Scent-O-Logy 02 : Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick in Sex on the Peach

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Hey guys!

Are you familiar with the brand Perfumies? I wasn't. I've never heard about them until i got one from (now no longer doing beauty boxes) BTI's very first beauty box. Ahh, reminiscence of only a year ago, when all beauty enthusiasts from all over Indonesia got their first taste of beauty boxes... The hopes, the anticipations... Only to be snuffed out in a short few months *LOL*. Anyway... It was good back then and i was pretty excited to experience my first ever solid perfume in stick form (i have Paris Hilton's solid perfume in a jar before, and added Tony Moly's Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in my collection ever since).

I got the "Sex on the Peach" variant and it was crush at the first sniff haha.
Photo taken from Perfumies' website
I totally forgot to take detailed pictures of my own stick (zzz. This was taken 10 months ago, when i was still less obsessed about taking pictures of every single beauty products that i have before using them hahaha) and now it's super ugly and not photogenic at all :p.

The product comes in a very slim, not super long (it's about the same length as my point finger) plastic tube that looks like a slim lipstick (you know, the long and slim shaped as opposed to the short and stubby ones) with wound up mechanism.

I didn't dare to wind it up longer than this because i had horrible experiences with wind up mechanisms, lip balms that refused to be wound back and all...

The material of the tube is light weight (read : kinda flimsy) plastic and the label is made from so-so quality sticker. It got rubbed and scuffed inside my make up pouch very fast, now it's really scruffy looking-the poor thing. The slim packaging housed a 0.07 oz product, not very much i think.

We were going for a family trip to JB and Singapore (i wrote some posts about the travel so you can just search the words Johor Bahru and Singapore on the search box if you want to read about it) so i thought "Hey, this little cutie couldn't come at a better time!". After all, this is how they describe their perfume sticks in their website :

Do you ever take your big bottle of perfume with you?  To work, to school, to the gym, or on a plane? Probably not, because it is cumbersome, can break or spill in your bag, and TSA unapproved.  Perfumies' solid perfume sticks solve all these problems...

Our perfume sticks are perfect for travel or to throw in your hand-bag. The slender and elegant tube allows you to dab deliciousness on your wrists, neck, or cleavage without sticky fingers or goo stuck under your nails. Perfect for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day!

You only need a dab, the tube will last you months. Put it in your change purse and you will never be caught smelling anything but pretty.

All natural. No parabens. No preservatives. Never tested on animals. We only use the good stuff.

Our original size stick offers 0.07 oz of solid perfume. Arrives with a tamper proof seal.

Now, before i tell you if my experience with it is as good as they made it sounds like in the website, let's talk about the important part first : the scent! The variant that i got, Sex on the Peach-is thankfully one that agrees with my nose (i am not very picky with fragrances but i do have my preference. Something sweet, fruity and girly!). Here's what they have to say about Sex on the Peach :

Sex on the Peach: The luscious fruitiness of sweet peach, pineapple chunks and orange slices blended with enchanting floral notes of honeysuckle, rose and jasmine on base notes of soft, soothing musk.
Ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, fragrance

For my non-expert nose, the strongest scent that i smell i definitely peach. Like, really really strong, sweet peach scent! 
So peachy!
Okay, so real peaches might not smell so sweet, so... maybe more like peach candy? Very sweet, refreshing and strongly tropical! It's a very girly, energetic, young and vibrant scent (i gotta say that the scent is pretty LOUD, so maybe not suitable for people who are into subtler scents). Since i'm errr... very young at heart, i feel like it totally suit my personality. While i prefer a softer, more feminine scent for night time (and muskier ones for my rare "feeling sexy" days), this is a perfect day time scent for me (not that i change my perfumes within one day...).
Oh, it's also very SUMMERY. I used not to pay attention to seasons (since we only have summer and rainy season in Indonesia), but now that i am addicted to dressing up and making up according to four countries' seasons, i prefer to wear this on a very summery days (which should be coming, but it's uncharacteristically cold and rainy lately in Surabaya).

Now onto their claims. I totally agree that their packaging is totally perfect for traveling, you won't have to worry about breaking or spilling your perfume , it's TSA approved, and it's tiny so you can slip it anywhere! I also love how you can just rub (they said dab, but i don't think dabbing works *LOL) it on your wrists and neck (or anywhere you usually put your perfumes on) without having to dip your finger into a jar. I am totally disgusting and not a germ phobe, but i hate my fingers smelling like my perfumes, not to mention if i forget to wash my hands afterwards and accidentally touch my lips. YUCK! Eating perfumes is definitely not something i like to do! The semi transparent white waxy stick also stayed in shape after our trip on a super HOT (sweltering, more like it) week in JB and Singapore. 

As for the "you only need a dab", i don't buy it. I need to vigorously rub the stick to myself so i can actually smell it on me! Well, i do tend to be very heavy handed with my perfumes *not to a point that i make people dizzy with my perfume, don't worry!*, i just don't understand people like my mum who use two spritzes of perfume on her clothes (because her skin cannot take being in contact with perfumes) then go. I never even smell anything on her! What's the point of wearing them then?? People have to be able to smell my perfume (and more importantly, i have to smell it too) before i would stop dousing myself in them (or in this case, rubbing).

