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Happy weekend *again! How come it feels like it's always weekend now? I'm sure the working people wouldn't agree though hahaha*! I spent most of my Saturday on a drug induced dreamland (was so startled when i woke up and it was 5 PM already!), so so so annoyed of this cough that's been bugging me for about a month now :(... I hope it'll go away soon!!! Went on a rare Saturday night date with hunny because my 'rents took Baby Boy out since earlier in the day, watched 47 Ronin (it's not horrible but it's not amazing either) and shopped a bit (all the while feeling quite high and never 100% there *LOL*. Cough syrups are better than hard drugs :p)

A bit sorrowful because the cute little scarf (that's more of a real accessories than a real practical scarf because it's so little and thin) at New Look that i bought for L as a part of her bday gift and straightaway also wanted for myself was sold out *GRRRR* but i did get a proper, floral scarf and diamente cat-earred headband so it was not totally hopeless. Also i've been eyeing this package of four perfumes in Victoria Secret to be my first purchase there, and it's also SSS...OLLDDD... OUTTT *sobs uncontrollably* HUWAAAAA!!!! It's cray cray though, i think Surabaya people are really hungry for a nice, new (as in new in town, not new per se) brands! It's been opened for what, two weeks? And already most of the packages were sold out pffftttt.. They better stock up soon!!!!

Meanwhile.. It's another very backdated outfit post from a couple weeks ago when i went out on a shopping spree with #Undecided and G for now! You know i like to prepare my outfit from at least a day before, and i already planned to wear this whole ensemble before i even knew #Undecided would be joining us, so she couldn't blame me for wearing this leopard printed furry top :p! (and yes, of course it inspired the title hehehe)
The whole ensemble :D
You know i'm not a huge fan of K-Pop, but i quite like their fashion choices (for girls ya, definitely not for guys. I mean, i like MATURE male Korean celebrities sense of style *or their stylist's*, but definitely cannot stand boybands') and i think this whole look *except the make up* probably kinda inspired by K-Pop style (especially the pop of yellow on my sneakers which made people kept on starring at me *LOL*, i guess it's not everyday you see a girl pairing leopard printed top with bright yellow high top sneakers!), but when we passed Pull & Bear i saw their mannequins all sporting a similar look to my outfit-so it can be Euro-style inspired as well!

As for the makeup, i kinda tried to re-create my Gothic Lolita make up with different colors, sadly my growing fringe prevents the whole look to be similar (The look definitely needed a shorter, blunter kind of fringe that can only be achieved for a few weeks after the initial trim).
I bought some super cheap falsies in a local accessories chain-store called Shine a while back and since G and i are having a very cheeky phase right now, we decided to put on falsies whenever we're going out together now hahaha. I was also curious on how an IDR 6000 (around USD 0.50 haha) falsies would perform. I heard my fellow beauty bloggers claimed that it's not important how expensive (or how cheap) your falsies are, it's the glue that matters. Yes, the (right kind of the) latter part i do not have *yet*.

I'm going to go hunt for the super cheap (Oline said it's IDR 4000 or something WTF) and famous glue in local beauty scene (used by top notched MUAs as well!) that costs a lot cheaper than my current Daiso one! I do not handle the Daiso one well, and it's leaking everywhere now *i have a review on this product ready on my drafted posts, it hasn't gotten it's turn to be posted yet :p*, i made a total mess this time, although not as badly as last time when i did my Dolly look and managed to glue my own lashes *LOL*-but it was definitely one of the messiest application yet hahahaha.

The super cheap LaBelle Eyelashes
IDR 6000 onleh! And can be used more than once
Looks quite pretty right?
I didn't realize before putting it on that it was SO long! (Btw, you can clearly see my contact lens in this picture. Sometimes people aren't even aware that i'm wearing iris enlarging contacts because it's so soft and natural! Contact's from New Look btw-can be found easily at local optics. I will do a review on this contacts in the future but i'll tell you this right now : it's very comfortable!)
It was also a little bit heavy *hence the sleepy eyes on my pictures...*
I kinda looked bug-eyed from this angle...

Accessories of the day
Victorian inspired rose studs : Genting, Malaysia (it was like, RM 10 for 5 or something, extremely cheap and i got super cute ones!)
Steel Molecule statement ring : Minicci (Payless), got it on a huge sale (don't remember how much, less than IDR 39.000)
Snakeskin and studs bangle : Online
Burnt Golden Butterfly Necklace : Heartwarmer (it was on a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion, probably paid IDR 10.000 for each haha)


Furry Cropped Leopard Printed Top : Online, Grey with Black Accents Mini Skirt : Magnolia, Black tights : Online, Bright Yellow High Top Sneakers : League
Bag : VNC
I got that bag on our previous from last trip to KL, VNC was having a HUGE HUGE sale (it was really crazy, everything was so cheap) and the bag was like... RM 20 (That's around IDR 70.000!). There were two colors available but the other one (the cuter one zzz) was looking worse for wear, so i chose this one, and guess what... When we brought it to the cashier, apparently they had stocks. So they got me a brand new one *still tightly wrapped, shiny and spotless*. Dammit, i should've bought both colors! Heck, i would've picked one up for #Undecided if i knew they still had stocks! It was so crowded and it'll take a lot longer if i did though, and the rest of the (big) family (there even were my cousin with his family there...) would've to wait even longer, so... zzzz... I regret it to this day (yes, like, more than a year latter).

I showed you my haul from that day in my Shop Til You Drop Ver 2.0 entry but i totally forgot to feature the most important (and very expensive) haul of the day. The one that hunny sulked his way into and made me got mad at him because he was too occupied thinking about the stupid thing to be talked to, and i do not take being ignored lightly. Guys are such weird creatures.

Samsung NX300

Chunky, huge, impractical. It's not even pink. PFFFFFFTTTTT.
I would very much prefer this one. I even tried arguing my way, but there's no winning when it comes to geeky guys and their gadgets.


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