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You know the expression “don’t judge the book by its cover”? Well, it certainly is true enough for me, at least for quite a big portion of me. People take one look at me and they’d instantly label me as this spoilt, high maintenance girl, even worse, a dumb air-headed blonde. I am spoilt i guess (hey! Don’t blame me. Blame my parents and then my guy for always spoiling me silly. If they don’t mind spoiling me why should you? Bugger off!), and i am high maintenance as a girlfriend/wife. But i am not high-maintenance when it comes to my looks. I know most people are 100% sure i am the kind of girl who spend most of my time in hair salons, spas, nail salons, blah blah blah. (and i am effing smart. I actually was one of the top students in my high school and university, and i have proof. *defensive*)

Trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong. I hate going to hair salons (that’s why i prefer most of my hair cutting/dyeing/etc at home. Me and #Undecided kinda have this personal hairdresser, LOL. Mr. N, we miss you!), i cannot stand waiting for hours in hair salons, i will never step foot in a spa. I did once. And it scarred me for life. The stupid therapist actually cut a chunk off my finger-okay i might be exaggerating this-when manicuring my nails (back then no special nail spas are around yet, you do your nails at a regular spa. This is YEARS ago, like 12 years ago. I was a stupid teenager, i didn’t know better) Blood spurted out of my finger, i promptly passed out. And yes, i blame my sister in law, CL, for bringing me to the stupid spa (Grrrr).  And then, like i was not in enough agony, i was dragged into the massage room. OMG. I effing hate massages!!! I can never understand why people would pay to have people knead their bodies like a friggin’ dough. It HURTS. And when they start applying scrubs all over you and scrub away, OMG... i swear i almost peed on my (paper) panties. And kicked the therapist in the face. 

So, yeah.. i was extremely traumatized. And it took me YEARS to finally stepped foot in a nail spa. And then my cousin L opened her own nail spa so of course i have to show some support (she is my closest cousin. We’re like always super close since we were little. Our birthdays are only two months apart but for some reason she always insists that i am older than her. And whenever she introduces me to her friends she’ll quiz them “who’s older?” and they always answer “she is” and then she’ll throw a tantrum. She just never learn. LOL!)

Thats's me and my heavily pregnant cousin, L ^.^

This brings us to one of my favourite (in no particular order ya, i feel like Ryan Seacrest now LOL) : #1 Me-Nail.

I don’t go to nail spas a lot, but when i do of course i prefer to go to Me-Nail, not only because the lady boss is my own cousin, but also because they do a very good job, the therapists are professional (they never wound me! It’s my biggest fear after last time) and friendly (of course, i’d bitch to the lady boss if they aren’t! LOL), there are plenty of choices of colours and nail arts (and they only use top notch nail polishes like OPI, China Glaze, etc), also their prices are very pocket-friendly! On most of other nail spas a simple manicure will cost you more than IDR 100.000 (some more than IDR 200.000, crazy), but here a manicure (with polish) only costs IDR 65.000. (of course nail colouring without manicure are even cheaper) a pedicure is only IDR 75.000.

A little glimpse of their many nail-art selections (you can also bring your own design and show it to them), nail art prices depends on the difficulties of the design (i think :p, and if you want to add crystal etc you can ask them how much the added cost would be) Because there are too many price variations i cannot write them all down here :)
Lately i’ve been obsessed with gel manicure, on which they are having a promotion on, IDR 150.000 only! Gel manicures are fab! You can use your hands freely right after, even type on your BBM right away! Regular manicure will be destroyed if you type on your BBM right away zzzz. And they lasts for ages (up to  3 weeks, but my nails grow super fast, just like my hair, almost two times faster than regular people’s so my nails are crazy long after 2.5 weeks and needs to be redo) and doesn’t chip! Wow!!! I only had them once and i will be getting another one before my year-end trip to Bali (can’t waittt! Holidayyy). Removing gel polishes are a pain, and i have to stick with the nail color for a long time (i really love to change my nail polish a lot, and i have like... A LOT of nail polishes :( what do you expect anyway? Don’t ask me how many, i never dared to count them, i hope it’s not reaching a hundred), and it might weakened your nails if you keep on using them so i prefer to put on gel polishes on special occasions, i’d put them on before every holiday!

Anyway, this time i went with a very close friend of mine, LL. 

LL is actually 4 years older than me, surprised? You should be. She’s so tiny n cute people mistaken her for someone 10 years younger than her actual age haha (well i am not tiny at all but people mistaken me for a much younger person too,FML). The most annoying encounter we had by looking so much younger than our actual ages? Once we went to Coffee Bean and i tried using my guy’s credit card (because using Mega credit card you’ll get a lot of discount right, no discount will be hell for me) and the cashier patronisingly told us “we need the owner of the credit card to sign the bill! This is your dad’s, right???”. FOL. Apparently we do not look old enough to have credit cards. Sad.

Anyway, LL never had a gel-manicure before and she’s going to Hong Kong for a family vacay on the 8th, so i suggested her to try the gel-manicure, i am very sure her manicure (and pedicure) will still be intact once she return from HK! As for me, i’m just accompanying her and getting a regular manicure. I will try to come more regularly for manicures since i hate excessive skins on my fingers and rough cuticles and regular manicures will take care of that. (it still scares the hell out of me when they are cutting and cleaning the cuticles though, i probably will never get over it FML).

LL getting cozy getting her nails done :p

Oh, one more information on LL, she’s a fellow shopaholic. She’s just as bad as me. I dare say she’s worse, because she purchase much more expensive stuffs than me (i’m too stingy) and in bulk. So, it consoles me watching her shop, i’d feel better about my own shopping afterward. Please do not stop, LL!!! ROFL! We went to Singapore together three years ago and it was, UGLY. You cannot let two crazy shopaholic on a loose, you know that! #Undecided is my  personal bodyguard when it comes to shopping, meaning she feels responsible to stop me from shopping too much. But whenever LL is around i think #Undecided thinks it’s a lost cause hahahaha!

LL loves PINK like me (i don’t think any of my bffs likes pink, so sad, so when i first met LL online five years ago it was like finding a soul sista hahahaha), she loves cute stuffs just as bad as me..  and i first got to know her by buying stuffs from her (she used to have an online shop, and later also an offline one) and she also bought stuffs from me (i also used to have an online and offline shops). It’s like a never ending cycle between the two of us hahahaha. And she loves travelling too! I cannot wait to go on another holiday with you, LL!

And since we’re such cheeky girls who loves to be matchy-matchy and theme-obsessed, we both decided to get our nails done with colours true to the holiday season (LL was not feeling well so we chose not to get nail arts since that would take a lot more time to do) Christmas is  coming soon so LL got a very expensive looking red gel polishes both for her hands and foot, and i got myself festive looking rich gold nails with pretty gold glitters (add IDR 15.000 for glitters). Look at our pretty nails!

 They are actually much prettier in real life -____- sorry lah my camera sucks

 Photo-bombed by my impatient little boy hahahaha

So if you guys are interested in getting pretty nails you should drop by Me-Nail!They are located at Tunjungan Plaza I, 3rd floor, it's nearbythe elevator so you cannot miss it! These are their website and contacts :

Twitter : @menail1

Don’t forget to pay them a visit!

Another picture me and LL took, just because we’re such cam-whores. LOL (Also to show you that we are Pink addicts :p)

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