Hong Kong Trip Day 4 : Disneyland

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I've uploaded the pictures of this post for awhile now, even accidentally clicked published (WHY DO I KEEP ON DOING THAT???? So annoying) again zzzzz but i was too lazy to actually blog about it yet *what other explanation do i have???*. As the title already said, we went to Disneyland! Wahooo!!!! This was hunny's second time (he went to a Disneyland somewhere in the USA when he was little) but it was a very first time for both me and Baby Boy, and boy.... Was it a memorable visit! Warning : It's extremely photo heavy!
Three of us at Hong Kong Disneyland, 15th February 2014
For once i remember the exact date of the trip because we went around a special day, Valentine's Day *LOL*. Look at that bear beanie i wore, i looked unfazed but it was actually really hard to wear a beanie when you have a slightly too long full bangs (really should trimmed it before the trip zzz), i kept on fidgeting with it! Not to mention it was itchy as hell! I gave up and took it off after a few hours. 

And i look like a stuffed sausage again *this time the arms!!!* because i wore a newly bought thermal top and decided to add another top *the thermal top was turtle-necked and the other top's off shoulder! A total fashion disaster* that was made from very clingy and stretchy material! So yeah, lamb chop/stuffed sausages arms but at least i was warm. I didn't have anytime to change because we had to pack *we're checking out that day, so we left our luggage at the hotel (they have a special drop off section) before hurrying to the park!

We're rushing in the park together with hundreds of other people because it was still early, exactly the time for people to start pouring in! Our tickets were from a Buy 1 Get 1 free promotion (from asiatravel.com) and it was a lot more work to get the actual pass before we were finally able to get in!
Finally! Welcome to Disneyland!
Asked Baby Boy if he wanted to queue up to take pictures with Disney characters, but he's every bit my son-i couldn't care less about characters >.< and he said he'd rather play straight away than taking pictures with them!
Main Street USA that's littered with shops, but we had no time to shop there :(...
Extra : A candid photo that turned out pretty nice hehe

Now, i must explain that in the first sets of pictures, you'll see me scowling and looking meaner than usual. I know i always look stern in my pictures anyway, but in these ones i was genuinely angry. LOL. My hunny is the sweetest guy on earth, but like everybody else... He has flaws, one of them is he gets really confused, blur and blank whenever he's overwhelmed. And one of my very apparent flaws? Is that i do not have patience. Like, at all. So i cannot stand him when he's being his confused self! I don't even know what overwhelmed him, he probably was trying to make some kind of plan on where to go, what to do first etc. Well, you can't really do that in Disneyland, not when it's your first time visiting that particular park and not when you're easily confused. 

He managed to made us line up to take a picture with some Disney characters without knowing what we're doing (he thought it was a line to some attraction ZZZZ), and after standing there for a few minutes he decided to check out the building in front of which we were standing-which apparently was a SHOP. Then he got even more agitated and said let's leave. WTH???? We stood there for quite a good while like idiots and wasted at least 30 minutes being confused, WHEN THERE'S NOTHING TO BE CONFUSED ABOUT. So, i exploded *LOL*. I told him he can do whatever the hell he wants and goes round and round being confused the whole day, but i'm going to play. Call me a B, but that's the only way to snap him back into some sort of normalcy (coz he's my husband, not yours, so i know exactly what to do *defensive*) without having to physically harm him, that is.
Yep. Still angry. And now i wanna sock Baby Boy for pulling such an ugly face in this pic!
Look at this picture, hunny was trying to make amend by snapping countless pictures "for your blog", to a point where i had to stop him because he literally took pictures of every ITEM he saw.

I just walked into the first section that i saw and that's the Adventureland
I was still angry but not angry enough to leave without taking pictures of him to mark this visit!
What's that? That's Tarzan's house!
I saw that cute dude over there and was actually questioning if it's a real elephant! LOL
Clearly i am a rookie when it comes to Disneyland! I've been to countless amusement and theme parks before, but never Disneyland (and now i can safely say that Disneyland's my absolute fave out of any parks!), i wasn't familiar with Disneyland's crazy and intricate details to everything! I was sooo blown away with the details!

