Xmas Thoughts: from Rachel Zoe to Kiona

11:59:00 AM

Hello Everybody!!

Merry Xmas :)

Just like #Pink, I don't really celebrate Xmas... For a very different reason though, but I'm not going to get into that today (too lazy to elaborate LOL), but I always love this time of year... The weather finally cools down (yay!!)... It finally rains (which I'm very conflicted about now since I have 3 dogs... Can't walk em if it rains, see...), and I guess just the whole idea about peace and joy. I dig that... 

But I spent my Xmas day just lazing around with friends (at a Starbucks no less!) and hung out with Jerome during dinner time. But sometimes during coffee, the conversation, and all that jazz, I stumbled onto one of the tweets from E! Online saying that Rachel Zoe gave birth to her 2nd baby. And I was like didn't I just watch her show (Rachel Zoe Project) on Starworld a few weeks back about her being so conflicted about having kids... And now she has 2 kids already!? Damn, Starworld couldn't pick an even older show to air! LOL.

Background story:
> Read about Rachel Zoe here
> It was shown on her reality show that she was conflicted about having kids because she loved her job so so much and was quite scared how a baby was going to fit into her busy life.

And it hit me. I'm just like her!

I'm also as skinny as her!!! (Okay, WAS!! I'm no longer skinny now, I know *sulk*)

Anyway, ignore the previous line. In all seriousness, I feel like I finally understand my whole situation. I mean, okay I'm not dumb, I've always known THAT in the back of my mind, but having someone voicing it out loud made me feel like I'm not so weird for feeling that way.

Yeah, I don't really want kids because I don't know how I will fit them into my life...

I don't really want kids because they're such handfuls and I am not selfless enough to want to shift my already very comfortable lifestyle with changing diapers and consoling a crying baby...

I don't really want kids because from what I see, (I'm talking about kids in general, not targeting someone's child, okay) most of them are some spoiled brats that not only talk back to their parents in the most annoying way possible (thanks to all the influence from stupid sinetrons and Indonesian "role models"), but also throw tantrums and sulk whenever their parents try to discipline them...

There, I said it.

Kids are annoying... Don't like them...

Okay to be fair, babies are quite adorable, but I deliberately googled the crying one just to make a point...

But just yesterday I saw this:
In case it's not clear, the caption says: Donasi lagi dari Kiona. Dia ga mau dibuka2 tuh amplop, mau langsung kasih ke shelter. Dia juara lagi tuk lomba matematika. Orang tuanya pasti bahagia. Anaknya terdidik baik, pintar, plus punya hati yang tulus ke hewan2. How can I thank you, Kio. U are our beloved daughter as well. We love you. Bangga!!
*photo taken from Instagram, courtesy of doniherdaru*

In English, the text on the envelope says: 3rd winner - math competition - IDR 200,000.

And the caption from Doni reads: Another donation from Kiona. She didn't want to open the envelope, she just wanted to pass it directly to the shelter (FYI, Doni Herdaru is the proud owner of an animal shelter in Jakarta, Indonesia - read more about him here and here). She won another math competition. Her parents must be so happy. Their kid is well educated, smart, and has a sincere heart towards animals. How can I thank you, Kio. You are our beloved daughter as well. We love you. So proud!!

And you know it, I cried looking at the photo and reading the caption... I was so moved by her kindness, and I said to myself, hey, this kid is not so bad... She's awesome!! The world needs more kids like her. So instead of wallowing on the negative side of things, why don't you look at the bright side and try bringing more kids like her into the world? 

And it hit me. If that's the reward, it is worth the try... And if Rachel Zoe can do it, so can I... LOL...

But no, I'm not gonna try to get pregnant today (or even tomorrow). I still have my doubts and worries... But I guess I'm less scared now... And the possibility of introducing a little baby to Jerome, Kalista, and Ellis is so exciting...

So thank you Universe for this whole ruse to making me less selfish. LOL. I guess that's going to be my 2014's resolution: being less selfish.

Oh well...

In the meantime, Happy Holidays our dearest readers!!!


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  1. Having kids is not easy, it does need a huge commitment, efforts, money, etc. But it's all worth it.

    kids are not perfect, and so are we as parents. Parenting is a never ending learning process for both kid and the parents. And remember, we were kids once. We were like them too in the past. :)

    but the best thing of having a child, other than watching them grow, is to feel the unconditional love. Not until you have your own before you can feel it. It's indescribable. :)

    a child is a blessing. They are Angels come from above :)

    1. "We were kids once. We were like them too in the past." Bull's eye, Arman :)