November Madness (Haul)

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Hey ho!

I just got back from GM, spent the evening shopping, gossiping and *mostly* laughing like a maniac with #Undecided and another blogger fellow, Katherin :). I kinda feel like i'm rotating on beauty bloggers to go out with, after Oline last week and now Katherin hahahaha.. Who's up for next week? LOL. I feel like i need to introduce more and more beauty bloggers to #Undecided so eventually she'd feel like my spending is not that crazy (because there are worse ones out there muahahahahaha). How's my evil plan, you think that'll work?

In the meantime, please please please cover #Undecided's eyes because i'm about to reveal my November Madness...

And that's not even all, there were a few little things that seems a bit out of the group so i decided to leave them out for future haul posts...
I actually still have lots of previous months' hauls to cover, but i feel like i need to post this separately because... Well, first of all look at the amount of things i bought! And i bought it like, simultaneously! I was having another crazy phase *sigh, when do i never....* when i felt the urge to constantly buy cosmetics, i even *almost* stopped buying other things (or at least bought not too much :P) and almost solely dedicated November for my cosmetic madness. I don't know what's gotten into me *cries*, it's like i can't even control myself anymore #justifyingself #pretendtobeposessesed #anythingtoavoidbeingheldresponsible.

First two : hauls from Beauty Bar 2010 and NYX Olshop

Stuffs from Beauty Bar came in a Etude House's bag because they are in the same town as mine and one of the owner sent them themselves to my office :) so no need to wrap!
This is what i ordered, waited for more than a month (placed a PO) for them to arrive, thankfully every single thing that i ordered was there (limited edition stuffs were often OOS when ordered, i don't have the best of lucks either with EH's limited edition stuffs in the past)
Minnie in the Nails glitters
Minnie Touch Blusher
Look at the cover OMG*(%^#&*%&W@%$^ so CUTE!
I'm not really a Minnie Mouse fan but i cannot resist kawaii-ness in general so i obviously had to have this. I thought i would never have the heart to use this though *and disfigure the Minnie Mouse head*
But when i finally have it in my hands, i think i definitely going to use this hahahaha.. I think the inner's not as cute as i expected it to be (which is a good thing or else i wouldn't use it at all!), but the case's super cute and totally worth the price (about IDR 195.000)
Minnie Kissing Lips
Yea, cannot resist the lippie as well...
Since both of the colors available were not special enough for me, i decided to go with one that i do not have like, hundreds of yet, the red one (#1 Minnie Red). Thankfully only the cover's uber cute while in the bullet itself there's nothing that would make me unable to use *in fear of wrecking a mad cuteness, it'd be like a crime in my world!) it!
Super generous bonuses from Beauty Bar 2010! Milk Talk Wash Set and 6 various sachet samples! I actually went and BBM one of the owner to clarify that the body wash set was in fact a bonus (and not added there by accident) because it seems to be too generous hahahaha. Thank you Sisca (and Yussy) :)!

Haul from NYX Olshop, but they didn't arrive together, read on to know the story
Now, NYX Olshop's a trusted seller and this is the first time i'm ordering from them. I think their sevice's okay, but i did encounter some error during my transaction with them. I am not out to say bad words about anyone, and i would definitely say i am quite satisfied with their services, still i feel like i have to be honest and warn you to check continuously when shopping from them.

First of all, i actually ordered a Rimmel's Kate Moss Glam Eyes Union Jack HD Eyeshadow in True Union Jack. This is how the eyeshadow i ordered looks like :
Union Jack
Then i also ordered e.l.f's Beach Beauty Day Palette (yes, still going strong with my palette madness *sigh*) but they were not ready yet, so i paid in full for the Union Jack (which was ready stock and on promotion IDR 68.000) to make sure they kept it for me while waiting for the e.l.f palette. When the palette was finally ready, i paid for the palette+shipping and they sent it my way. First problem :

I was quite shocked because there was only the e.l.f palette inside! LOL. I immediately PM-ed them (all communication was via FB's PM) and they answered "Yes, we're very sorry, we'll send the Rimmel today". Huh? So they totally forgot about it eh? LOL. Okay lah, since they said they'll send it right away, i was fine with it
Let's ogle on the beauty of this palette first
All this for IDR 115.000 only. Die. I think i want everything that e.l.f can offer. Better still, if i can buy them when i'm holidaying in USA so i get to pay the real price hahahaha
Then not too long after, the second package arrived
I was pretty happy that i arrived swiftly, and they added a little sponge as bonus
But then i saw this. LOLOLOL. This is definitely not Union Jack! They sent me Heart Of Gold instead!
Actually i only ordered Union Jack because they look the most like how real Union Jack is :p. I'm very partial to blue and grey eyeshadows so i have quite a lot of them and i don't really wear purplish hot pink all that much, so i was actually contemplating on getting Heart of Gold instead (because believe it or not, neutral colors like these were actually the ones that i am lacking of in my collection!) with all those beautiful shimmery neutral shades. But i was still shocked when they sent me the wrong color after not sending it at all! LOLOLOL (Btw, i have proofs if anyone thinks i'm making up stories. The PM from them all still stored in my inbox).

