Pretty In Pink Giveaway!

9:55:00 PM


A very quick post now, you know i very very rarely joined any Give Away (i have no lucks with this kind of stuffs, just like door prize and stuffs!) but lately i've been joining a few when i have some time to blog walk :D. And the most awesome Give Away i found? Must be this Pretty In Pink one, with the much hyped Urban Decay Naked 3 as the prize!!!
Now, i have to be honest with you, i wasn't one of those girls *waving to everybody at  Indonesian Beauty Blogger hahaha* who went absolutely beserk when UD released this palette, but i'd be lying if i wouldn't be ecstatic if i get it *and even better, FOR FREE!!!* LOL. 

I might be jinxing myself here, but as a glass half-empty person, i kinda doubt i have the slightest chance of winning haha, Nevertheless, i encourage my readers to join this awesome giveaway! Even if i ended up not winning *SHUTTUP #PINK YOU'RE PUTTING A CURSE ON YOURSELF WTF* but one of my readers does after getting a tip about this Give Away from me, i will be ecstatic *and demand a treat from that said reader* LOL.

A little bit about Pretty In Pink (, it's a UK based beauty blog by a lovely girl named Sara :D! I've been following her for quite sometime now and she writes awesome reviews (and she's hilarious)! Now, never mind the reviews, i loved her from the start, i mean... her blog is called Pretty In PINK. A girl after my own heart, for sure!

Okay, enough rambles! Go and join it, girls! Good luck!


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