Body Tale 05 : Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow

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Hellow hellow!

I've been meaning to post on weekend but i had a packed one and didn't manage to do so... I actually was going to post yesterday but... I lost my new oil control film (that i am not 100% sure if i've purchased or not) and obsessively rummaged to my beauty supplies stocks to find it. Gosh, i need a therapy really! I mean, i freaked and got a bad mood because i cannot find the IDR 26.900 (yes, i remember the exact price, i just got another one in Guardian which prompted this "rescue search") film WTH is so wrong with me??? Why can't i just LET IT GO??? The suspicion's what's killing me really! That's what i hate the most about losing my stuffs, my already overworked brain goes overboard to the point of breaking down! LOL. This happens a lot, and sometimes... I never purchased the said thing in the first place *___*, don't you just want to box me? LOL. Okay... trying really hard to move on now...

I can't believe i have never reviewed any Vaseline products before, considering how fast we go through bottles of Vaseline (i pretty much pour it all over my hunny's super dry limbs) because it's one of the only brands that works on his skin. Alright, Kiehl and ROC work swell, but i am too stingy since i prefer drugstore brands-this is our go to brand on a daily basis!

And you know i have no really product loyalty whatsoever, get bored super fast and always want to try out new things-sadly i can't do the same to hunny's skin since the annoying skin totally rejected most lotions out there *sigh*. We always go back to the same old Vaseline (for his skin ya, mine is nowhere near that fussy)! Imagine my delight when they came up with more and more variants and choices for their good-ol-body lotions! This time round i'm gonna review their Cocoa Glow variant :
Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow
If you've read my review on Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, you'd know that i really love the cocoa butter scent that was more like a cupcake frosting to my nose (but was way too rich and greasy for my normal skin) and been looking for another body lotion that has a similar scent (i found it already! Herborist's body butter of all things! Smells just as heavenly!) but preferably with a lighter consistency (me and greasy trails, ugh... we don't mix!) so when i saw this Cocoa Glow i was like "ARGHHHH!!!! This might be it!!!". Sadly, it wasn't (LOL). More on that later.

Came with their usual type of bottle for the 200ml (they also have the bigger size with pumps on them-which i prefer because they are a lot more convenient but it wasn't available yet when i purchased this long ago)
Another reason on why i buy smaller sizes bottles : it was on promotion at that time haha
The claims
Made in Indonesia
Usual flip top
Cream colored lotion
Like most of other Vaseline body lotions i've ever tried, this one has a very runny consistency. Very light, easy to spread and absorb very fast on skin (both on super dry skin and normal skin, in our cases).
Spread it once (using my hunny's skin, in case you're wondering when did i ever become so dark)
Gave off slight sheen and glow once fully applied. In this picture you can also see clearly that i am not exaggerating whenever i whine about hunny's scarily dry and scaly skin!
And like every other Vaseline lotion we've ever tried before, this works wonderfully on his skin. Since it is very runny, i have to use pretty huge amounts every single time i'm using this on him. No wonder we got through the bottle FTL. It does keeps his skin moisturized for a very long time (not sure about the 24 hours since we do not really go through 24 hours without showering, don't we?). I applied this at night before we go to sleep and he'd wake up to a soft, supple and moisturized skin some 8 hours later. As for the glowing skin? It did left the skin glowing for a few second before the lotion was completely absorbed, but after that i see no more glow than our usual skin hehe.

Honestly, i did realize it smelled nothing like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula from the very first sniff, but it still smelled quite chocolaty with a tinge of alcoholic liquor in it (i'm thinking rum :P, smells a lot like baking related liquor to me!) so it was quite nice. But strangely, once applied... I find it to smell less pleasant. It almost had.... a fishy quality in it, if it makes any sense at all! So, i didn't enjoy the smell, not quite >.<... This gotta be the worst smelling Vaseline body lotion for me yet!!! So yeah, it totally failed miserably as the lighter version of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula i was looking for, but that doesn't mean it's a bad body lotion since it does works really well to moisturize our skin.

All and all, it's still quite a recommended body lotion if you're looking for an affordable, fuss free, drug store body lotion that works really well on all type of skin.

Not very recommended for people who has fussy nose when it comes to body lotions, but it might not smell bad for other people (Hunny said he didn't notice anything bad from the scent so it could be just me)! I'd recommend to sniff it hard and maybe try the smallest size available first if you're fussy like me and see if you like the scent before investing on a bigger size.

Have you ever tried this variant of Vaseline lotion? If you do, did you like the scent? I'm wondering if i'm the only person on earth who's disturbed by the smell on a large amount...

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  1. Hi...
    First time here...

    I love that lotion. I use it every night. Because I don't think it has protection I need for daylight. Like no SPF. And yes, the smell is a bit disturbing in big amount. I thought I'm the only one. Hihihi
    Just follow you.... Lets be friends...

    Main-main ke blog aku yah.. Baru post tentang Big Lashes dan sejarah bulu mata palsu... Ditunggu yahhhh...


    1. Hi :), glad to know someone out there agree about the disturbing smell hehe :). I will visit back soon :)

  2. We also use lots of Vaseline products - shampoo, conditioner, lotion and petroleum jelly. This is the first time I've seen this in cocoa flavor. Whoa I must check if we also have it in stores. :)

    1. Wait, Vaseline has shampoo and conditioner??? I never knew that! I haven't seen them in my travels as well, maybe i just didn't pay enough attention! Anyway, i'll try to get them when i go to the Philippines!

  3. another great review...
    i used this once and for me i kinda like it's scent but yeah, it's kinda runny and dries out easily.. so i stick on my VS love spell lotion.

    1. Thank you :). I love VS' love spell too :D!

  4. We get this in India too.. smells heavenly..nice review Mindy.. xoxo

    1. I don't really like the scent though >.<... Thank you for reading :)

  5. Hei!~~ i nominated you for Liebster award!
    more info here:


  6. You made a great review here,I even do use vaseline products,not vaseline moisture though.They are great.