Nail Diary 05 : Etude House X Disney XOXO Minnie Collection (Minnie in the Nails in #6 Minnie Black Face)

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Hi hi, everybody :D!

In my previous Nail Diary entry i mentioned that i got a request from Lina to review Etude House's limited edition (look at the insanely long title up there hehe, don't ask me to repeat lah please...) nail polish (or in my case, the glitter nail because i didn't purchase the normal polishes since they looked too ordinary for my liking, i have more than enough red and pink nail polish already!). I don't usually use my new stuffs right away (like a crazy hoarder lady, i like to hoard them for a while before start using it, with the amount of new stuffs i have the newer addition would need to wait for a pretty long time in line to be used anyway) but for this nail glitters, somehow i don't mind.

Btw, i suddenly remember that Stephanie once asked me to review Maybelline's Magnum mascara-like... a very long time ago T.T. The reason on why i haven't done it until now was because when i ran out of my last mascara, i picked the Falsies one as the new mascara to open (because i remembered wrongly-i thought she asked for The Falsies' review instead, old lady lah :p) zzzz. I definitely will use the Magnum next and do a review of it!!! 

Now, moving on to the Minnie in the nails review!

I bought every single one of the glitter ones because i am obsessed...

Since i am so detail oriented, i cannot just slick a different one on every nails and do a collective review at once-i have to do it one by one and test it one by one (because i'm a long-winded aunty..), sometimes even stuffs from the same line can perform differently so i think it's not a very bad thing to do! That means i'm gonna have a little series of reviews under my Nail Diary series, a bit of a... Nailception maybe?

And i randomly picked the #6 Minnie Black Face to do first. Comes in a tube shaped bottle the same size and shape as the cap

As you can see in this pic, the glitters inside seems to settle at the bottom of the bottle and don't really mix with the polish
Made in Korea with a little sticker to show you that it's brand new and never been opened before
It's so stupid, but when i ordered it, i didn't exactly paid too much attention to the promotional images and swatches, i just ordered all of the glitter ones without thinking! So i didn't actually know what the glitters would actually shaped like in every bottle, i just knew that there were Minnie shaped ones in some (yeah, i just realized that they all have the Minnie heads while doing this review after seeing the pictures above more carefully :p) of the glitter polishes, even while taking this picture i didn't know there'd be Minnie heads inside-now that i am seeing the blown up picture i realize there were some obviously peeking from inside the bottle...
Since Minnie Black Face has three different colored glitters (i only realized later that they are hardly glitters though...), i decided to use a humble light colored base as not to interfere and jeopardize the glitter's position as the centre of attention!

Randomly chose one in my old (as in used before) nail polish stash and picked this Skin Food Jojoba Pure Nail (Ruby Silver) one
A closer look
It's a very sheer, very pale white silver-ish (yeah, it's more white than sillver in my opinion, despite the name) polish
I only used one coat of the Ruby Silver because i don't want to layer up too much since i'm gonna use a few top coats (the glitter and the normal one later on). This is one coat of Ruby Silver on top of my usual Revlon Top Speed
Now, i don't know why i keep on reaching for this nail polish whenever i'm looking for a base of glitters or nail stickers, probably because of the understated color, because it's not really the best base for additional stuffs! It shifts and if you dab top coats on too much on top of it, it'll be patchy and clumpy -___-, but i can never remember that and keep on reaching for it anyway zzzz. I am not a fan of Skin Food's nail polish in general and this one's no exception. Not only it's super sheer *it's literally impossible to reach the opaque white silver color on the bottle, no matter how many layers you put on*, it also takes forever to dry *snooze* and it chips FTL.
Minnie in the Nails comes with a short wand, which i find to be very cute because it looked so short and stubby!

But the brush was not small or stubby, it's quite thick and normal sized

As you can see, the glitters (or as i find out when i applied it, flakes. Glitters are assortment of very small, flat reflective particles *check the Wiki* while the flakes inside the Minnie Black Face are opaque, matte and weren't glittery-not even shimmery-AT ALL) were suspended in a clear polish. The polish itself was very runny but has a gel-like consistency (i know, that sounds weird, but that's the way i see it!). Since it is very runny, it's a bit hard for the brush to actually "catch" the flakes, resulting in very bare result on the first few tries.
First attempt, right hand
I had to go back and forth a lot, dipping and re-dipping my brush into the bottle to catch more flakes since it looked so bad with only around two or three little dots on every dip *LOL*. And since the base was less than easy to work with, like i mentioned earlier-it resulted in the base to shift around a bit and there were patches of Ruby Silver-less area and you can see my nails clearly in those area like i was only wearing clear polish *LOL*. Need to use more opaque colors underneath this Minnie Black Face glitter (i keep on wanting to say flake, but the official name's nail glitter, so...) and make sure your polish is the type that sticks to your nails strongly, not easily shifted just because you have to dab on this glitter repeatedly on top of it (coz i guarantee you'd be as annoyed as me!).