Took a huge raft to Tarzan's Tree House
That's how the raft actually looked
Hunny took plenty of candid pictures of me that day and lots actually turned out nice *what a surprise* LOL

Very crowded raft, and was the cute little baby's actually posing for the photo? Hahaha

Yeah, i'm starting to not be angry anymore :p
I do love hunny's NX 300 now, super clear and professional-looking pictures like this is enough evidence that it was not a worthless purchase hahaha

My pinko's result's so blurry washed out in comparison -____-
Welcome to Tarzan's Tree House!

"Story books" telling Tarzan's tale
I thought i heard a baby's cry at that point, and the cries ended with Tarzan's signature AUOUOOO cries *LOL*.

There's little baby Tarzan!

Hunny with Jane haha
Tarzan, aren't you cold wearing only that in this kind of weather?

Oh, a tiny elephant down there!!!
What a cute little dude!
So cute, keeps on playing and spraying water!
Like i said, the details were crazy! The little elephant robot moves, and his skin moves like it's real! The ears kept on flapping and the little hairs on top on his head also moves! So life like! I was totally enchanted (and i was 100% happy again by then hahaha)
Since we only managed to feed Baby Boy that morning, we decided to get some snacks to fill our empty tummies. Baby Boy also demanded (and finished almost the entire thing) a pressed grilled cuttlefish that i forgot to take pictures of, while hunny and i shared a turkey leg that he coveted so much *Baby Boy was too immersed on his cuttlefish and refused the turkey leg*.
A bear scrafing down a turkey leg :D
Then we're off to ride the Jungle River Cruise (which turned to be my second favorite ride on the park because of it's amazingness hehe). It's cool that they have different boats for different language (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) speaking host, but... Well, i couldn't understand 90% of the supposedly English speaking guide *LOL*.

My back, looking bored... I wasn't!
Up close to the elephant we saw earlier, it has a baby with it!!!
Wooo, don't spray us, dude!
Apes going nutz in the "camps"
A very lifelike rhino!
Wogh to they geysers! There were also tribal people trying to "blow darts" at us but none of the pictures hunny took turned out clear
The ride comes to an end after a spectacular show with huge fire and explosions! But i think i shouldn't spoil it too much for those of you who are planning to go there! It's awesome!
Hunny took so many pictures trying to get a good angle of the tree house, apparently there's a MARKED spot where you can get a perfect angle of it! LOL

We were on time to watch Festival of the Lion King after we got off the river cruise
It ended up being the only show we caught that day *LOL*, we didn't even get to see the parade! Like i said, we're not much of a parade kind of family... We'd want to see it next time we go there (oh yeah, there will be a second time for sure) but we were too busy playing this time round!
The show was spectacular, the costumes amazing, the robots life like, the dancing and singing was superb... A spectacular show in short!
Hi, Simba!
It was so dark that even NX 300 turned out grainy hehe
Grizzly Gulch was next!
Baby Boy looking extra handsome here :D
Cheeky guy always prefers to take pictures with pretty girls than characters in full bodied costumes!
The ride itself was not scary, but super fun! Totally worth holding your pee (three of us had to pee and because little boys can't hold their pee in like adults can, we had to let him pee into a bottle >.<)!

