#Pink and #Undecided's Taiwan Trip : The Finale

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How's everybody doing? Are you ready for the final post of our Taiwan Trip (#teared, i dunno if i'm touched because i miss Taiwan a lot of because we finally managed to finish the dairy after more than half a year *LOL*)? It's the last day in Taiwan and we're flying back to Indonesia latter at night. We spent the day with Joe and his mum, the lovely AMC, thank you for taking care of us so well you guys, miss you!
Group pic minus #Undecided's hubby who took it hahaha

AMC actually planned to take us to Maokong and rode a gondola (apparently a cable car is also called gondola? What about the boat thingy? Ugh, i'm confused) there, but we had to leave at what did she say, 6 AM? OH NOOOO!!!! Since we're quite tired after our pretty gruesome schedules in Taiwan (having said that, we didn't do much the day before though *LOL*) so we begged for a rain check, i would love to go there (and Jiufen) next time we're in Taiwan! When can we go there again, bb?

Anyway, since we're checking out that day, we gathered all of our luggage and asked the hotel to keep them for us until the evening. We also hang around the hotel's lobby for a bit and i snapped some pics.
The lobby area's quite spacey and comfy, just a bit dark
I also spotted the recent "it" mask (months before they make a wave in Indonesia) being displayed near the receptionist, i remember thinking how odd that was hehehe, i'm not used to see hotels displaying beauty products in their lobby you see!
One more unique thing about Inhouse Hotel is their supermodel-looking (as in they are all tall and skinny girls, i don't think they're very pretty but then again most supermodels aren't either haha) receptionists wearing very short skirts so i sneakily too a pic over my hunny's shoulder LOLOLOL
They also have a separate, outdoor area where you can hang around
Yes, interchangeable couple :p
Love the decor in this mini spot
AMC and the boys

Yellow everyone, #Undecided here (donning the Italic font hat - not fun but necessary to help you guys know which one is saying which hehehe), and yes, finally we're at the last day of our Taiwan trip... And normally, on the last days of trips, I insist that we have a low key day, however AMC was not having it!! 

After #Pink's hunny done upgrading my luggage arrangement online (we were quite worried because hubby and I initially opted for the cheapest luggage option available - 15kg per pax if I'm not wrong), off we went to the first stop of the day. We took the group to the place where I got my first ever authentic mang guo bing with Audrey few days before.
That smug green man is the icon of this little joint. Look for him when you're around XiMenDing area.
OMG this photo brings back so much memory!!! And yes, it's as yum yum as it looks!!!
We had to split table because each table only had 4 chairs
I had the urge to mozaic #Pink's hunny's face because how does one sulk when there's icy goodness in front of him, right... But on 2nd thought, he does look like Hitler with yellow mustache in this pic, so I'll let it slide, LOL.
Went back to the hotel to go potty and #Pink made him pose with these 2 vintage looking chairs
It's not vintage looking bb, it WAS vintage and there's a sign saying DO NOT SEAT, hence the pose!

2nd destination is Eslite Bookstore. Heard about this from Audrey long before we actually made the trip. And although it's not apparent *ahem*, #Pink and I are the biggest bookworms, so naturally I insisted that Joe take us there. Yes, while ignoring hubby's constant protest in the process hahaha... He hates bookstores, he's so weird...

But then, #Pink had a little accident.
This happened!! Hahahaha... And FYI, this happened in the Starbucks cafe in Eslite Bookstore hahahahahaha
Clearer picture of what went down at that cafe :D

Okay, so #Undecided's memory's making fun of her, that was not at the Eslite Bookstore, rather it was at a building that Joe thought had the Eslite bookstore! We actually got lost a few times because he couldn't remember the right place *LOL*. And that stupid sneakers are Nike *staring at Nike unhappily* so it wasn't cheap to justify it doing that! But i also been using it for a while, took it to Malaysia, Vietnam and recently Hong Kong (yes, it's still alive! Barely) so maybe it's time for it to retire? 

Anyway, when hunny's doing an emergency repair (him doing it reminds me of my dad, who's always busy repairing my-and now Baby Boy's stuffs! I guess it's true that girls marry guys that reminds them of their dads?), i really wanted to go see the bookstore (which wasn't there, i repeat) too so i borrowed hunny's shoes (which is 5 size bigger than mine. Or 6) and drag myself like a crazy person upstairs, much to Joe and #Undecided's amusement. Joe told me i looked like a little girl who's using her daddy's shoes, while #Undecided's probably just think i looked like a clown. Almost fell down once too, thank God Joe grabbed me in time. Pfffffftttt.

It was a particularly HOT day that sweat actually drizzle down my face in gushes, it was so bad that while we were shopping for a bit in an accessories store in Ximen Ding it got into my eyes. And if i was in that bad of a shape, can you imagine how my hunny (who sweats even when it's not hot at all) look? Yeah. Drenched. The store keeper even offered him tissue, seeing the state he was in *LOL*.

Anyway, after my shoes were useable again, we continued the journey to look for the actual Eslite Bookstore.

Errr, my dream luggage
More dream luggage. Baby pink, Hello Kitty, i am SOLD!

We finally got to the bookstore, but errr... I guess we were too engrossed in trying to find a book to buy (it's a HUGE bookstore but sadly they only have one meagre wall of English books!) that we totally forgot to snap a picture but here's a picture from wiki :
Pretty impressive, yes?

