Coral Invasion

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It's almost summer! (Right? I live in a tropical country where it's summer all year long, so i'm not so sure! But i gathered as much from the various overseas blogs i'm following! LOL)

With my new found love to keep up with seasons, this means i need to keep my darker, plummy lipsticks and bring out brighter, loud colors! (No, you don't understand. It's not like i want to, it's literally not a a choice for beauty/fashion junkies! It's pretty much a physical need to do so! LOL).

Bringing forth : the neon-ish coral!
For the longest time, i paid more attention to my eye make ups and wear very light colored lip glosses (or even no lippies whatsoever) all the time, i guess it was not cool for younger girls to wear lipsticks (which are for older women, mums and all *LOL*), even the word "lipstick" made me wince. And all that changed in an instant, pretty much when i turned 30. LOL. Maybe even though i don't feel like i'm getting old (and i like to think i also do not look old!), my preference when it comes to beauty products shifts with age. Nowadays, i hardly ever go out without some bold colors on my lips. I simply love how bright (or dark-actually), bold lip colors contrasts with my pale complexion so much that it literally "lit up" my face immediately.

As much as it pains me, i gotta admit my interests in neon-colored lip colors were sparked by all the hype surrounding the Korean drama "My Love From the Stars" actress who wore various neon colored lippies in the series. Now, i actually didn't watch the series, not even one episode (nor i ever want to. I mean, aliens? Ergh. No, thank you), all i know about this series is the snippets shown in Running Man's My Love From the Stars' episode *LOL*. But like i said before, as much as i hate K-Pop and Korean dramas (the only Korean girl i like-except maybe for Song Hye Kyo-is Song Ji Hyo, obviously because of Running Man. But even her drama i cannot watch until the end. I managed to watch Emergency Couple for, 3 episodes i guess? Then i lost interests and haven't continued watching ever since), some of their beauty/fashion choices are quite attractive to me. Mainly this neon lips trend, which emerged in a perfect timing to welcome Spring/Summer 2014.

Like the eye brow mascara, i had the sudden urge to wear a bold, neon-ish colored lippies (and in orange-ish color family! Another strange thing because i used to hate orange) so i rummaged through my stash of old lipsticks and found this Clinique's bright coral lipsticks that used to lie around un-loved (only used a few times as very light lip tint), given from one of my sis-in-laws. It is now my most used lipstick for the last month *LOL*.

Now, i know that in that series, the lead actress wore only the bright lippie and almost no eye make up, but me with my gyaru roots.. It's just impossible for me. Plus i don't love the way my eyes looks without eye liners, too sleepy and slitty! So, here's my way of wearing the neon coral lippies :
I paired it with a dramatic looking eyeliners instead *LOL*. Do you know i have a double, tiny moles on the left top of my lips? You can only see one in this picture because i accidentally ripped one off (and this is the second time already!) *LOL*. I hate my moles, but i think i actually don't mind one. Double moles look so disgusting... Sadly it's growing back in an alarming speed *cries* so i guess i will have to go for a mole remover anyway. It's really painful and the recovery's pretty long so i've been postponing it indefinitely :(...
My current favorite lip color. And yes, i am aware that i need to get rid of those 'stache.
And matching nails. The Face Shop RD 301

This outfit consists of all clothing you've seen before in older blog posts. Lace top which i've worn countless times, loose tank with 3D flowers i've worn here and the baroque printed skirt you've seen here. This is the ultimate lesson in mix and matching your outfits, ladies!
We all know that baroque prints are more autumn/winter than spring/summer, the black and gold color emphasize that fact and the thick and heavy fabric also didn't help. But the short cutting makes it appropriate for spring/summer as well with the right kind of pairings :D. You don't need to keep you wintry (or in my case, wintry looking) outfits the rest of the year, you just need to mix and match them with more season appropriate style to make them work.
Lace Top : Forever 21, 3D Flower Appliqued Tank : Random FO in TP, Baroque Printed Skirt : Online, Heels : Everbest, Grey Bag : Prada (no, it's not a real thing, and no it's not cheap either *LOL*. But no, i didn't buy it :p)
Took this pic and laughed at the way i stood, like a duck! My former instructor would have a heart attack if she sees this
And here's a few other times when i wore the same neon coral lip sticks (i will blog about the looks in different posts) :
And yes, i wore the same lipsticks in all of the looks (which shade i cannot even tell you since i had a weird habit of scrawling numbers at the label of my lipsticks once to keep track of the number of lippies i had. LOL. Told ya i'm weird. I no longer do that though) because even though i have a pretty large collection of lippies, all of the older ones are in very similar, very light, pinky shades that i used to favor. I didn't have a large collection of bright colors lipsticks (but it's slowly changes, obviously. Have you not read my haul posts?) and i'm pretty sure this is the only neon coral lipstick i have in my collection *LOL*. I don't really feel the need to have two of a very similar looking color though, so i think i'm gonna stick with this one and hunt for more orange-er toned lipstick for a change.

I also been wearing neon pink lipsticks a lot (but it's not as brightening as this coral ones so i actually prefer this one!) and will blog about it as well.

How about you, have you jumped into the neon lippies band wagon as well?

#Pink (that's been loving coral a lot lately :D)

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  1. The coral color looks super great on you! Just this lunch break, I tried using Etude House same color of the lip tint but I just found it to be too bright.

    1. Thank you, dear! I was scared of bright colors too once, but i totally embrace them now :D

  2. Loving the nail colour!!! DOPE!!!

    Main-main ke blog ku yah. Baru posting tentang tutorial dan cerita makeup ala Grunge Princess gitu. hihihihi... ditunggu...


  3. suka sama warna lipstick n baju ce2... look sweet ^^
    btw aku nominasikan ce2 dalam Sunshine Blogger Award ya... hehe...