Mystic Manor! My absolute fave ride in the entire park!
Gathering to be greeted by Lord Henry Mystic and Albert the monkey!
The ride was AH-MAY-ZING!!!! With a car that's dancing and twirling around, giving you 360 degrees view of the place! With amazing holographic images and crazy details! ARGHHHH i wanna go again!!!
At the souvenir shop. See that yellow Mickey Mouse blanket? We ended up getting on because it was on a special price (HKD 80!) and i couldn't stand cheap stuffs! I ended up being very thankful that we bought it because the hotel room was FREEZING that night!
My own little Albert :D

At Toy Story land, and again thank you to the kind stranger who offered to take our picture! We never asked anyone to take our pictures but there were never a shortage of kind strangers who offered!
Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
I love thrilling rides but i usually do not like being dropped (and i definitely do not want to be flipped upside down so no extreme roller coaster for me!) but it's Disneyland so nothing should be that scary right (right! It wasn't!) and if i show fear... I am trying to teach Baby Boy to try out things that's out of his comfort zone! I cannot show fear!
Yes, i was tired of queuing up! LOL. Ohhh, i like how my brows are in sync with my hair color now :D
It was way passed lunch time and Baby Boy refused to stop and eat for too long so we decided to hunt for more snacks to fill his tummy. Hunny was hunting for food.. and only came back with a churro *LOL*. Better than nothing, i suppose!

Very colorful Toy Story land!
We were hoping that we could skip the kiddie Slinky Dog Spin but Baby Boy actually very enthusiastic about it... Remember parents, it's not about you! (LOL, that's the line that i read in Air Asia inflight magazine :p)
Very boring ride going up and and down *LOL*, sometimes we forget that Baby Boy's still so little and still enjoys this kind of rides because he acts so grown up...
Yea, RC Racer's the only ride that seems a liiiittle extreme in Disneyland... (oh, there's the Space Mountain too, i suppose)
I love Mr. Potato Head!
Feel like Thumbelina sitting on a bench made of popsicle sticks hahaha
TINKERBELL!!!! My fave Disney character (that i just realized recently) ever!!! Cropped the picture out because she was taking a pic with some random guy hehehe
Found a suicidal bird....
Ride this train blindly (much like the submarine style train in Ocean Park *LOL*) and was dropped at the front of the park *LOL*
Ah the cute aliens :D
Found the Art of Animation, these figurines came to life once they started spinning and the lights started playing! It's AH-MAY-ZING!

Hunny snapped lots of pictures but i chose a few favorite to feature in this blog post :)
Coolest villain ever, Malficent hehe
Rush to Tomorrowland becaus it was getting dark and we still have a few sections to visit
To infinity... And beyond! Do you see little feet beside Baby Boy? There was a pair of father-daughter (China people, of course *sigh*) who hogged the area and we waited for a long long time but they kept on posing and checking the picture, then pose again, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I lost my patience and told Baby Boy to stand there and i'll take a pic by trying to eliminate them from it, then the little girl YELLED in Chinese with angry face and pointing rudely at Baby Boy! GOD! If i could just smack that little brat for a little bit.... Seriously, i have a kid too, and i would never let him getaway with that, EVER! Stupid effing parents teaching their kids that it's okay to be rude and disrespectful to others WTF. Anyway, we were in front of Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and it was the only ride where we didn't have to queue at all to get in (possibly because the ride keeps on going nonstop and you have to hop into the car while they're in motion) and the first time i scored rather good in a shooting kind of ride :p
The clawwwww... No, i didn't buy it haha
At Autopia. I sucked so bad at driving, i can't even control this stupid car on a railway like this PFFFFTTTTT
One of the biggest reason that made me obsessed about going to Hong Kong Disneyland was QiuQiu's post about it, and she raved about "It's a Small World". I am also a HUGE fan of doll houses, so i insisted to go in!
Disneyland look even more enchanting at night when the lights all turned on already
Ohhh pastel castle, i'm in heaven :)))))
Hunny kept on asking if every doll house must have the same song? Coz the song they are playing's exactly the same as Dunia Fantasy's Istana Boneka hahaha
Cinderella and her prince! I got very excited whenever i see a Disney character's doll *nerd*
The whole place's so kawaiiiii... And i especially impressed by the quality of the dolls. I mean... I'm used to DuFan's much worse quality, so i was awestruck by how the dolls' mouths actually moved when they sing *LOL*
As all doll worlds, they have representatives for most countries. I was NOT happy when i didn't see Indonesia's rep *LOL*. I guess they threw us in the South East Asia category represented by Thailand etc PFFFFTTTTT
Not very happy to see Thai dolls, Bali's just as famous as Bangkok (if not more), we should've a rep too #sulking
Lilo and Stitch!
My absolute fave part of the ride! It's totally pastel! So beautiful i could die!!!!
When we got out the front of the castle opened up and reveal this! So cute!
We were actually waiting for the parade (we thought it was at the closing of the park, and turned out it was the Fireworks that we were waiting for! LOL) but got confused when we didn't see anything happening or hear any announcement *i have no idea what we're expecting* so in the end we totally missed it! But that's okay, like i said... We're more into the rides and there's always next time!
The last ride we managed to hop into, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! Such a cute ride although can make people with severe motion sickness a bit dizzy hahaha
I was actually looking for Snow White's well but couldn't find it pffffttt
We got a horrible spot to see Disney in the Stars Fireworks and only caught glimpses
But it was enough to totally moved me and make me all choked up! LOL. So silly, but i was genuinely happy and touched! We really were at the happiest place on earth! Baby Boy's deadly afraid of fireworks (no idea why) so he kept his hands firmly attached on his ears and he also refused to see the beautiful fireworks (God knows why, i understand if he doesn't like the loud noises, but it's not like watching it's scary as well!) but i was too busy watching the fireworks to care *LOL*.

