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Hey guys!

Happy Easter! And for those who are not celebrating but have a long weekend as well, how's your long weekend? Having lots of fun?

I know it is not exactly a sale season right now (except for the 3 days only Easter sale that lots of stores are having)-not a big one anyway, the reason why i put that title for this post is because this is actually a very backdated (but not as backdated as the one i plan to write next! LOL) haul post (and it's pretty massive WTH) haul of some stuffs i got from January and even December (which were clearly sale seasons, but actually not everything i featured here were on sale, but most were)!!! I often confuse myself on what i've purchased and what i haven't, so to keep myself on track, this kind of haul post's pretty important for me. I hope i won't accidentally repeat stuffs i've already posted though, this is the problem with skipping hauls and post them when the mood strikes instead of doing it on a chronological order >.<!

Oh, before we start... Some of you might remember me moaning and complaining a few days ago about a missing oil control film *LOL*, i started to doubt myself-probably i really was crazy (like my hunny implied *evil stare*) and imagined things (like buying stuffs i didn't), but guess what... He found the effing oil control film in his car while he was thoroughly cleaning his car! It fell out of the plastic carrier! LOL. Say, who's crazy now huh???

Anyway, this is one of the main reason why i feel for someone (forgetful, obsessive and shop on a daily basis) like me-it's important to keep track on my shopping and snap pictures as soon as i get them *which is a practice i have yet to follow religiously, procrastination is one of my middle names i guess...* so i can just check my haul posts if i start questioning myself on missing stuffs again ahahaha... Okay, let's start now!
Pretty bad, huh? And i didn't even put up EVERY item i got in the collage >.<... I did say it's a massive haul post, didn't i???

A very exciting package from Luxola (it was my first time ever shopping from them. I still have reservations on shopping internationally because of Indonesia's sucky customs, therefore... this remains the only time i've shopped there for now. I plan to shop more in the future though!) so it deserved to be on top of the list!

The main reason why i shopped there in the first place, a much coveted GlamPact palette!
I've always had my eyes on this palette, but their over IDR 1.000.000 (or USD 100) price made it a no go for me hahaha. But then Luxola had a crazy sale and it was 70% off or something, i paid IDR 303.400 (or less than USD 30) for this, how could i resist???
OMG OMG, look at the beautiful lighted mirror!!!
This is my first high end palette that i've purchased for myself (i have a few but all were gifts!) so i went a little ballistic and snapped hundreds of pictures, please understand!
It deserves to be preserved in its prime condition before i start playing with it! Btw, what's that curious looking thing in the reflection? Must be my wrist *LOL*
Info about the GlamPact. Now i'm determined to get the black one next time Luxola has a similar crazy sale *sigh*
Since you get free shipping for shopping at least IDR 315.000 (otherwise you'd have to pay for shipping, it's IDR 95.000 to Indonesia WTF i'd rather spend the money on another product!) so i browse and browse and decided to get this Skinmiso Rice Foam Cleansing Javanese Lulur, mainly because Indonesian ingredients in international brands always intrigued me! And because it was ridiculously reduced to IDR 54.300 only!
Decided to add this Leaders Insolution Wrinkle Filler Mask because i'm obsessed with sheet masks and this is reduced to IDR 8.500! That's like, cheaper than local sheet masks you can find in supermarkets!

Next set... Notice that i have a Stroberi plastic bag in this set, but i'll show the stuffs inside later because i like to list my haul by category-and clearly i want to finish talking about the beauty products first before moving on to other categories *obsessive freak*

