, males beli kalo ga diskon soalnya stock sabun mandi sebenernya masih selemari hahaha... Oh lbh moist ya, soalnya lbh mahal bkn berarti lebih cocok, kulitku cerewet nih hahaha, ada sabun2 murah2 yg aq bisa pake juga koq.. Iya, sbnrnya penasaran sm semua jenis nya Cottage, tp lmyn mahal jg deket2 harganya Body Shop...

  4. samaaa aku jg order lolabox dan punyaku yg ancur cm 1 eyeshadow hiks hiks btw km mau balikin proses penggantian ga? aku di email hmm males juga siy prosesnya lama... http://beautydiarykania.blogspot.com/ follback yah... tq

    1. Hmmm rata2 yg hancur cuma 1 aja eye shadow nya ya (banyak yg ngalamin yg sm koq), kayaknya paling sial aq deh smp 2 yg hancur T.T... Engga, aq males kirim lg lagian udah terlanjur aq pindah k wadah lain nih :)

  5. All I wanna do is to hug you, ce. I can relate the long-process-of-returning-broken-product. I'm so sorry for the broken eyeshadow :( They should've known better about safe wrapping product, shouldn't they?

    1. *Hug back*, i'm so not gonna return it though :(, waste of my time and money hahaha... Yes, bubble wrap is a must!!! Gyaaa!

  6. The box is lovely n got greatt stuff.. i hate when stuff comes broken n shattered.. its so disgusting.. loved ur detailed post as always.. India does have the subscription box thingie bt m not into it so far :)

    1. Thank you dear, i fear that i'm way too detailed sometimes, but i can't help the way i am hahaha... Yes, i was very disappointed when i saw the broken eye shadows :(... I'm not very much into beauty box as when it first arrived in Indonesia anymore though, they disappoints more than not haha

  7. great post! like all the pictures you posted here. everybody just love anniversary give aways! i feel sorry for the broken eye shadow though, you're right that the courier must have taken extra care of the package since it is in their knowledge that it contains fragile products. i also agree that though the packaging looks pretty but it would have been better to get some things all bubble wrapped for extra protection ... its also a great thing that the owner of the company reads blogs about their products so they can have some insights from what their consumers have in mind... continue writing great posts!

    1. Thank you, Jay Mee :), what anniversary give aways though? You mean the extra lip balm? Yeah, i loved it, but most of the other subscribers didn't actually get it so i was really lucky :D! Yes, the broken eye shadows broke my heart too *LOL*

  8. Yes i do think that this time Lola gave a fantastic box! XD unfortunately I didn't get the surprise item, lucky you :")


  9. Wahaha didn't the Lola box company even send you the description of the product that had no description? That's funny. The packaging looks cute though.

    1. LOL, are you talking about the dried flowers? They should've put "nail accessories" on the descriptions since they gave out random stuffs (all for your nails though)