A Date with Oline :D

6:57:00 PM

Hellow, everybody!

Like i mentioned on a previous (two) entry, i went out with my little blogger fellow, Oline, on one Sunday afternoon :D.
One of the many many pictures of us that you will see in this entry :P
Had lots of fun *gossip time, teehee!* and finding out new ridiculous facts, like how Oline was actually one of my NEPHEW's schoolmate back in primary school (and they went to the same high school for a year before he moved into Papua) *___*. It was so weird and shocking, i mean... how am i hanging out with my nephew's peers!!!! LOL. But it's safe to say, Oline is one of the most mature 17 year olds that i've ever known, and she's a great company! Btw, calling it a date's actually a bit misleading because my hunny (well of course, you know i don't drive!) and Baby Boy (and his nanny) tagged along-but Baby Boy spent majority of the time at the arcade while hunny went and wandered around by himself, so it was an almost date lah hahahaha.

Oh anyway, i also mentioned sometime ago that hunny bought a  new Samsung NX 300 (or someting like that, you don't expect me to know a gadget's type, right??) that i still haven't show you yet (it's featured in one of my outfit post that got pushed to the back becoz i have other things to blog about, like this one :p)-and he brought it out for a spin so naturally i made him snap lots of pictures of us! And i refused to believe that my poor little pink Sony camera (that #Undecided christened Pinko) is such a lowly camera compared to this thing that costs him about 3x of my Sony! So i compiled a little side by side comparison and let you be the judge :p!
Left-Pinky Sony, Right-NX300
I personally thinks my little Sony still produces prettier pictures, but that's probably because we have not mastered the handle of the NX-300? I mean, going from a point and shoot pocket camera to a semi DSLR overnight? Will take a bit more getting used to. Especially for a dinosaur like me.

Btw, i do realize i look like a giant next to teeny tiny little Oline, i think she's like 15 cm shorter than me? And she was wearing little heels while i obvi, stuck to my flats. This me and G all over again, where's #Undecided when i need her height to balance everything hahaha.

And before we move on, what beauty bloggers would get together and not take selcas? Oline and i agreed that nobody can take our pictures better than ourselves *LOL*, selfie FTW!

Then we stumbled into pretty Christmas decors and of corz, more pics!
Another side by side comparison, left-Sony, right-NX-300

Since Oline's so tiny, i feel like i'm taking a pic with my two kids hahahaha. She's even smaller than my niece BB (i think. Or maybe they're about the same height, but BB's almost always on a very high heels...)

Pretty Christmas tree taken by my hubby, he's getting better with his new toy i think hahahah
And TP has such pretty Christmas decorations now, i am impressed!
And here's that day's damage :

It's not as bad as it seems, those Kiehl ones were free gifts!
The only thing i actually bought (other than a sort of "stocking-filler-for-a-bday-pressie" if there is such a thing, in Daiso, where Oline also bought the only thing for the day-aromateraphy diffuser that didn't really work hahaha) in TP that day : scarf (for our HK trip of course, you know i only own one scarf -also from Payless-that i totally abused in our whole Europe trip) from Payless, on a 40% off (paid IDR 59.000 for it). Here's also where i learned that Oline's shoes size is 35-which is around the same as Baby Boy's-and she often buy kids shoes hahahaha :D, i'd say lucky her! Lots of cute and cheap (er) girl shoes out there!
Like i also mentioned in previous post, our main reason to go to TP that day was to join Kiehl's donation program, where you can donate your used books (as total bookworms, hunny and i had quite a few to give away) or toys and you'll get a rather generous thank you gift (a deluxe sample+3 sachet samples each). I think Kiehl's forever running these fun and meaningful programs and i'm always happy to join in the merriment! Thanks to Shasha's tip, or else i wouldn't even know that such a program even existed!