First up is this package from Nicula Beautystore. This was the first time i shopped there (i shopped again afterward and posted the haul already hehe)-both eye shadows i purchased because they were on sale for having cracked lids! Cracked lids doesn't bother me when it's ridiculously cheap *LOL*. They were going for IDR 50.000 each. You know how weak i am when it comes to colorful eye shadows >.<!
Amuse eyeshadow palette (no idea what the variant's name or number since there's nothing that indicates it in the palette itself *LOL). The colors are a bit dark and oldish for me, but i'll use it *LOL*. Am interested in more Amuse products because they're dirt cheap and has cute (although a bit tacky-this one's not cute but there are cute ones too-they remind me of unbranded China cosmetics sometimes *LOL* but i figured if Cherry Culture sells them, it should be safe *LOL*) packagings
L.A. Colors Private Eye 24 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 74137 Witness. This one's my fave, it's very bling and colorful in real life!!! Cheap and pretty, i totally love L.A. Colors! Btw, these two palettes are not like, small okay! They are quite large (like, the size of my face!) so... very cheap!
Then... i bought more stuffs from Oriflame *LOL*
I think i mentioned this a few times, that i love Oriflame's decorative make ups because they're cheap (although not exactly impressive in quality *LOL* but for someone who isn't crazy about pigmentation etc, it works for me), but i truly love their perfumes! Reasonably priced during promos, lovely scents, and lasts all day long! I got these two after sniffing at their scratch and sniff parts of the catalog! Seductive Musk Eau de Toilette for me and Power Musk Eau de Toilette for my hunny. It was a lot cheaper to get them both at the same time, i don't remember the exact price but it was under IDR 200.000 for both!
One of the best product of Oriflame according to lots of people is their Tender Care Balm, and i totally agree! I have the original one and been using it religiously as a lip balm to prep my lips and it always manages to condition my lips while i put on my make up, even on very dry lips days! I've been eyeing the new variants for a while and when i saw it on a Buy 1 Get 1 promo i went beserk and got both in Coconut and Almond! It was IDR 39.000 for two (i think, and probably before the 15% discount my Oriflame lady always give me haha)! I saw a Tender Care gift box containing four different Tender Care variants while browsing for information of the price (coz i obvi couldn't remember), wonder if they'd put them on offer (it never even appeared in any of the catalogs that i was given for a few months. Damn Oriflame for always changing up their products)
Now on to some drugstore/supermarket haul!

Nivea UV Whitening because i can never pass on a freebie...

My hunny got an IDR 100.000 worth of Carrefour voucher from test driving some car (how awesome was that? You get to test the car, and get a voucher afterward??? I told everybody i know to go for a test drive as well but i guess nobody's as kiasu as me *sadsie*) and i've been hoarding it for months and months, i of course planned to use it for make ups! And i finally got all of these with the voucher!
Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color Lip Balms in Pink Lolita and Cherry Kiss. I've also purchased the other two shades so i have a complete collection of Baby Lips Loves Color (and the colorless Baby Lips as well) that's available in Indonesia
Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake refill in Light Feel because i've been meaning to try out Wardah's products and because i was getting flustered on what i should get to finish my voucher while the BAs hovering around, i really hate being followed by BAs >.<
The last but not least : Sariayu Gloss Gel from the Pesisir Sentrajava line. I've been interested in this product since they were launched (last year) but it's quite pricey for Sariayu, now that i could get it for free (using voucher, i mean) then it doesn't matter right! LOL. I've been eyeing their 2014 color trend for months, but since i'm in no hurry i guess i can wait until the end of the year (when they usually have promotions on the website :p)
Some shower gels haul
Keep on repurchasing Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel in Morning Tonic because it keeps on being on sale hahaha... I love the scent on my hunny and it doesn't dry out his skin... So whenever it's on sale...Gotta grab them! You can expect a review on them in the future!
Cussons Imperial Leather Body Wash in Softly Softly because it's on sale, of course. My body skin's quite sensitive too (as opposed as my non-sensitive facial skin *LOL*) and i cannot use Lux or Biore body wash without developing eczema and water bubbles on my fingers *___* but Cussons Imperial Leather works fine on me-it dries off hunny's skin though!

