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Hellow, my dears!

I'm no copycat, but whenever i see posts like "My Daily Makeup Routine" thingy, i got the urge to make one of my own as well! Since i blog about so many (random) things, the idea was always on the back of my mind but kept on being shoved back rudely (next time, next time. You know, how procrastinators do it best!). So here it is finally, my own version of simple, everyday look break down in details!

Actually calling it "daily make up routine" is a stretch because i hardly use any make up most of the time (i actually wear make up like, two to three times a week tops-except when i'm traveling of course!)! I'd go bare-faced for most errands running as well. But whenever we go out to watch a movie or something like that during the week, this is my fail-proof make up routine!

I always start with a clean face! I usually only shower when i was about to go out (hahahah, ewwww :p. Eh that doesn't mean that i won't shower if i don't plan on leaving the house okay! I shower everyday! Even though only once a day mostly :p...) so my face would be fresh and recently washed (or if i've been showering for hours before, i'd wash my face with water. Water only ah, because you shouldn't wash your face more than two times a day!). 

The next step would be applying powder lotion (which when i was first saw it thought that it was a powder in a liquid form LOL *stupid me*) to eliminate and keep extra sebum at bay *my skin's super oily*. I'd usually use Acnes' (but i also used Oxy's and actually liked Oxy's better because it keeps my skin oil-free longer! Sadly i cannot find it in Indonesia just yet), but i was running out of powder lotion and even though i (ALWAYS) have stocks, they are kept in a very very messy and crazy cupboard. I had no time to look through my stash (whenever i try to find something they'd purposefully hid themselves, i swear!) and i just grabbed the nearest thing i could find.

And it's a normal toner FML (i totally mistaken it for the shake-before-use powder ones in my hurry, the bottle looked exactly the same!). But i've been using it for a while now and since it's also an oil control kind of toner, it actually worked the same (yay!). In case you're wondering, i use a different toner on my nightly cleansing routine, right now it's Oriflame's!

I soak a cotton pad with a few drops of this Oxy Oil Control Toner and apply it all over my face
Bare face
I always commit a beauty crime, that is i never put on any moisturizer before my BB cream or foundie! It's just that my skin's so so oily, even without moisturizers it'd be so shiny and oily within a short few hours! I also tend to skip sunscreens if my BB Cream/foundie already has SPF on them. Don't copy this ah, but i really cannot stand too much layers on my skin!!

So, next step would be BB Cream (i also use my Skin Food's Lemon Foundie that's even lighter than BB creams on rotation because i want to finish it ASAP. I have no interests in foundie anymore since i started my love affair with BB creams!)

I just dotted and smeared BB creams all over my face and use a foundie brush (i hate getting my hand messy ever since i first tried to use a brush, fell in love ever since!) to blend them,. I am now hunting for a decent (and cheap :p) foundie brush because this one shed like crazy and it's now half bald!

My fave BB cream so far : Etude House's AC Clinic BB Cream (okay lah mostly because they claim to treat acnes as well as prevent them, i'm easily suggestible like that :p)
Then i used two different types of concealers, one for my under eye (Clinique's) and one for any blemishes (DHC's)

Then i set everything up with a powder (i am still amazed at how some people can use only foundie/BB cream without setting them with powders! I can never do that, it'll go crazy and all runny within minutes!). I have quite a few powders at one got at the moment (i used to have one or two tops opened at one go, ever since i started blogging that's no longer an option i guess zzz) so i'm rotating them. For this entry i used... Pigeon compact powder! LOL
This baby products brand's compact powder had been my favorite brand growing up, and i still use them all the time now even though now i find them a bit bothersome to use because they are kinda dry and hard to get them on my puffs! But i still want to use up the ones i already have and i actually love how light and comfortable they are on my face! I tend to use the more coverage ones (like Maybelline's etc) when i'm wearing more make ups, on daily usage like this i prefer the lighter ones (Pigeon, Marcks, etc).

Next step would be liquid eyeliners on my lid. Sometimes when i'm really really lazy i'd skip this :p. I use NYX (which totally sucks, i probably got a dud product) and Maybelline's Hyper Gloss at the moment

And the part that i never skipped, blusher. I like using thick kabuki brush for my blush on now because it's such a breeze to blend them
Yep, on a day when i'm really really lazy, i skipped the eyeliner part and went straight to the blush on. But that's becoming rarer now since i discovered how a simple slick of eyeliner could make me look more awake!

Last step : Lip balm (i usually prep my lips with Vaseline before i do my face) and followed with any lip color of choice. I'm loving lip tints lately since they stay longer and the only Korean make up that i really love is their gradient lips!
And that's it! I'm done! My simple routine takes 5 to 10 minutes to do! Super easy and the result makes me look more alive and less pale!

Oh, one less step that i also NEVER ever skipped!

Spritz some perfume on!
I actually took the photos when i was getting ready for our day to Kakek Bodo Waterfall (yep, i'm not the kind who puts on make ups just for photo purposes, too lazy!) so i decided to take pictures of my OOTD to let you know how i dress up when i'm going out on weekdays/only with hunny or family (any excuse to post self-absorbed selfies).

I swear i was wearing shorts!!!
Loose Tee : Random FO in TP, Shorts : Erlangga (Bali), Fox bag : Online
I actually had this fox bag from sometime ago but i kept on forgetting to use it (because i don't really wear sling bags in town, they are a must when i'm traveling but i prefer girlier bags that can be carried on my arm on a daily basis) until one day i saw one of the UK bloggers posted this bag as one of the items on her current wishlist and i instantly felt the need to use it haha. Oh, and only then i realized that this was supposed to be a fox' face, i always thought it was an owl and #Undecided thought so too!!! Then i got too lazy to move my things and been using this bag nonstop, even to Bali!

Showing off my nails hahaha
That's it! I know some people might think i'm this girl who always dress up to the nines and put on loads of make ups all the time, and that couldn't be further than the truth! Hope this can also help any girl that's just been introduced to make ups (on this day and age? She's probably 5 *LOL*) and not sure where to start with the basics. My daily make up routine's as basic as it can be!



PS : I told myself everyday "You do not need any more make up palettes" repeat 1000x (because i automatically drool when i see a pretty and colorful-especially pastel colored-palettes). Of course, i succumb FTL. Thanks to Stephanie that informed us via her FB about GlamPact 70% off sale in Luxola *grumble grumble, giving Phanie evil eyes*, i ordered it as soon as my internet went back online (and her comment "Go buy it, is it sold out already?" was totally an unneeded incentive). HIKHIKHIKHIK. I'm gonna die alone surrounded my beautiful *fossilized but still pretty* make up collection. But 70% off, really!!!! It was more than IDR 1.000.000 before! And i got it for IDR 303.400 now *hyperventillatin*. Look at this beauty!!! 
Don't you want it? It's super cheap now! Go buy it and accompany me in my misery! Go to Luxola.com NOW!!!!! *Hypnotizing everybody*. What's worse? I picked up some more stuffs as well...


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  1. Nice Blog x


  2. You line your eyes wonderfully, make a tutorial on that~ I always spend 5 minutes alone of eyeliner, hahaha..

    Not my fault it was on discount~ At least we both got a pretty palette~ ^_^

    1. Why, thank you very much Phanie :D. Tutorial? I actually just line it following my natural eyeline, but i will try! Hehehehe...
      Oh yes, i do feel better because u also bought it :p

  3. always pretty ci :)
    aahh aku juga terhipnotis sama sale-nya glam pack ci..
    can't wait to see mine >_<

    btw, salam kenal ya ci :)

    1. Aww makasiii *blushed* hehe...
      Kamu beli jugaaa? Tosss donkkk, aq seneng deh kalo byk korban, eh temen sependeritaan ginii :D
      Salam kenal jugaaa

  4. Apapun makeupnya, km tetep kelihatan cute kok ce! mihihihi

    I nominated you for Liebster Award on my blog:

    Have a nice day! :D

    1. Aihh, thank u yah hihihihi.
      Thank you juga Liebster Award nya, i'll check it out soon :)