Unboxing : December Beauty Treats

12:42:00 AM

Hey guys!

I... Just created a mayhem among my BBM contacts *LOL*. And that's all because Victoria Secret went on a 30% off sale :p. I got so so so excited and BBM-ed #Undecided, G and some beauty bloggers i BBM with frequently, then Shasha took it to the next level by updating her status about the sale (and putting the blame on me) LOL!!! Heyyy, must spread the good news, right??? Even though most of them took it more like a very bad news (because it's the end of the month so money's running low, and we've been attacked by crazy sale all through December, which hits beauty bloggers the hardest, etc) :p.

It's bad news for me too girls, i was THE FIRST victim among us afterall!So if you're interested in Victoria Secret stuffs, this is the right time to visit their store! One of the best value item was a package of full (biggest) sized body mist+shower gel+body lotion (i got one, and am going back tomorrow for more because it's ridiculously cheap) for IDR 145.000. Seriously, original price of each item was IDR 169.900. It's CRAY CRAY!!!

Not only Victoria Secret, i also went cray cray at other shops tonight *sigh*. I told hunny i wanted to SHOP today, and shop i did. Will show you what i got (i decided they are all "Christmas Gifts" from hunny hahahaha, he said so himself) in another post, as the title already explained : this is actually an unboxing entry. One that's the most backdated i've done yet. Usually i'd post unboxing entries a few days (tops) from when i got it, this one i got on Tuesday, which is... 4 days ago. Hey, that's not too bad! But still quite backdated in comparison. Not because it's quite a sad beauty box (it is) that made me uninspired *LOL*, but mostly because i had other more important things to blog about so this one's kinda pushed back a little.

What's inside December BTI
Yeah, well... as you can see... Pretty sad. LOL. I actually read Shasha's unboxing entry first and was like, WTH! Where's my box? Usually her box and mine would arrive at the same day (considering her house and my office's pretty close to each other), hers arrived on Saturday (and i saw one other blogger posted an unboxing of her BTI at around the same time) and mine still showed no signs of appearing on Monday! 

I tweeted them, no response. Then i tried logging in my account on their website, i couldn't log-in. I freaked some more and e-mailed them, plus asking about my box' whereabouts. They replied giving me a link to which i could log in to my account, but never bothered answering my question regarding my box. Then i got mad and tweeted them again a little harshly, they replied saying sorry and promised to check the status of my box. Empty promises as usual . This happened a few times before. They always say "We'll check and get back to you" but never, not even once, really gave me any further information. The box always arrived a day after their empty promises *LOL* so i never made a fuss about it, but really. Isn't that one of customer service's job? Taking care of customers? I've never felt taken care of by BTI cs. PFFFTTTT.

Shasha said "Don't wait for it Ce, it's nothing to look forward too." LOL. I agree, but since i've paid for it already *heck, i'd still hunt them if they were free! LOL*, i still want my box! Hahaha. But thankfully it arrived safely the next day (Tuesday).
Shasha's outer box was wet, usually my box would arrive in a similar condition as hers but this time mine was dry
Ooo...kay... Tiffany blue box. I'm a bit confused, isn't their concept "little BLACK box" now? Not that i am complaining, i do like the pretty blue color and i'm getting bored of their black box anyway
Booklet and greeting errr flier
Sigh. So empty

Secret Key Snow White Cream and Let Me Know CC Cream (1 sachet each). Even though i really wanted to try out Secret Key stuffs (it's been causing quite a buzz in the beauty community right now saying that they have some dupe products of SK II!) and i've always wanted to try out CC Cream (i haven't so far), sachet samples are NEVER acceptable unless they come in bulk. So this is a total disappointment, if they came in a decent deluxe sample size i'd be delighted
The only full size and (for me) exciting item : Lavie Lash. Retailing at IDR 30.000 this falsies still far from making the box (normal price IDR 125.000) worth its price. FAR.
Enrico Coveri Pop Heart Eau d Parfum for her & for him (3ml each). This one's quite acceptable lah, i haven't tried it yet so i dunno if i like the smell. I will use it matchy2 with hunny hahaha
Secret Key Dragon Blood Essence (2ml). Another Secret Key product and very intriguing (i really like the name hahaha), it came in an okay sample size i guess, if only they closed the lid tightly! Shasha was so angry because this essence (which oddly stains everything RED. I mean, i guess the name was suitable, but the stains were so red i totally thought this was a lip tint before! I'm a bit concerned, will it stain my face red??? But it's from Secret Key, shouldn't be too scary right? I will try it anyway) stained her whole box! It did mine too but not as badly as hers
There. Can you see the red stains? And it's totally avoidable too, because the jar CAN be closed tightly. I guess they were too lazy to do it right. ZZZ
Makarizo Nutriv Serum Honey Dew (10 ml). They said it's real size, i guess it's true because one tube in the real size package's the same as this sample, but in REAL product there are like 5 of them? So this is definitely NOT full sized item! LOL
Yeah, i do like getting the eye lashes (you know i'm a fan of falsies despite still not being able to stick them properly-probably would never be able to zzz). I didn't mind the dragon blood (except the leaking part) and the perfume as well, but as a whole : It's still quite sad. Not as sad as their last box (where almost everything inside the box were sachet samples) still sad nonetheless (yes, i am becoming a broken record when it comes to BTI now hahaha). I'd still say it's not worth the box' price and therefore i am not putting on the link for my affiliation program because i am not recommending this box for now, not until they start producing decent boxes again.

My subscription to BTI has ended with this box and judging from their last four or five boxes, i'd say "NO WAY!" to renewing my subscription, but thanks to the affiliation program-i'd still be receiving boxes on January and February. I hope they'd get their act together in the new year!

That's all for now, i'm going to go and write a list for Victoria Secret stuffs to get tomorrow (yes i'm going back there ahahaha) and obsessing over pretty stuffs in general. Toodles!
A very happy #Pink. Thank you for being my personal Santa, hunny!

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  1. OF COURSE I PUT THE BLAME ON YOU!!!! BBM-ed me in the middle of the night *almost* and said that the trio VS is only for IDR 145!!! *matek* aarghhh....

    1. Wahahahaha, aq kan menyampaikan kabar baikkk Shaaa :D... Aq beli lagi 1 box tuh huhuhuhu

  2. --__-- totally a crap...
    lama2 rugi pol subscribe ce.. tp masih mending ada bonus 2box lg sih..hahaha

    1. Hooh tp sementara juara e bln lalu, crap se crap2 e, kalo di suruh subscribe lg ya emohh Shel, saking aja kadung hahaha

  3. wooo nice la shop shop..i am banned frm shopping till jan even though i still shop but only on things i reli need..means no big shopping...and u say 4days is late?gosh my unboxing take at least one week..and if the box is unattractive it takes weekss...hahha between babe what does the honey dew thing do la??i love everything honey dew!! btw i followed u..do u mind follow back?

    1. Hahahaha, good for you, i wish i can ban myself from shopping and actually stick to it! It's been worse since November because of all those huge sales!!! Hahahaha i know what you mean, this one's a very unattractive box as well, i almost feel like passing on unboxing post but i'm too OCD... The honey dew thing is a hair oil/serum! I'll add you via G+ ;)

  4. omg shock liat isinya makin lama makin sepi >.<
    btw aku pernah ketemu founder lavie lash dia bilang cuma 25.000/pasang lashes?

    1. LOL iya menyedihkan... Errr, aq blom pernah denger Lavie Lash sebelumnya jd aq engga tau harga aslinya selain yg d daftarnya BTI, but they are known to jack up the prices in their list anyway so i wouldn't be surprised haha