I also got these bling2 nail buffer from Guardian, i got another one to add to Rosemary's birthday parcel (coz she loves bling2 like crazy haha)

One of the top searches for this blog's for Intens Corner and Chic-Princessa online shops, both are featured in this post haha! I haven't been purchasing much from them both lately. But Intenscorner was having a huge sale while i shopped at Chic-Princessa out of necessity!
Pretty big haul and i spent IDR 199.500 only including shipping!
Went gaga over sheet masks... They were IDR 6.000 each! OMG!!!! I should've bought more!
Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask, i only got one because i'm afraid it might smell weird (since i read a review about this and the reviewer said the mask smells strongly of herbs, which i detest!) so i didn't dare to purchase a lot
On the contrary, i got half a dozen of Innisfree It's Real Mask Sheet in Green Tea
And another half a dozen of Innisfree's It's Real Mask Sheet in Rice. I love getting cosmetics with rice in its ingredients, i don't know why! Maybe it reflects my undying love for rice in any form *___*
Etude House AC Clinic White Trouble Bubble Cleanser. I am a fan of this line's BB Cream (read my review here) but i don't like their Red Spot Balm or Pink Powder spot. However, i am not fussy when it comes to cleansers so for IDR 57.500, i'd give it a try :D
Etude House Kissful Tint Choux in 01 Red Shoes. I already have one of this Kissful tint with their old packaging and i love it, so when i see this one going for IDR 34.000, i couldn't resist to add it to my collection!
Etude X Minnie Nail Polish in 02 Pink Bubble. I have all of their glitter flakes top coats (just search for Etude X Minnie on the search box if you want to read them) and love all of them, but i never planned to get the base colors-until i saw this going for IDR 21.000 at Intenscorner, of course i have to get it!
As usual, plenty of samples given out from the generous owner :)
Another supermarket/drugstore haul. I hope you're not getting tired yet, we're still halfway through the post!
My love for Original Source is true... even though two of them that i've tried actually doesn't work on my skin *cries*, i still cling on a hope that one of them might! *sad face*
Original Source Shower in Vanilla and Raspberry that smells HEAVENLY like all of their shower thingy, i'm crossing my fingers real tight for it to be kind to my skin!
Original Source Showers in Shea Butter and Honey (that makes me want to lick it for smelling so yummy) and Lime
Hair products, in less than a year i've converted myself from hair care virgin to a religious user!
L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil that i've been eyeing since it's been launched, i got this for almost free because it was on promo and i paid using another Carrefour voucher (Carrefour's quite generous with their vouchers, eh? LOL) that hunny got for shopping (they often offer vouchers for certain amount of spending, every few months or so). I haven't tried this yet but seeing them on promotion in Guardian makes me want to stock up >.<, that's how sure i am that i'm gonna love it hahaha
Mylea Hair Tonic Intensive for my prematurely balding hunny *LOL*, this works really well and contains less alcohol than Neril (my hunny's skin's beyond sensitive and his fingers would crumble and tear whenever he's using Neril because of their high concentration of alcohol! This one's friendly for his fingers). His hair seems thicker than before i forced him to use hair tonics regularly!
Ellips Hair Vitamin, i love their capsule version and i guess they're copying Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery packaging now hahaha, it must be on sale...
