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Hiiiii, people of the world!

So it seems to be the award season time again for this blog *LOL*, seriously the nominations always come in groups! I just got tagged for our FOURTH Liebster award, what do you know... But this is the very first time we've been nominated for this Sunshine Blogger Award :).
Thank you Kei from Brushes & Pens for nominating me :).

Here are the rules for this award :
- post a picture of the Sunshine Award

- post 11 facts about yourself

- answer 11 questions (same as the blogger who nominated you)

- link back to the blogger who nominated you

- nominate 11 bloggers too (no tag backs)

- let the bloggers know about your post

Now here are the 11 facts about me :
- I am in my (very) early 30s (i celebrated my big 3-0 last October), according to people i look like i'm in my 20s, and inside i feel like i'm forever a teenager *LOL*.
- I am currently addicted to Line Rangers game even though i don't even use Line.
- I love traveling like crazy, i feel suffocated if i do not get out of my town every few months.
- I set a goal to visit Europe before i was 30 (and made it happened last year!),  now i have a new goal to visit USA and Australia before i'm 35, Africa before i am 40!
- I am a helpless shopaholic, i often feel guilty whenever i open any of my wardrobes (i have 18 doors wardrobe in my walk in closet and they're all bursting with stuffs >.<). But i forget all about them the next time i go shopping.
- People seems to think that i am so big that i have difficulties finding clothes (F them *LOL*) when in fact i fit into most free size clothing and wear M for international brands.
- I never comment badly about other people's appearance, if asked i will reply with the nicest comment i can come up with without lying to them and would appreciate if people would do the same.
 - I am less strict with my son than my husband is, even if it looks very unlikely (him being the nice guy and me the emotional little B).
- I am a huge cry baby, i cry at everything especially when watching something that is even remotely touching (like commercials or reality show).
- I have a wild imagination and keeps my heart young by having various celebrity crushes, i still love Jong Kook Oppa at the moment but my heart's torn in two for Theo James *LOL*.
- Despite the fact that my imaginary boyfie is Korean and my fave TV shows are Korean (Running Man and The Return of the Supermen), i am not a Korea boo and i cannot stand K-Pop nor Korean dramas.

And my answer to the questions :

What do you prefer to do on Christmas, open gifts or give gifts?

-I sadly do not celebrate Christmas (even though i am Christian), but in general i love both giving and receiving gifts! We do need some balance in life, right?

Party invitation, do you prefer to wear a dress or pants?

-What kind of a question is this, dress OBVIOUSLY

What designer would you like to model for?

-LOL i'm no model material, but if i have to choose... Anna Sui's my fave!

A model you wish you were?

- Errrr... i'm not into models, i don't even know many of their names. The closest thing might be... Miranda Kerr? She can keep her face, i just want her body *LOL*.

When you go on a date do you prefer Movies or Bowling?

-Movies! I don't bowl.

Which will you have to like, a mountain or the beach?

-Mountain. I'd love to live in a house in the mountain (but go back to the city every weekend of course, how else am i supposed to shop???) because it'd be cold. I'm not much of a beach person.

Favorite Lip Balm?
-I don't really have any, i collect lip balms like i would die if i don't have 100 of them (and i'm not picky about them. I collect them all *LOL*). But my current obsession is Maybelline's Baby Lips and i'm trying to collect every single variant they have.

Restaurant or home made food? 
-I like to eat out once or twice in a week, but for every day home made is the best (not to mention healthier).

Eggnog or Champagne?

-I don't even know how eggnog tastes (never tried them), so champagne for sure!

From all of the blogger followers, who would you want to meet?

-Hmmm... i've been interacting with Icel quite a lot lately, would love to meet her someday!

The 11 bloggers i nominate for this award :
1. Rochkirstin Santos from 
2. P. Follosco from
4. Bijin Blair from
5. Aisha Kristine from
10. Xiao Vee from
I hope you enjoyed those snippets about me (not that you need any, since i pretty much tell you more than you'd want to know on a daily basis *LOL*). I do love doing this kind of tags since it's interesting and only takes a little time to do (coz you don't have to think) hehe :D... Also to add more varieties (to our already very colorful blog) in this blog!

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  1. -Hmmm... i've been interacting with Icel quite a lot lately, would love to meet her someday!

    is that me or another icel? xD hahaha
    Thanks for the tag ci~ will post about it soon <3

    1. Of course it's YOU, Cel, i don't know any other Icel hahahaha :D

    2. just in case since it would be awkward if I said that I want to meet you too someday but that wasn't me xD

      let's meet if you go to Bandung againn~ ^^

    3. It's totally you Cel, and we sound kinda romantic ahahaha...
      Sure, or if you ever come to visit Surabaya! It's nicer than Jakarta hahaha

    4. wawawaaaa makasih Mindy awardnya ^_~
      btw kalau kebandung ketemuan sama aku jugaaaaa, jangan ama icel doank hahahaaa :*

    5. You're welcome, Winda :D
      Iya donk pasti ketemuan sama kamu juga hihihi :D

    6. Im done with mine Mindy :)

  2. Thank you for the award sweetie!

    You are in your thirties? I cannot believe that! You look EXTREMELY young! *sighs in jealousy*

    The Return of the Supermen? Is that the reality TV show with Choo Sarang?

    1. You're very welcome :D...
      Hahaha thank you, dear... My husband's exactly the same age as me and once i was mistaken as his DAUGHTER, how crazy is that? LOL.
      Yesss, Choo Sarang! You watch it too? The kids are so adorable and i learn so much about parenting from that show hahaha

  3. Oh wow this post made know you more. The most thing I agree with you is the part that you say good things to other people because that's what we also want in return which emphasizing you having a good character :) I love that... Having a good character should rule the world. x 0 x 0...

    1. Thank you, dear :), that's so nice of you to say :). I think people should be more kind to each other in this world, and control their mouth whenever they want to say something bad about others :)

  4. oh my as ppl rightly said u dnt like ur age,,, i loved ur fun answers.. n yes Congratulations on the award xoxo

  5. Hi Mindy! I'm done with mine! Thank you so much for tagging me! AND it's nice to know lots of things about you! :)

  6. Hi Mindy! Thanks for the nomination. I have published my post here: