Hair-O-Logy 01 : Dove Cream Hair Treatment

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Hellow y'all :D...

I know i stated before that i don't care much about my hair and don't really do anything to them, but surprisingly... My hair seems to get a lot of attention from our readers somehow. Thank you very much for the compliments scattered on my non-hair related entries (when do i ever have a hair related one anyway? Oh wait, i did once with that L'Occitane's products first impression thingy!), i cannot take credit for my hair though because... They are like that by nature, i didn't do anything to them *except shampoo and i finally am used to condition them daily too! Quite an achievement for someone who never even touched a conditioner for twenty something years out of her thirty!*.

Because my hair caring routine is... well... boring (i use pretty much the same kind of shampoo and conditioners, those cheapo drugstore ones la hahaha. Currently using Pantene and Dove mostly) and very minimal, i don't think there's anything interesting enough to blog about. I do wash my hair everyday because i'd feel very hot and bothered (and therefore would have to shower twice a day, when i usually only shower once a day!) if i don't *my hair is quite very long as you know...* and i also cannot stand the smell of a dirty scalp (the fact that my scalp is impossibly oily also didn't help!) so it's only wise for me to shampoo daily!

I do try to take more care of my hair by using hair treatments and hair oils *mostly thanks to those samples i got from beauty boxes that i-as a self proclaimed kiasu-obviously cannot let go to waste* more lately. After all, i am an old lady (in the ancient times i'm old enough to have grandkids FML) already, and my hair's also not getting any younger obviously *LOL*. As i ventured to new territories of trying out different hair care products, i am tempted to talk more about (and review) hair matters.

I still don't feel the urge to talk about my daily shampoo/conditioner (coz again, they are oh-so-boring zzzz), but whenever i'm trying out new hair stuffs that i've never used before, i will review it. For now i am reviewing this Dove Cream Hair Treatment :
The reason why i didn't post a pretty, professional looking picture i usually got from Google was because i couldn't seem to find any! I think maybe this is an old packaging and they already either renew the packaging or even discontinue them already *LOL*. Either way i'm still reviewing it because it would at least help to know how most of Dove's hair treatment works on general, in case anyone's interested in trying them out but unsure of their quality.

I didn't buy this product myself, a relative (an aunt, but not closely related) left it in our Jakarta apartment, it was pretty much new so my mum asked me if i want to use it *otherwise she'd chuck it in the bin*, and me... Well, knowing me of course i said yes. Why throw a perfectly good product away? It's a hair treatment, not like i can contact a disease if i used some relative's used hair treatment (wait... can i???) right...

As you can see from the first picture, it was dominated by Chinese characters. That's why i ROFL-ed when my mum was like "It must be pretty expensive, that aunt brought it all the way from USA/Holland (i forgot which one! That aunt lives in one of those two very different countries, came to Indonesia for a holiday once in a while)!". First of all, it's DOVE. How expensive can Dove possibly be? A perfect example of how brand/origin-minded my mum is. If it's imported then it must be great. Second of all, everything was in Chinese characters, how can it be from USA/Holland??? Haiiiihhh mummy!
Upon closer inspection, it was clearly made in Taiwan and bought in Singapore laaa. Pffffttt. The packaging reminds me of Dove's original, old packaging before they came with lots of different variants and modernized it. Looking at that picture *i've used it up quite sometime ago* is very nostalgic. I think their old packaging's more elegant and embodies their trademark than their current ones.
Sorry for the yucky looking top hahaha
It came with a simple flip top squeeze tube. I ransacked Google trying to find any picture of this thing, but the closest i got was their conditioners (that also comes with this type of tube). I am quite convinced by now that this type's discontinued? I guess they stopped making a humble, cream hair treatment and now come out with more variants of hair cares including conditioners, masks, serum, etc? If anyone knows if this is a discontinued product or something that's still on the shelves somewhere, please let me know. The curiousity is killing me :p.
Even though they called this CREAM hair treatment, i didn't find it at all creamy *LOL*. It's light, translucent (didn't photograph well there) and more gelly than creamy. It has a light, soft scent, quite pleasant but reminds me of an old lady somehow, and with the usual hint of Dove's signature smell. This is the kind of treatment that you wash off afterward-and still need to continue with conditioner afterward-so even if the soft (old lady) smell doesn't suit your preference, i don't think it'll linger at all therefore shouldn't offend any nose hehe.

I used quite a generous amount of them and applied them on the length of my hair and leave it for five minutes before rinsing them. It has a softening effect like my usual conditioner, but not nearly as much. My hair didn't instantly became soft and tangle free like how an after conditioner hair is, obviously since like i said before-a conditioner is still needed to follow this step-so it can feel a bit stringy (because i am used to a very soft and smooth result conditioners gave) before you use any conditioner.

I always followed this hair treatment with a Pantene leave in treatment after towel-drying my hair (because i didn't want to wait around for another 5 minutes with the usual conditioners that needs to be rinsed afterward!). 

Result from using a whole tube of this cream treatment (and cannot leave out that Pantene leave in treatment as well of course, since i always used them together) is more satisfying than i expected! My hair feels a lot thicker, healthier and not as limp as they usually are! 

Since this particular cream hair treatment seems to no longer be around, i cannot possibly recommend it, can i? But if it still happens to be around, i'd very much recommend this thing for people with long, fine, limp and lifeless hairs like me. It's also very good to treat hair that's been through some tortures (in my case, being colored regularly and blow dried daily) but not in a very sad condition (because my hair's quite healthy to begin with so i cannot comment on how it'd perform on a badly damaged hair). Nothing i dislike from this product, so if they are still available i'd surely purchase them! In the meanwhile i'm gonna stick to the newer-readily available Dove hair care range, they are pretty awesome as a whole...

Btw, do you like how i call my hair related reviews now? Hehe...

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  1. sukaaa rambut cc hihi halus gitu keliatannya xixix
    rambutku keringggg banget ce, pengen coba ini tapi nyarinya dimana T____T di indo ga ada yg jual hahaha
    skrg pake pantene leave on hampir sama sih fungsinya hehe

    1. Iya saking halusnya sampe kelihatan tipisss and susah d apa2in Wiii, nyalon jg kalo d curl gt kalo ga d pakein hair spray stgh botol bakalan lurus lg sebelum 1 jam hahaha.
      Kalo aq rekomen produk2 rambutnya Dove sih Wie, so far yg plg oke *ngelembutin* itu kalo di aq Dove, Pantene msh kalah :D. Nanti aq review lg yg pst available dsini ya hehehe