A purchase that often met with puzzled look on the cashier *LOL*. I do love Marcks' Beauty Powder, you know! It's cheap, works well and friendly with my oil tank of a face! Now i also use them as a dry shampoo to soak up my oily roots hehe
Pond's Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen. The only stick concealer i've ever used was Oriflame's and it was horrible >.< i stayed clear from stick forms from that time on. However i am running out of my DHC Medicated Acne Clear Concealer, since it's so expensive and not available in Indonesia (plus the fact that i don't even have pimples, i'm just paranoid and prefer  acne friendly ones so i can be sure it won't cause acnes! LOL) i'm looking for alternatives, i hope this Pond's one is at least less horrible than the Oriflame one hahaha, it's very cheap though so even if it doesn't work i wouldn't be too pissed (it was originally already very cheap and i got on promo!)
Also got more Nivea Whitening package *LOL* because i simply cannot take packages! And ones that boasts 40% saving? Take my money now!!! I also wanted the lip balm without the guilt of actually purchasing one hahaha. I love Nivea tinted balms!
These stuffs i actually got for free by trading in my old and dried mascaras when Viva was having an event. I got two sets because i made Baby Boy's nanny trade in my other old mascara *LOL*. I offered one set for her but she told me the Viva BAs already gave a set (minus the mascara) for free while she was accompanying Baby Boy attend a meet and greet (it was... Plant VS Zombie's i think) that was sponsored by Viva!
Viva Perfecting Eyelash Mascaras. Lina said they smudges, but i'll give it a try anyway and if it's horrid i'll just give it to my employee hehe
Viva Milk Cleanser and Astringent in Cucumber (i got two sets). I've used their milk cleanser before and it was pretty decent, so i know these would work well. I will review them in the future!
Viva Acne Gel, i didn't even know Viva has acne gels!
This pink nail beads was a freebie from Bubbletalk Store that i frequent, even though i only ordered a satin kimono. I guess it was an apology gift for going MIA for a few weeks hehe
We're almost done with the beauty stuffs, i promise!
A parcel from Chic-Princess
I was struck by a crippling need (out of nowhere) to color my eyebrows earlier this year, it was an urgent and strong feeling so i immediately browsed my fave online stores and found the most ready stock variants available in Chic Princess. Of course, i cannot just buy 1! Shipping fee's a total bitch now, they keep on getting up!
The Face Shop Lovely Me ex Color My Eyebrow in no 2 Light Brown. There were quite a lot of choices for eyebrow mascara (eyebrow pencils and powders doesn't work on my jet black brows, mascara's my last hope and thankfully they work!) and i was confused, but as this is my first eyebrow mascara and i wasn't even sure if i would be able to to apply it properly, i chose the cheapest one! LOL. This is only IDR 65.000
Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder (IDR 79.000), i saw this in a few blogs and really love the packaging (and the fact that they mention this to be pretty good in oil control department. You just need to mention the words "oil control" and i'd come running WTF), since it's quite cheap and i would hate to waste on shipping fee... In the shopping basket it went!
Lastly i also got The Face Shop's Lovely Me ex Nail Polish Black Cap in BR 801 because the color's not something i already have in my collection, and because it's only IDR 25.000 obviously.
PHEW!!! That's a LOT, isn't it??? We're finally done with beauty stuffs (but i got a few more perfumes down there though :p) and moving on to other stuffs. Don't worry, it's not nearly as crazy as the beauty ones!