Then we went down to get a tax refund (?) since #Undecided's hubby bought a bag there, am i right bb?
Yep, both hubby and Joe purchased backpacks. Joe, if my memory serves right, even bought more than 1!
I spotted this next to the tax refund spot
Altercation booth, smack inside the department store. How convenient! Wish we have those locally as well
This kind of posters greets us daily in Taiwan so i had to snap one as a memento. It was on the MRT btw

Naturally after a busy day running around Taipei, we were famished and decided to get an early dinner (the last dinner!!) before we went ahead to the bus station (which will take us to the airport). It was AMC's treat (thank you, AMC!!), we had Chinese food and it was (as any other Taiwanese food) yum!
AMC always says that she considers hubby one of her own, so... family photo!? LOL.
Family picture point 2.0?
Seriously, i don't know what's Taiwan doing to me! I don't even like Chinese food, especially dim sums, but i loved every single one of these dishes!!! Yum to the max!
If Hong Kong's fried burung dara (i have no idea what's the English for it, #Undecided said quail but it translated into burung puyuh in Indonesian! But it should be pigeon...) is something i'd kill for, then Taiwanese ducks are close...
Lo Ma Kai, my fave!!
AMC went absolutely cray cray when she ordered, we almost died from extreme food porn afterward...

After all the yummy food, off we went to the bus station. Here's how the bus station in Taipei looks like.
Neat and clean, eh... Now if only the rest rooms are this clean, IMHO, Taiwan would be perfect...
Totally, they just need to flush for goodness sake...

I remember that we got to the airport quite early.
Managed to snap this photo - we couldn't have been in a rush, right...
But look at this crazy line at Air Asia's check in counter!!!!!!
It went on and on and on!!

Apparently Air Asia has no counter in Taipei airport, it "rented" Eva Air's counter, so it was just 1 line for all of us whom already did the online check in. Craziness overload!! We spent a long time lining up and by the time we finished we still had to wait to supervise our own luggage to see if they really go into the right line. I can only assumed that they had not enough manpower to do so themselves... 

And by the time everything's done, I had to run around because I promised A (whom was having pregnancy cravings at that time) one particular Taiwanese snack. Joe went with me, we searched to no avail. All the while hubby and the rest of the gang lined up to buy Burger King LOL. I ended up eating my burger in the aircraft (bad Indonesian habit, sorry!!)

Oh!! Even though we had to rush rush rush, we managed to snap photos in Hello Kitty nursing room! #Pink was pleading with her eyes and we couldn't say no, so...
This happened!
And this. Btw, it's a baby crib #Pink was holding!
a changing station to my right.
Finally a photo of the two of us because it was on the outside of the nursing room so the boy could help us snap it.
I was pleading? I think i was sulking and throwing tantrums, actually :p
She also wanted to go in there, but we had no time!
No time AT ALL, we actually ran like crazy and i stopped a few times to snap these pictures because i can't just pass it without doing anything at all *wails*!!!!
I snapped some other pictures but everything turned out super blurry because we didn't have NX 300 yet and my Pinko is not exactly reliable when you're in motion!

Thankfully we managed to arrive at the gate JUST ON TIME (and queue some more) and we didn't tarnish our "never missed a flight in our lives" (i'm talking about me and hunny, i dunno about #Undecided and her hubby, but i'm pretty sure #Undecided never missed a flight either) record! Slept on the flight and dragged our sleepy asses when we arrived at KL for transit at dawn. 

I continued sleeping on a coffee shop and #Undecided's hubby snapped a picture of me looking like a *dead* parrot when i was completely out and finished off with helping various passengers who missed their flight/got into an argument with the officers (there was a Chinese mainland family who insisted to bring a huge luggage to the cabin and was rejected at the gate, they threw a crazy tantrum in Chinese while the crews all spoke English/Malay only! #Undecided's hubby helped them translate hahaha). It was intense, and interesting. They came one after another that we were like "Okay, next case please" LOL, made time flew until it was time for us to board our next flight back to Surabaya!

And that's the end of our very memorable Taiwan trip! You know how vacations together can make or break a relationship? Same thing applies to friendship. While i already know #Undecided and i get along superb (she once spent almost two weeks staying at my house during lebaran break when we were still in uni) no matter where we are, apparently four of us makes a great vacation team as well! It's like the ultimate goal, having spouses that gets along with your BFF and your hubby!

It was such a great trip and i cannot wait to have another! Let's make it happen, BB!

I hope you enjoy reading our Taiwanese adventure as much as we enjoyed living it!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. What happened to the shoes in Starbucks?

    Those Hello Kitty stuff is also a dream luggage of mine! Pink - so cute! :)

    1. The sole fell off _-____-.
      Yay, maybe someday we'll be Hello Kitty luggage twinnies :D!

  2. Kemanapun dan kapanpun, dimanapun tetep starbucks yah... hihihihihi...
    I miss Taiwan so much... It's my mom's home town....

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. Hahaha i actually prefer The Coffee Bean, tp emg Starbucks paling gampang ditemui dimana2 ya :)

  3. that is a great travel and tour post.. it will surely help people who want to go to taiwan ut don't know the places to visit. its great that you also included your experience and how you enjoy the whole trip.

    1. Thank you, i do use my blog mainly as an online diary :)