Having said that, i do have some open criticism for Kiehl's management, they seem to have some problems passing through the information for their programs to their branches or in this case, their customers! Shasha told me she saw the twit (or was it FB) about this program starting around 8 and actually went there with the books and all, only to be turned down by their BAs, who informed her that the program only going to run on the 14th and 15th. Weird, should've put more accurate information up as to not confuse people, IMHO! Also when i tweeted to their account asking how many books i should bring (because i do not want to bring less than i should, right?), and they didn't bother replying me until about two days later, AFTER the program's over. What's the point then? LOL (and FYI, turned out you can bring one book and they'd still accept it and give you the gift, how incredibly generous!).

Regardless, i still think this is a wonderful program, i'm looking forward for this kind of program from Kiehl's (and any other brand) where you get to shoot two birds with one stone. You get to do something nice and you even get a gift! Wonderful!

Here are what hunny and i get. I think they have different products for male and female since Oline's exactly the same as mine
Orange Flower & Lychee Skin-Softening Body Lotion (65ml)
Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (30 ml)
Clearly Corrective White Skin Brightening Exfoliator (sachets)
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Skin Softening Body Lotion. I'm super happy that we got some body lotions because my hunny's skin in a very scary condition right now (it's getting to a point that everything's peeling and red and super bumpy!)-i first thought it was the soap or body products he's been using (which is weird because he's currently using the ones that usually works really well on him, yet it's not showing any signs of improving!), but now we conclude it must be Surabaya's rapid decline in temperature's making his previously already troublesome skin went even more cuckoo. Anyway, i sneakily slathered a LOT of Kiehl's body lotion tester in some desperate attempt to see if it would help his skin in anyway while waiting for the BA to prepare the gift, and we're super surprised that his skin actually softened and improved at least 50% when we reached home! Damn him and his skin, would we have to buy Kiehl's body lotion from now on *choked* zzz.
Facial Fuel Transformer
And Midnight Recovery Concentrate that gave me hell when i tried to snap its picture and i lost patience so here's the blurry picture of it. I tried so many times!!!
And these...
We actually stopped by at GC where Katherin was (apparently other than the many professions of hers that i know of, she also teaches piano!) supervising her students who are competing on a piano competition because our order from Cherryculture.com had arrived and i couldn't wait to get my hands on them! Oh, Kath2 also has a cosmetics and clothing online shop on FB (where she tortures me daily with pictures of beautiful stuffs! Damn!). Kath2 also passed some stuffs that her and Oline's friends (they told me this new group formed since the Collection event haha) ordered (Poor Oline only ordered ONE concealer and it was lost in the mail somehow!) and we met up for a bit with them later in TP to pass the stuffs to them. They immediately played with their new toys and in the process, managed to add more and more stuffs in my ever-growing wishlist FML. Like the Jordana Twist & Shine which i plan to get in every color sometime in the future *FML again*. Well, at least i already have one color down i guess...

The stuffs i ordered from Cherry Culture (it was when they were having a 20% off discount). I also ordered a top (which Kat2 managed to forget to bring *LOL*) and more stuffs from Ulta that haven't arrived yet
Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch. I always admire this beautiful thing whenever i saw it various blogs and always wanted one, so when i saw it on sale in Cherry Culture, i just knew it was time to make it mine...
Jordana Twist & Shine in 04 Candied Coral. You know how crazy i am over chubby stick-style lippies like this! I have a growing collection and when i heard one of the girls said that it's better than Revlon (and half the price, well more than three quarter actually), i decided i'm gonna add more colors on my collection from this brand zzz

While the Sleek one's actually Oline's. She seems to be a lot crazier than me that she stocks up on the same make ups (!!!), and she's selling some of her spares that she doesn't need
I've always wanted Sleek's products, especially their trio blush on (and their eye shadow palettes and pout paints, the list goes on)-so when i saw Oline selling her brand new one at IDR 145.000 (most online shops sells it at IDR 180.000, some even go as crazy as IDR 250.000!!!), i snap it up FTL!
Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in Lace. It's a lot more vibrant IRL i dunno why my camera picked the color up so pale! Guess i need to learn to operate that damn NX-300 afterall!
It's so pretty and Kat2's had a crazy cheap Sleek make up PO (it's already closed now, sorry!) that i... *ahem* ordered another one in Sweet Cheeks (hey, it was only IDR 140.000 for both the blush and eyeshadow palette, it's a good thing i only ordered one, i really really was tempted to order the eyeshadow palettes in Snapshot and Candy as well...)