Staying power for this perfume stick is... Comparable to my only other perfume stick from Tony Moly, so i guess it is the staying power of most perfume sticks are like that? Around 3 hours. Then it began to fade and i had to re-apply. But while i wore my Tony Moly perfume stick in Europe during the start of spring (so mainly it was really COLD), i wore this Perfumies stick in JB/Spore during the peak of summer. It'd probably outlast Tony Moly's on the same circumstance.

I wore it for almost a month non stop (re-applying about two times a day) during our JB/SG/Jakarta/Bandung trip and there's still about 2 cm left on the stick. That would be good for another month, i guess? So their claim about the stick lasting for months? Yes, that's quite true. Even if you are a heavy user like me, it'd still last you for at least 2 months. For USD 7 (or around IDR 80.000 locally. I don't think there are a lot of seller for Perfumies locally but you can get them in BTI's website, it's on a 10% off now. If you're interested you should grab them soon because BTI tend to put products they're trying to clear off on sale then never re-stock them)  that's not bad at all!

I love the fact that they are this smaller brand (that's the beauty of beauty boxes, isn't it? Getting to try brands you've never heard of before? At least in Indonesia it was that way too for a sweet little while *LOL*. Sorry i can't help myself, i feel very bitter when it comes to local beauty boxes) that feels more intimate and homey (the company was started by one woman-Sarah Jonson-through her Etsy shop!), also the fact that they use all natural ingredients and not tested on animals (i'm not gonna be all preachy, i use all kinds of brands and my fave drugstore brand is Maybelline *kinda notorious about animal testing, isn't it >.<*for goodness sake, but i always feel good whenever i see something that claims to be "not tested on animals).

I also really love their philosophy, their tagline "Smell pretty always" (as someone who's totally passionate about smelling good and really cannot stand BO *huekssss*, the tagline's totally catchy!) and the cheeky ways they named for their products (it couldn't get any cheekier than Sex on the Peach, couldn't it?). I also happen to like their product quite a lot!

I would highly recommend Perfumies solid perfume sticks to people who travel often (or just going to travel and want to bring smellies with them) and people who are always on the go (busy people who doesn't always have the time to freshen up), it's super convenient and easy to slip anywhere! And for this particular scent, for those who loves sweet, peachy, strong scents.

Not recommended for... i can't really think of any, except for maybe those who prefer normal liquidy perfume. But i also strongly prefer normal perfumes (they lasts longer and just feels a lot more satisfying to spray rather than rub them on haha) but there are times when i find this kind of solid perfumes comes in handy (especially on long haul flights and travel) so it's always good to have this as an option. And for this particular scent, not recommended for people who are not into fruity, candy, strong scents. And not for those who prefers more mature scents.

Will i repurchase this? Not for the exact same scent (because i don't really repeat perfumes so far, i always find new ones i wanna try) and like i said, i still prefer normal perfumes over the solid ones. But i always NEED new scents for my travels (i haven't smelt this perfume stick for a while and once i sniffed it again, i was thrown back to that summery vacation we took almost a year ago! Your nose definitely remembers more than your eyes!) and since i do plan to do a lot more long haul flights and travels in the future, i most definitely will get more solid perfumes and with this price, Perfumies would be my first choice!

Gosh, this review goes on and on, much longer than i intended to do! Hope you enjoyed it nontheless!

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  1. Wah baru pertama kali liat nih malahan. Sepertinya praktis sekali yah...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


  2. another great review! its really good that you point out the things u like but also the things you didn't like. your readers will definitely find this informative when choosing beauty products.

    1. Thank you :), i do feel like i tend to go on and on but i like to be very thorough with my reviews :D

  3. This sounds nice, but I'm with you on preferring regular perfume to the solid ones. I just don't think they work as well. Great post :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

    1. IKR! But sometimes liquid perfumes are just not convenient at certain circumstances like more than a week traveling and long haul flights so i just use them when i really need them!

  4. Even if I like the scent, maybe I would not repurchase the same perfume because there's a lot to choose from and it's not like I want people to know me because of my scent haha. I think peach is also summery.

    1. LOL you're so right. Some people have their signature scents, not me-i can't even wear the same scent for a week straight without getting bored *except during travels because i won't be lugging more than 1 fragrance!*!

  5. I am not used to perfume sticks. I think I'll just stick with liquid perfumes though.

    1. Yeah, i only wear them for long haul flights as well...

  6. I had seen some products like that here in the Philippines. Just forgot the brand but i guess solid perfume is more convenient to use than carrying heavy glass perfume. That's only my opinion. As long as you love the scent why not, right?

    1. Yes, it's totally more convenient, and you won't have to worry about breaking or leaking it!

  7. That's nice review,I know lots of girls who love to use such perfumes.Would recommend them this post of yours.