I don't know what'll happen if i protested, i guess they'd ask me to send the Heart of Gold back and send me Union Jack... I was just not willing to go through all the hassle, and i'd be pissed if i have to pay for shipping since it was not my mistake in the first place. And i can't imagine if they refuse to be held responsible and i might start a fight (LOL), i just couldn't be bothered. Especially because i ended up loving how Heart of Gold looks anyway. Still, that's pretty messed up :( and i encourage you to be very careful when ordering with them. I guess you can remind them over and over again about the stuffs you ordered and the shades you wanted? Thing is, they are not actually all that friendly via PM *LOL*. I kept on asking when the e.l.f palette's gonna be ready and i felt like i'm harassing them because they are so cryptic and stoic while answering. Lack of human touch, must i say? LOL. I admit i enjoy friendly sellers who makes me feel like i'm a very valued customer and all...

So, this is just a gentle reminder for NYX Olshop (i'm gonna tag them to this entry but i cannot make them read this, now can i? Haha) to be more careful with their customer's orders in the future. Oh, and being a little friendlier would be a nice touch :D! I wouldn't hesitate ordering more from them, they have nice selection of stuffs at a pretty low price.
Next batch of stuffs. The Sogo shopping bag contained stuffs G helped me to order :P not really from Sogo at all!
Haul from my sis-in-law's OS : Maneki Neko
This is all G's fault. I introduced her to CL's os because she's a crazy hoarder of Bath&Body Works stuffs, she went cray-and dragged me with her. CL's apparently having a clearance sale, and the lipglosses were sold at IDR 35.000 each. That's below their original price from the States, alright! I already have two other BBW lipglosses and they are SUPERB, tastes super sweet and very moisturizing as well, so i just ccouldn't pass the deal zzzz. I feel like i can go crazy whenever i see those hundreds and hundreds of variants of stuffs BBW has, i want them alll grrrrr!!!!
Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Pommie Cider
Mentha Lip Tint in Copper Shimmer
Liplicious Summer Vanillas Berry Tasty Lip Color Gloss
Generous CL even added a tiny little manekineko phone charm as a bonus!
Stuffs G helped me buy...
This is from, an OS that G frequented (i assure you she's nutter than me, she bought like... 20 BBW at a time, and continuously so!). They were having a huge sale, BBW stuffs for IDR 55.000 each (minimum purchase of 8 items), i was in Bali at the time and G kept on poisoning me with lists and pictures, and i cracked *___*
Body Mists. I made a stupid mistake, the first thing i wanted to order was Bali Mango (because it's BALI! I love anything that's inspired or named by parts of my country! And i also love mango!) but i actually forgot to order it! SO STUPID!!!!! And yes, we order BBW products blindly, i just read the names and hope that i'll like the scent hahahaha so far so good *none of the products i bought i hated, and i have a lot of BBW stuffs now*
Rome Honeysuckle Amore
Rio Rumberry
Aruba Coconut. Huhuhuhu i'm still mourning my Bali Mango :(... and no, i'm not willing to buy at a full price!!! (in case there's a seller reading this and contemplating offering me to buy from them hahahaha)
Then G also showed me this Liplicious Strawberry Lip Balm huhuhu i didn't even know they have such cute lip balms! I thought they only have the regular ones like the ones i bought from CL! ZZZZ. I was more attracted to the apple one actually, but seeing that the balm inside of the strawberry one's pink (while the apple one's white like my Eos balms), i gotta go with the strawberry...
And then G showed me these cute long glosses zzzzz!!! DAMN YOU G!!!! Again, i am very very weak with cute packaging and names, so i decided i needed one Jelly Pops (chose the Blueberry one...) in my life!!!
Before that, i had this crazy urges to buy cosmetics while my PO orders haven't arrived, and i suddenly missed Oriflame and their glossy catalogs.  Since G has both Oriflame AND Sophie Martin "ladies" in her office (her colleague lah :p), she helped me borrowed the catalogs and of corz....