Stroberi now change their paper bags design to ones that include an anime girl, not my cup of tea and it's embarrassing to tote this around the mall because i am clearly SO NOT a teen anymore! LOL
But they do have the cheapest and cutest stuffs EVER, how can i resist? I spent less than IDR 100.000 on these but i don't remember how much each item was >.<
K-Pop inspired (even though i hate K-Pop, their fashion's quite cute sometimes!) head bands. The polkadot one i already worn when i dressed up as Minnie Mouse *LOL*
I always wanted a fake braided hairband, so i got excited when i saw this. Unfortunately it doesn't fit my head properly and the color's too dark for my hair. PFFFFTTTT
I love some dainty cat rings!
Stock up on black hair clips because i'm forever losing my basic hair clips...

Another purchase from BubbleTalk Store
Got a small powder blue Lady Dior inspired bag that i already wore (see an outfit post featuring it here) and a blinged clear snap on cuff bracelet
It's beautiful, isn't it? Also twice the max price i'd usually agree to pay for costume jewelry, but sometimes i just have to pay up! LOL
Mind Blowing and another Stroberi haul!
Cute Kitty stocking, it was IDR 66.000 but see the Buy 1 Get 1 sign on top? It's totally misleading because they get 1 you have to pick something half priced! With limited choices as well PFFFFTTTT
So i got this vintage looking mirror and red bow necklace as the get 1
I saw Icel wearing plastic cat-earred headband, and as a cat-earred (or anything earred) obsessed person i decided to stalk Stroberi until they re-stock the thing (because i checked before and they told me they sold the cat earred headbands out)! It's super cheap too, IDR 7000 or something
Decided to get one bunny earred one haha
It's not possible to feature accessories haul without New Look
I got a tiny decorative scarf as part of bday parcel for L (that her daughter immediately claimed for herself) and fell in love with it myself, but when i returned... It was sold out zzzz. I ended up getting the normal sized version...
And blinged car earred headband! Now i want the one with pearls on the ears and i can die happy...
I also promised myself to not shop for shoes much, especially not the cheap ones because they crumble after i use it once and keep them forever... But sometimes i just can't help myself
Example : I cannot resist lace! LOL. It's a bitch to put on (because the lace doesn't stretch!) but its so pretty (and not expensive), so i guess it's forgivable...
Errr... more shopping
Stradivarius bag that i worn almost to death already in Hong Kong (so you can see it in my every Hong Kong post), it was on sale for around IDR 255.000 and with my mum's HSBC point i got it for IDR 50.000 less
Pull & Bear Superhero tank. I like Pull & Bear stuffs but they're just so damn overpriced! This one was on sale (i don't remember how much, but less then IDR 100.000) and after eyeing it forever (really, i'm talking about half a year or so!) i decided it's worth the big sale price tag (i think it was IDR 79.000?)
I also picked up some perfumes from Grand Palace's huge sale...
Someday by Justin Bieber. I am one of those people who strongly dislike Justin Bieber (and i love Selena Gomez so i am forever questioning what she sees in him) and his songs, but i genuinely love his perfumes! I couldn't bring myself to pay a lot for something that bears his name, but for IDR 300.000... I'll take it!
I got Beyonce's Heat from my sister (and niece, BB) when she went to OZ and LOVE it (it was my Hong Kong trip perfume!), Heat Rush is equally nice smelling and the it was only IDR 200.000 so.... You know... LOL. I am definitely obsessed with celebrity perfumes now... I want Taylor Swift's next! This is good though because celebrity perfumes are a lot cheaper than designer ones that i used to worship haha
I also gotta show you my ultra cute baby pink Hello Kitty yoga mat!
I've been using it for months now though, so it's.... quite dirty and fugly now *sad*, the bag even fell apart already *LOL*, but it can be forever pretty and cute in this blog!
It's the last package already, i promise!
I got these cute accessories from an online shop... that i unfortunately couldn't remember anymore! But i think it's from... Cetta's Corner? Paid IDR 100.000 something for all of these, just some cheapo China accessories that i love so much! And yes, i do realize four cat-earred headband in one post is borderline insane. Whatevs.
I've been wanting midi rings for a while now, seeing Katherine wore some sparked my obsession and i hunted for them... They sold the whole bunch as a set! Only IDR 25.000 or something!
Very dainy skull and heart
Tiny nail shield and bow, i think the bow one's my fave!
Love errr errrmmm... I don't even remember if that's a necklace or a bracelet already >.<
Expensive looking gold chain bracelet *LOLOLOL*, it's light as a feather IRL
Oh wow! This has got to be one of the biggest haul post i ever done *LOL*, and it's not even like a full month's worth of haul (i've posted many hauls that i did on December and January already) WTH, i need therapy!!! But i'm sure glad i got that out of the way! I think i've covered all of my 2014 hauls already! Still got a few wayyyy backdated ones that i hope to clear up real soon! Then i will do haul posts in chronological order! (And i actually just went shopping for almost 6 hours with G, so... more stuffs to cover! NOOOO)

I hope you managed to read until the end :D!

Crazy shopaholic...
I mean,

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  1. WOW...

    Itu bedaknya ada lampunya gitu???

