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Hello, everybody!

How's everybody doin'? It's #Pink here and i'm not exactly peachy because i've been suffering from an allergic reaction to a certain sheet facial mask i've used in Sunday and it's still not 100% gone yet huhuhu, this is the first time ever a facial mask caused any sort of allergies on my skin so i was quite shocked :(. I'm taking some medication right now and it's making me quite dizzy and irritable.

Plus Baby Boy wouldn't stop yapping about nonsense (he developed an addiction to You Tube and have been watching old toys commercials nonstop and keep on wanting those no-longer available stuffs and won't shut up about it. My God, he certainly inherited that from his daddy who whenever is obsessed about something would go on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnn about it until i stuff his mouth with pillows-even then he'd still find a way to bug me. Baby Boy with his over active imagination even came up with all sorts of crazy stories like how he wanted that toy on 2007 *he was BORN in 2007* and as a baby kept on trying to communicate that he wanted that but i didn't buy him the toy. WTF) and it's giving me headache. So yeah, i'm in a pretty horrible mood right now.

Okay, I gotta say it's hilarious how Baby Boy invented those imaginative stories BB hahahaha... Gotta give it to him when it comes to crazy imagination, but then again, he must have inherited it from YOU! LOL... Anyway, hello hello people, #Undecided here and yes, it is yet another joint entry that we know you missed badly (please appease us okay? LOL.) I'm actually in a better mood compared to #Pink. I mean it is more difficult to agitate me when the weather is colder like today... You know, unless one is TERRIBLY stupid then I'll let them slide... Letting #Pink continue before I start a major digression LOL. 

Phewww, feel better after bitchin about it for sure! Now, blogging sure is therapeutic for me, and it helps to improve the mood whenever i am looking at pictures of happier times so today's topic couldn't be more perfect! We're gonna share our recent celebrations now, from #Undecided's hubby's birthday dinner to Baby Luca's first month little celebration! Now, apparently we forgot to take a group picture on that birthday dinner and even though the limelight should be on the birthday boy, decided to put this picture (because WE are the owner of this blog and we looked bitchen here hahahaha) as the first picture. Teehee!

It's so annoying that #Undecided insisted on holding on that chicken skin's crisps hunny brought them from Bali in this picture! I try to counter balance the oddity of it by holding my super cute heart shaped bag, can you see it? I was wearing all black so i imagine it'd be kinda hard to see

The small dinner was held in Piazza Italia. Which apparently just re-christened their resto from its original name Picollo (hopefully I got the lettering right, I have absolutely no idea how it's correctly written, sorry). I always thought that Picollo sounded more like a cartoon character compared to an Italian joint, and was wondering what the heck was the owner thinking when they decided on that name.

It's actually Piccolo BB *LOL* and yes, you kept on telling me it reminded you of that character from Dragon Ball (yes yes, we're nerds). Actually i had mixed feelings when #Undecided told me that they re-named the restaurant! While it clearly was a pretty good move because it went from absolutely deserted since it's first opened (in around July or August) to totally packed that we had to sit outside (tables inside were full), it also alarmed me because in my experience... Re-naming and re-imaging a place after only a few months of operating usually COULD mean a decrease in quality. Something that in a way happened here, you'll catch on quickly! Anyway, this is hunny and i's second visit to this restaurant within two months (with different names *LOL*. You can read about our first visit here).
I think if you peel this Piazza Italia sticker you'll see Picollo logo underneath LOL.  
Funny how my dark roots don't really show in this photo. IRL it's quite bad and no matter what #Pink says about it's being on the current trend, I hate it... Another plus, I look skinny in this pic hehehe...
The birthday boy with his bday gift + the snacks #Pink's hunny brought him from Bali. 
Me, showing you the body butter + bracelet #Pink brought ME from Bali hehehe... And of course the bracelet was worn RIGHT AWAY. 
Hubby cannot do one normal pose to save his life. 
I love this picture *even though hunny sported a very weird smile, but i looked nice! That's all that matters right, girls? LOL
Cray cray guys with their gadgets
Tried to take a romantic, candle lit photo of them but failed miserably coz you can hardly see the candle in the end FML
It was a total coincidence that the girls wore monochromatic clothes while the boys wore brightly colored tees! We didn't talk about our clothes in advance!

And here are the food that we had that evening! It was really mixed, some were super yummy while others were barely edible!
Baby Boy's super delicious cream of mushroom soup with super generous chunks of chopped mushrooms. Weird thing, fed Baby Boy more than half portion before he suddenly stopped and declared that it wasn't nice. Really??? After half a bowl??? Geez. All four of us agreed that it was really nice, #Undecided and i happily finished the left over while Baby Boy actually preferred some junk food from Donner Kebab that his nanny was eating -___-
Pizza was also very yums! We were off to a promising beginning *LOL*
#Undecided and i are steak people and we actually ordered the same thing i ordered before (because it was YUM) but sadly they ran out of them (see how packed they suddenly became! They pretty much ran out of everything WTF. Or maybe they were so used for their place to be deserted and stocked very little that once it was full-they have no ingredients for the crowd zzzz). Had to settle for whatever this was. At least the meat was pretty nice. And they made pretty good fries too. Oh yeah, they ran out of any other type of potatoes so i had to take the fries (i don't really like having my meats with fries)
Now, here comes the bad things. Hunny and #Undecided's hubby both ordered Baby Back Ribs, that arrived around 30 minutes APART. I didn't take any pic of #Undecided's hubby's ribs because as usual, he attacked it immediately, but i thought "Hey, hunny's ordering the same thing so they should look the same". Couldn't be more wrong *LOL*. While #Undecided hubby's baby back ribs was RED and quite huge, this one (hunny's) was half the size and very brown. And that's after hunny went and complained about #Undecided's hubby's ribs being super HARD and DRY. According to #Undecided, not only they couldn't make a better ribs after the complains, they actually managed to make it WORSE. FOL.
#Undecided's hubby panna cotta, to which #Undecided's hubby said "For the first time in my life i actually dislike a chocolate something". LOL. It was super grainy and tasted of milo @___@

So for Piazza Italia people, in case you're reading this, this is a constructive criticism, which we rarely give people because normally we give no rat's ass about restos that disappoint us and just tell people to NOT go there (and obvi will not return ourselves), but we see potential in your dishes (the delish mushroom soup + the yummy pizza) and we LOVED the waiter that waited our table (and trust me, we have a high standard when it comes to service and he was one of the better waiters/waitresses that we ever encountered).

DO ANOTHER ROUND OF FOOD TESTING. I refuse to believe that you have never tasted a good baby back ribs... Picture, Nuri's in Bali... Or, Calvados. Per hubby (a.k.a the ribs expert), they serve kick-ass ribs there!

And oh, STOCK UP. LOL. How one resto ran out of steak on a Saturday night is beyond me. 

As for our dear readers, if you want to go there and try, we'll let you guys decide. But FYI, we spent around IDR 850,000 for one soup + one pizza + 4 main courses (2 passable + 2 horrible) + one (barely edible) dessert + drinks. IMHO, it's severely overpriced if compared to the dishes we were served. So if you decide to give this resto a try, we would like to hear your thoughts... Please do drop a comment below, okay? 

Moving on!!

Dec 1st marks the first month that we're blessed with a bundle of joy that is our Baby Luca, so obviously we had to make a big deal out of it! But first thing first. Here are the photos of the 1 month old Luca :)
Baby Luca's still quite tiny so the gold accessories he got were still wayyy to big on him. Did you spot something weird?
His cray mom put this ring on his toe because it's too big for his fingers hahahaha.
With the mini bracelet from aunties.
Finally a photo of him opening his eyes!! 
Luca's mummy BBM-ed me a few days before and insisted me to bring Koko (Baby Boy lah haha), she said he never took pictures with Luca yet. Baby Luca didn't seem to be very happy to do so though

Before the real photo session began, Baby Luca got changed into his cheery rainbow one piece! Look at his spiked hair haha, so far all of our little boys in the group has spikes-much to Auntie #Undecided's annoyance

Baby Luca keeps on looking to his right probably because he was confused on what Auntie #Undecided and Auntie Ave's doing to his mum. They were busy strapping her into her corset, btw :P

While Hunny was busy whipping up his latest expertise (he was taught by CL recently) due to popular demands, CHURROS!
And the only domesticated woman (she even brought misua for us! And yes, she cooked it herself. I think Ave's single right now, any takers???) asked to be passed the recipe and tried her hand on churros making
Look at the caramel sauce, yumm....
#Undecided who's always look super duper happy whenever she's holding any food...
Then she attacked the feasts that Luca's parents provided for us hahahaha
A asked us to all wear red for this celebration so (almost) all of us obliged. #Undecided claimed she doesn't own any red top but Ave kindly brought some extra red tees (#Undecided told me she was concerned if i own any red tee myself *LOL*. I guess it's normal for people to doubt me for having any tee since i live in my dresses. But i actually own a few, and this one and hunny's were gifts from #Undecided when she went to Singapore a few months ago) so a few of the red tees seen here were Ave's hahaha.

Baby Luca and his daddy
Look at him starring at his daddy in total interest! This is the first time ever he's been awake for so long and not crying! LOL. Smart boy knows he's one month old now!

Little happy family with the crazy amount of pressie (and favours from them) they accumulated since Baby Luca's birthday
Love this pic, mummy A looking super cute!
Baby Luca with his parents, aunt (A's little sister Ikek) and his grandpa
I love how handsome my Baby Boy looks whenever he's pulling a normal face and looking directly at the camera (for once!) :p
Lent Baby Boy for a merrier "family portrait" hahaha

Hmmm, Baby Luca didn't look so happy being squished by his mummy huge bazookas hahahaha
Of courz, it's always my duty to carry the tiny baby *yell at #Undecided "Scaredy cat!!!!"*
With the confinement auntie in charge, Auntie Ikek. She's so awesome with newborns (she actually wash the baby everyday, even the mummy couldn't do it herself!!!) i totally am convinced that she should charge for her services! I mean not to A since that's her own sissy, i mean she should do it professionally! I'd hire her if i ever give birth again!
Chinese tradition demands for a baby who just reached his/her first month to have their hairs (yep, including eyebrow actually) completely shaved. Of course, being a modern family and a huge fan of Baby Luca's cute hair, A totally refused to! I kinda forced her to let her daddy trim his hair just a teeny tiny little bit, you know as a symbolism (read more about this tradition here)
All the while A's yelling to her dad "NOT TOO MUCH!!!! NOT TOOO MUCHHHH!!!"

And then it was washing time for the star of the day followed by a few feeding sesh hahahaha
Happy first month Baby Luca! Feels like just yesterday you arrived! I'm sure it suddenly would be your first birthday and we all marvel at how crazily time flies... Grow to be a good, strong, healthy and happy boy! We all love you and can't wait to spend more time with you (Baby's first time out next??? Let's do it, BB!).

Happy Aunties,
#Pink and #Undecided

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