Oriflame Haul. Actually what i really wanted to order was the crayon lippie ever since i saw a blogger posted about it in IBB, you know it's one of my obsessions right now... I feel like i need to have one from every brand *LOL*
Then i also saw UK bloggers reviews Oriflame products as well *sigh*, another unneeded incentive. Even though most of the products they reviewed were not available here (so they have different products in every continents??? Or every countries???), this Very Me was-the review was good and it was so cheap... Very Me Cherry My Cheeks in Pretty Pink
Got this lippie just because i was intrigued by its size, it was a mini lipstick you see... And only around IDR 15.000 after discount...
Pure Color Lipstick in Black Cherry (yes, still obsessing over dark lippies...)
The roots of all problems *___*. I actually wanted this in another color (a dark one, teehee, you guessed it!) but it was OOS, i really wanted one so i freaked and ordered in any other color available -____-
Got it in Pink Impact (but i see no pinkiness whatsoever in this lippie...) just because i wanted one. What's worse was because on the next catalog? It was on sale. ZZZ. GIMMIE MY 10/15K back!!! *extremely kiasu*. Will never again buy stuffs that's not on sale in Oriflame catalogs...
Sophie Martin haul. Actually i was attracted to their palette (see, madness still going strong) when i saw a picture of it in their FB page. Then i also wanted to doll-bottled perfume *after seeing the commercial everywhere, you know i'm a sucker for cute packagings...* so i asked G if she knows anyone selling Sophie Martin stuffs in her office, i didn't expect her to say yes...
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on which side you see it) the palette was no longer available (it was limited edition or something), but i ended up buying other stuffs. Like this lippie
Kluge Lipstick. I am familiar with this line, i have their powder and blush on (which surprisingly's pretty good and pigmented), and am curious enough to try the lippie (i saw it in Glory's blog as well, the packaging is... well, right up my alley)
Got it in Sister Pink. Didn't expect it to be frosty, but i found out you can tone down frostiness by adding gloss on top of them. Am not a fan of frost finish. It was so so cheap though (can't remember how much, IDR 20.000 something)
Foundie and Blush brush, because it's pink and because i need more foundie brush (i now understand why beauty junkies feels the need to have multiple of the same brushes, so you do not have to wash them so often-i'm too lazy to wash them zzz if i have a few i can rotate and wash them less often LOL)
Koshize Nutrilips lipstick, i guess because it was on sale hahahaha
I think they do not have names for their shades *they should, every brands should*, it's KNL6
The reason why i hunted for Sophie Martin seller (in case you don't know, they sell their stuffs MLM style like Oriflame/Avon, so it's not readily available in stores of malls)
Keiko Eau de Parfume. I only realized latter that it was actually a collaboration with a local girlband (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW), but i'm gonna overlook it. It's cute and it smells okay, plus it was only IDR 89.900
It looks a little cheaper than i hoped, you know the material and coloring? But it IS cheap, and it's still cute so i'm pretty happy with this

Next up : Elianto Haul. I already mentioned here that i bought some stuffs before, and here they are (i bought some more later on. Another facial masks set and shower gel sets. But then the BA kinda forgot to put in the bonus Christmas pouch and i protested in FB but they didn't respond. ZZZZ. A bit disappointed because i wanted to use the pouch to wrap gifts!)
Got the masks in Pumpin, Honey & Sunflower (i tried this already and really liked it, that's why i decided to stock up while they are having promotion, bought the package 3x by now), Walnut and Coral Leaf & Deep Sea Mud (isn't the packaging PRETTY??? I insisted on buying this variant because of the pretty color and picture hahahaha). The package's IDR 79.000 for 5 (normal price around IDR 24.000/each i think)
I was having problem with my stupid Mega Credit Card and had to use exactly IDR 100.000 (that ended up not being correct anyway, stupid CS) so my money won't go to waste (they charged me dunning fee even though my payment wasn't late and they agreed to return the money, but i have to pay the bill first! WTF. And i needed to spend the money because i planned to cancel my credit card this month-am unwilling to pay for yearly fee. But they yearly fee was not due yet and i used the card too late that they already issued the month's bill, i ended up with IDR 92.500 credit. The stupid CS forgot about payment fee zzz next month i'm gonna have to pay IDR 15.000 for payment fee before being able to cancel the card. Whatta mess) and we asked the BA if they have anything that priced at IDR 20.000 (so the total bill would be almost IDR 100.000), the BA was so nice (although she was the same BA who forgot my Chrismast pouches the last time i shopped there even though she didn't forget this first time) she went around and hunt for it! She found this falsies (at 50% off), it was IDR 19.000 and i happily bought it!
Last items!!! From Papuros USA
e.l.f Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky (IDR 40.000) coz i do not own any baked blush (or baked anything, for the matter) and want to try at least one :p
e.l.f Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick (IDR 30.000 each) because i am obsessed with chubby stick-style stuffs (yes, i keep on mentioning this, enough indication of my obsession). Very annoyed because like a week latter, e.l.f's having a huge sale and i could've gotten a package of 3 of these at the price of 2! Yes, i could get one more and paid the same price, if only i postponed ordering for a week! ZZZZ
All of the colors looks pretty *i googled the swatches for hours* and at that price i think i will collect every color eventually, but this time i bought them in Tiki Torches
and Pink Umbrellas
Last thing i wanna show you : a little storage box that doubles as a stool that i've been eyeing forever in Ace Hardware because i refused to buy it in full price (it was on a special price that's almost IDR 100.000 cheaper than the original price when i finally got it). I'm forever looking for extra space (but i ended up chucking my latest shopping inside, too lazy to store them properly in my cupboard that this box is actually full by now zzz) and my make up stool's getting so fugly (well i've had it since Primary school, what do you expect? :P:) this is quite perfect!
And we're finally done! PHEWWW!!!! There were just a few other things that i bought here and there throughout November (really only a few, i promise!!!) that i haven't cover here or in this entry-it'll show up sometime in the future in my weekly hauls *need to restart it again soon* ! Leaving you with a picture of me with #Undecided and Kat2 from earlier tonite :D. Only bought a New Look tee tonite (Kat2 and #Undecided got one each as well), i'm being good, am i not?


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  1. aaa mau bbw nyaa :DD
    and you do shop a lot this month ( as always ) lol XD

    1. Jgn gitu donk Cel T^T bulan Nov lebih kalap dr biasanya koq T.T

  2. ya ampun banyak amat belanjaannya, bikin mata aku gatel hahaha. Good products! Pengen ikutan icip hihihihi

    1. Hehehe ayo ikutan borong biar aq ada temennya hahahaha

  3. Ceeeee!! banyaknyaaaaaaaaaaaa :DD

    And yes, elf is a store (if they have one) which can make you go crazy and buy everything even when you don't need them! :D Suuuppaahh cheap! :D

    Eh btw, aku juga suka lipstik2 yg model krayon gitu. So far liat tarte, Loreal (tapi ga tau masuk sini nggak) sama Clinique. Aku punya yang Revlon, kalo elf bagus pengen beli juga ah... hihihi

    Ehmm permasalahan sama olshop, kalo kebanyakan order emang suka dijutekin sih hihihi Ga cm 1 olshop aja, secara general gitu kok ce. Maklumin lah kan mereka handle semua sendiri :)) Untung aja pertanyaan kita direspon, daripada ditinggal lari dan diblock, malah ribet -_-"

    1. Huhuhuhu iya nih bener2 kalap bulan kemaren duh >.<... Tp di total2 masih mahalan spatu suamiku sebiji *masih bitter sm harga spatu Skechers cowo LOL*.

      elf store kayaknya ga ada say, kyknya dy bercokol d drugstore sm supermarket kalo ga salah, duhhh pokoke cita2 mau k Amrik mau borong makeup drugstore hahahaha...

      Iya nih aq jd koleksi zzzz, baru punya Revlon, elf, Jordana sm Oriflame, mau nambah ahh... Kalo Clinique kayaknya engga, mahal! *pelit* hahaha

      Hmmm... aneh ya, seharusnya kalo byk belanja makin friendly n ditanggepin donk, i dunno... Byk koq os yg friendly2 gitu, jd nya suka kheki aja kalo dpt yg kurang friendly. Kalo Nyx Olshop ga jutek loh, cm kurang friendly aja hahaha, aq tipe yg kalo seller e friendly bakalan belanja trs n makin byk, kalo ga friendly ya bakalan kalo perlu bgt aja hehehe... Cm kurang teliti aja sih si Nyx Olshop, shade nya aja bisa salah...

  4. Cece beli segitu banyak *o* kalo kira2 cece ada yg nggak suka, kami menampungnya.. hihihihi *just kiding..
    Salam kenal ce..

    1. Hahahaa jgn gitu dunkkkk :p... Salam kenal jugaaa :D