The fact that i had to keep on dipping *and therefore getting more and more of the clear polish on my nails* my brush inside the bottle worries me that the clear polish will run out a lot faster than the flakes inside! But i guess if it's getting that way i can just pour more clear polish inside the bottle? Will it work? I sure hope it would! Oh yeah, it also has a very strong nail polish smell, which startled me because usually Korean (and Etude House's of course) polishes has subtler, not very strong scent!

As you can see, i didn't "catch" any Minnie head when using this glitter on my right hand, so at that stage i still didn't know that there were Minnie's head shaped ones inside the bottle! I only realized when i was working on my left hand and all of a studden i saw a big chunk of flake sticking to my ring finger and exclaimed  happily "OMG! Minnie's head! So cute!". LOL. Then i remembered reading a review that stated that it was really hard to get the Minnie head and she ended up with none in all her 10 fingers (G later on also told me the same, she also own this Minnie Black Face and she said she didn't get even one head at all), so i guess i got lucky because i ended up with three Minnie heads!
I showed a picture of my nails to a lot of people and they all said "Oh, so cuteeee" except my niece BB who replied with a flat "Did you do it yourself?" PFFFTTTT. I know it's not the neatest thing in the world, and i cannot help if the heads were all haphazard and upside down, it's just glitter polish for goodness sake! GRRRRR. Thanks for trying to insult me, BB!
Look! The Minnie head flakes looks identical with the Minnie heads on the cap!

The glitter polish dries at a decent speed, especially considering how thick i ended up piling it on my nails in my attempt to get more flakes on them! And unlike most glitters, they didn't have a pokey, sharp feeling even before an extra coat of regular top coat was added, it was all soft and flat except for the Minnie heads, where it protruded a bit around the ears *only to be expected, of course*. I still used one final coat of my Revlon Top Speed to seal everything in. 

Now, what surprised me the most was the staying power! I know they are calling this line gel nail & glitter nail, i am not sure if they meant the glitter ones to be gelly like as well, but it definitely was! It has a gelly consistency, it dries very clear, glossy and gel-polish like, with almost a gel-polish staying power too! Ruby Silver did not have a very good staying power by itself (it chipped pretty quickly a few times that i've used it before), but surprisingly with this Minnie in Black, this nail do actually lasted for more than 10 days before it started to chip! How amazing! 

I was naturally very worried about the Minnie heads, with their ears poking out a little like that i thought it wouldn't last more than one or two days on my nails, again i was proven wrong! One head fell off after the 6th day (after i felt my hair snagging at them while i was washing my hair, so i could've sealed it with another layer of top coat and kept it there for at least a few more days but i totally forgot to) while the other two stayed until the day the base started to chip and i removed everything. All of the smaller flakes stayed intact until i remove them, and they are easier than the usual glitter nail polish to remove, horray!

I'd say this is a very nice product indeed, even if it takes a little more effort to use! I'm super impressed with the staying power, i imagine it'd be superb if paired with Elianto's polishes (their Sparkling Diva nail polishes are one of the most long lasting nail polishes i've ever tried! Review on some of their colors coming up soon!)!

I'd recommend it for Disney lovers (especially Minnie lovers, i am actually not Minnie's fan but i couldn't resist this line because it's too kawaii to pass on, but i'd be crazier if it's Hello Kitty or something), people who love unique glitter/flake top coat with superb staying power.

Not recommended for non-cutesy fan, those who do not have the patience to keep on dabbing to reach the desired effect, and those who wants Minnie heads on every finger *i suggest you to go get the Minnie in the Nail Glitters instead and add the heads one by one, as many as you please, on your nails! Because in my opinion, it's really hard to get a clustered effect using only Minnie Black Face, it still hardly looked cluttered in my nails even though i went back and forth a LOT!*.
Yeah, this? I guess you gotta have a LOT more patience than me to achieve this effect. And i'm wondering what color did the model use under the top coat? It can't be clear polish! Looks so pretty! Maybe nude pink color?
I got all of my XOXO Minnie Collection (i also have the blush on and red lippie :p) from Beauty Bar, they were around IDR 38.000 each, very affordable right!

Please look forward to part 2, i still haven't chose which Minnie to use next though :p!


PS : I'm doing my nails-literally-right now and going to use the second Minnie in the Nails, so part 2 shouldn't be too far apart from this one :)

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  1. lucuuuu minnie :3
    iya basenya pake yg nude2 gitu kayanya bagus ci.. next yg 4 ato 5 dong lucuu XD

    1. Iyah Cel, ini lg pake yg no 5 nih, tp base nya pake merah gonjreng nih kan mau Natal hahaha tyt lucu juga pake yg terang2 gt :D

  2. Simple !! Cukup 1 kataaaa......
    Mupeeeeeeeng !!!!!!! Pengeeeeeen !!!!!
    Nice review , sampe bikin mupeng.......

    1. Hihihihi thank you, ayo beli! LOL. Get ready for racun number 2 :p

  3. ini lucuuuu banget ci!! >_<
    kukumu imutt ci hahhaa

    1. Hehehe jgn gitu Wie, itu emg d potong pendek2 krn suka nyakar diri sendiri kalo panjang huhuhuhu :(