In short, our almost 10 hours visit was NOT enough! I know people always say that Hong Kong Disneyland's tiny and all, but if you've never been to any other Disneyland, this park's a great place to start! They also opened up a lot more sections than when it first started so it's not THAT small (KC's family went there 3 years ago and most of the attractions were not opened yet so of course it'd be pretty small and not very interesting back then). 

Especially if you like rides, some of the more popular rides require you to queue up for almost an hour (worse on peak season) *but somehow it didn't feel that long. Maybe because we were happy and the weather's accommodating. I mean, if it's somewhere in SEA where it's always hot and humid... Then i'm sure the queue would feel like it's 10x longer!*, a day is definitely not enough! We didn't manage to visit every single nooks and cranny of the park, and i would want to purchase a two days pass next time we go there!

Disneyland really is a magical place, once you visit one... No other theme parks would feel the same (except maybe Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is on the top of my most visit theme park at the moment)! You need to visit a Disneyland at least once in your life, and you're never too old to go there!
We miss you, Disneyland! And we will be back!
We had to drag our very tired ass to the super long queue of the shuttle bus back to the hotel because we still needed to get our stuffs, take an MTR to central and get to our next hotel! It was a truly exhausting day but totally worth it! Oh, we stumbled into Chip and Dale in the hotel so we finally got a picture with a character! LOL. None of the pictures the hotel staff took was very flattering, i looked like a gigantic, short, sausage in every single one, but... i'll post one anyway as a memento zzz.
That was our little adventure to Disneyland! We go to Madam Tussaud's the next day which probably also going to be my last post on our Hong Kong trip, please look forward to it!


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  1. I've never been to Disneyland, but after this post I can't wait to go in December *O* I didn't know it would take too long to visit the entire park, I thought I would finish by the afternoon, but I guess I will have to stay from the opening to the closing time xD

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. If you like to play and you come on a high season/weekend i'd definitely say you'll need at least the whole day to explore the place :D!

  2. disneyland emang magical ya... selalu menyenangkan pergi ke disneyland itu! :)

    1. Iyaaa nihhh, pengen k Disneyland lagiii segeraaa :D yg d Jepang dl maunya :D

  3. We went to HK Disneyland before.I love the parade and the film showing where you can smell as I remember Donald Duck's food. I miss coming back and I hope next time, I'll have a picture with Disney characters.

    1. We actually missed both things you loved *LOL*, but we're definitely going back!

  4. I don't mind seeing all these photos in Disneyland at all! Wow they are so amazing! It feels good to be there as you're like a kid at heart inside. :)

    1. Yes, totally! It's a very memorable visit!