Mask-Off 02 : Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening Sparkly Mask

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Hey guys!

How's your weekend so far? I had a veryyy long day (but pretty fun!) that i'm going to share with you soon (d'oh, i'm dreading the resizing pictures part zzz) but for now...

I am going to review another facial mask, which is long overdue with the fact that i use pretty much different kind of masks every week-this makes facial masks lining to be reviewed is well... About a mile long *pffffttt*.
Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening Sparkly Mask (photo taken from
I am not too familiar with Providence Beauty, i'm guessing it's one of those Taiwanese facial mask brands (okay i'm not actually guessing, i just read the description in's page *LOL*). I also Google it but not much information came up (most probably because it's Taiwanese so most of the infos available in the web would be in Chinese and won't come up when you type their English name?). I got it from, of course, and seen it available in various Sasa stores (i have no idea which other stores stocks them).

In the haul post i mentioned getting it purely for the packaging *LOL*
Then i also mentioned my fear of it having glitters in them or something *LOL*

Not to worry, there's not a trace of glitter whatsoever in the mask! It looks really wet and juicy though right, drenched in goodness (serum, i mean). It also comes with a layering sheet so it's still shaped nicely (not crumpled like some sheet masks can be) and it helps when it comes to opening up the sheet. It can be a bit hard with some masks since the wetness makes the sheet stuck together, you must PEEL them with patience *LOL*. Not a problem for this mask
I always feel like rolling in the floor with laughter whenever i see my mask-ed photos! The sheet fits quite nicely to my face, just a little big too big on some parts. I clearly needed to pull it up a little bit *just realizing it now, many months after i actually used it haha*
The first thing that i noticed in most products is the scent, this one is no exception. It has a strong, cherry drop smell. This kind of strong scent can be the "make it or break it" kind of thing, i happen to actually like it very much! You know i'm always attracted to sweet, yummy scents right? This is totally up my alley, but a reviewer in actually hated the scent (she described it as a cherry flavored cough medicine, which i also agree. It just happens that i like that kind of scents!) followed by another who said the smell is heavenly! So... It's totally just comes to personal preferences. But if you have a very sensitive nose and hate strong, sweet scents, then you should probably stay clear from this mask.

My skin at the time i wore it was especially sensitive for some reason (that i cannot remember anymore), it was reddish and a bit painful. When i put this mask on, it really stung! But i think it was because of the ultra sensitive condition of my skin back then. The sting only lasted a few seconds, it cooled down very fast and in a few other seconds it became very very cooling and comforting instead. It was so nice, i almost didn't feel like taking it off *LOL*.

When i took it off, it dried off very fast and didn't leave a greasy trail behind (like most sheet masks do) and discovered a very surprising effect (other than the usual supple and moisturized feeling), it helped control my oily skin for up to a week! So this is probably a no no for people with dry skin. 

Here's a description from :

Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening’s Sparkly Mask is enriched in Cherry extract, Flower Extract, Punicifolia (Acerola) Fruit Extract and Hyaluronic Acid to boost the youthfulness of your skin, letting it shine from the deepest layer.

Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening’s Sparkly Mask is a high-performance whitening treatment that effectively targets dark spots, freckles, and dullness to give an extraordinary radiance and beautifully even complexion.

About the whitening part, i don't really know. Most masks leaves my skin looking refreshed and brighter (so did this one) but it's not a permanent effect (well, i am already very fair so i'm not looking forward to be any whiter anyway!). You might notice more improvement if you wear it regularly, as well as the getting rid of spots parts. 

It also claims to be suitable for all skin types, but in my own experience i'd say it's best suited for people with very oily skin like myself  (i also read another review in that validates this, she said it's not suitable for her dry, sensitive skin). 

It's a nice smelling (for those who likes Cherry Drops scents, of course), very affordable (i got it for USD 1 only!), brightening mask with a surprisingly good effect for oil control (it doesn't say anything about oil control in the description. But of course, the actual writing on the packaging is totally in Chinese so i have no idea what's written there!).

Recommending it for people with very oily skin looking for a fast remedy (that works for a period of time, in my case it was a little more than a week) to reduce the sebum on their skin, likes sweet scents and with limited budget.

Not recommending it for people with dry, sensitive skin and those who cannot stand strong, artificial fruit scents.

Will i repurchase this? Yes, why not? I will not purposefully order it by itself in (and it's OOS at the website right now anyway) but i will add it to my virtual cart if and when i shop there, or if i see it anywhere on my travel (if i am not attracted to other masks first. There are hundreds of attractive face mask packaging out there you know, especially those Hello Kitty ones *weak on cuteness*). It's not that amazing that i have to repurchase it right away, but it's nice enough for me to want to buy it again (especially because it's so cheap).

Would you put on a cherry drop smelling mask on your face?

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  1. Ahhh, I can't stand anything that smells remotely like cough drops. Sweetie, do you apply sheet masks once a week or do you alternate it with wash off masks etc?

    1. That's too bad, you should totally stay clear from this mask then :D! I apply sheet masks once a week (in fact i am wearing one while typing right now haha), i don't like any other kind of masks :D, if sheet masks are not so convenient i wouldn't even bother with them *too lazy* hihihihi

  2. My problem is that I have an oily nose - yeah nose portion only. I wonder why is that. How often should I put on such facial mask?

    1. You have a combination skin then, i don't think this mask would be suitable for you! Use serums (i recommend The Skin Food's Sake Pore Serum to be used on your nose area only! Sheet masks should be used at least once a week, i know people who use them every other day!