And that's it! Not so bad at all right! Me and Oline really behaved ourselves in TP that day, so proud of ourselves *LOL*. Before i go, must show you my OOTD first :p.

Hmmm yeah, i do feel like i have millions of this kind of striped dress *LOL*, it's super comfy and easy to wear though and there's a little twist in this one!
Black and White Lamb Sleeved Skater Dress : Online, Red Obi : from my mum (i think she bought it in Mangga Dua)
The criss cross back!
I like a pop of color to wear with my monochromatic outfits and i almost always seem to pair them with reds somehow, so boring! Add a little strawberry hairpin as well
FOTD, my bangs' getting long again it's getting super annoying!!! But it managed to kinda concealed my crumbly eyeliner-Maybelline's Hyper Gloss liquid eyeliner is SO not waterproof! I have a leaky eye (the usual stuff) again that day, and half of my left cat liner was cut off because of that! ZZZ
Oh, you'd see in our earlier pictures that i wore a glossy red bag, it was one of my favorite bags actually (i used to wear it nonstop for a while, i've been searching high and low for a glossy red bag and i finally found it and couldn't be happier!) but then since i have so so many bags, i kinda forgot about this one in the nooks and crannies of my massive wardrobe, then i remembered about it when i planned to wear a red bag so i decided to bring the old gal (it really was old) for a spin and guess what... It crumbled like crazy LOLOLOL. 

So embarrassing, thankfully i'm not so easily embarrassed when it comes to crumbling things, i guess i am used to it already WTF. Usually it's my shoes that crumbles (after being stored for far too long) and in fact i was a bit worried that my zebra and red lips flats (that i last wore in July or something) would crumbles, but it was the bag that bit the dust. Oh well, at least i did get a very good use out of that bag, unlike the shoes (that i usually wore once or twice haha) before. Needless to say, a red glossy bag is on the top of my shopping list now.



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  1. aaa asik ya jalan2 bareng gitu XD
    ci mindy ga kaya mamanya olin kok, kaya temen kan awet mudaaaa :p

    1. Hihihi ayo main k sby ikutan jjs juga hehehe... Hehehe makasih ya, tp Oline itu kecilll banget (bentar lg kebalap anakku tingginya) bikin aq ga pede aja hahahaha

  2. Milaninya sama kayak punyaku ceeee..rosenya cakep banget..

    1. Aduh iya Sha, saking cakepnya aq masih ga tega nyolek *___*

  3. ihh nge date brg olin, iyaaa bener kata iceeel kyk temen kok, hehehhe.
    cii d tunggu repiuwnya sleek yaaak :3

    1. Aiiihh makasih ya, jd malu hihihi... Sleek yah, sip sip, sabar yah, list review an panjangg hahaha

  4. huwaaaa jadi pengen ikutan ci mindy sama oline ngedate xDD
    btw ci mindy tinggi banget dong ya? :O aku sama oline tingginya 11 12 soalnya :p

    1. Hahaha ayo sini Neni :D
      aq 167 cm Nen, ga tinggi2 amat koq, ce Pauline tuh 170 cm hahaha

  5. aaahh aku jg pny NX300 ce!! XD *toss kembaran*
    gpp nti belajar pelan2, lama2 jg bs nguasain camera baru ^^ hihi

    1. Iyaaa Shel, justru krn dy liat NX-300 mu ituuu hubby ku ngotot2 lagi mau beli NX-300 nya hahahah...
      Iya nih, tp itu camera nya dy sih, aq pelan2 lah ntar belajar, tp msh cinta sm my pinko *LOL*

  6. waah asyiknyaa nge date berdua, ga kyak mum n daughter kok.. q sama iik q juga beda 10 taon tp msih kyk adik kakak pas jalan bareng... hihi.. kpan jalan2 rame2 lagi? hehehe...

    1. Hahaha iya aq agak2 ga pede kalo jlnnya sm org yg size nya kecil bgt, kayak bawa anak hahaha... Jln2 rame2 bisa d aturrr hahaha