    Enak ya belanja di Luxola. Kalau ada masalah, CS nya juga sangat responsive. Aku seneng belanja disana.\

    Sepertinya pertama kali kesini. Dan langsung memfollowmu.
    Mari berteman... :)


    1. Iyah ada lampu nya di palette nya :D so glam :D! Iyah, pengalaman belanja di sana oke banget ga mengecewakan, shipping nya juga ga terlalu lama :).

      Errrr, kayaknya km udah 3x komen di blog koq say hehehe :D i remember because i always visit your blog back afterward :)

  2. I read till the end and wowwww you sure bought a loooottt cee.. omg~ everytime i read your haul post, it feels like i'm walking around at departement store..hahaha btw the mask sheets are so cheappp i want one huhuhu. Nice idea to buy only 1 red ginseng mask because the smell is so horrible. I've tried lioele's once and never want to repurchased it again.

    1. Huahahahaha, Department Store Mindy namae ya Sha *LOL*. Iyaaa pas murah bangett bo, sampe nyesel2 sendiri ga beli selusin masing2 toh make nya sering hahahaha... Ntar kalo promo lg aq kabar2in Sha! Btw kayaknya itu aq baca review mu deh soal red ginseng mask e!

  3. Wooowww..the amount of haul in this single post is insane lol. Love the haul though. I'm definitely gonna try that Mylea hair tonic (where can I get it?guardian?) because my hair have been falling out like crazy since I moved to Tangerang (I think it's the water), so thank you for the info! Hope it works for me hehe.

    1. Yes. Insane. I know that >.<...
      Mylea hair tonic-yes Guardian and every major supermarkets (i saw them in Hypermarket and Carrefour too, if i'm not mistaken), it's quite easily accesible :D! I hope it'll work for you too!

  4. woowww, belanjaanmu selalu bikin aku ngiler Mindy hahahaa

  5. banyak banget belanjanya. glam pact nya keren ya ada lampunya juga :-D


  6. that was really a lot of beauty products! great post! I also love sales on shopping mall... those are good days to see if the things you wanna buy have dropped its value... Shopping is one of our family bonding and I love it!

    1. Yes, i am a self-proclaimed shopaholic >.<... I love sales and prefer not to shop *much* on full sized products! LOL

  7. ya ampun haulnya mantap bangettt hahaha.. banyak online shop yg aku belom pernah denger.. ni lagi browsing2 intenscorner xD
    nice haul!!!


  8. omg omg such an awesome haul..loved everything,, m jealous now,, hahaha.. have a nice day xoxo

    1. Hahahaha don't be jealous, we can shop together and be crazy one day :D

  9. you always had lots of stuff! shopaholic indeed!! great finds!!

    1. Hahaha i know, i need therapy right...

  10. I super agree with you on the buying of shoes. Before I used to think that girls should just own like a pair of shoes for every need (for example, one for party, one for casual, one for sports, etc.), but then as I began to see the world more, I came to realize that shopping for shoes is so fun and one can never have too many haha.

    1. Yes, but i used to hoard on shoes too sadly they crumbled before i even get to use some of them T.T now i try to be more wise, it's just so hard to resist them sometimes...

  11. ya ampun ci, belanjaannya banyak banget *_* abis baca post ini, nambah lagi daftar ol shop ku hehehe. dan enak banget stroberi di kota cc jual earcat, di tempatku susah banget cari earcat. super haul!

    1. Huhuhu iya nih penyakit ga ilang2 maunya shopping melulu T.T... ear cat nya kayaknya best seller deh, susah emg dapetinnya sering abiss

  12. Astagaa ci mindy bqnyak bangeeet haulnya *ngiler*
    And btw, itu bondu kucingnya sama persiss hahaha sama beli di stoberi 7000 xD ak beli yg pink sm putih kan wktu itu, tp skrg ud ilang gatau kmn lol
    Glam palettenya omg lucu banget*u*

    1. Iya nih cel, kayaknya makin lama makin parah ya hahahah...
      Lah koq udah ilang ahahahah pny ku malah belom di pake masih terbungkus rapi >.<...
      Iya mana lg sale gt mana tahan kan...