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Hi y'all!

Okay, so... If i say "Oops i did it again" everytime i went on a shopping spree i guess Britney Spears would be hot again. Oops, did i just offend any Britney Spears fans out there? LOL, don't be. I like Britney, her old self at least. But i am not here to talk about Britney for sure (On a totally unrelated matter, have you heard that Brittany Murphy's death is now officially suspected as a murder by rat poisoning??? Cray cray world out there!) :p, it's time for another shopping spree sesh with ma galz!

If you read this entry just posted last month, me and ma gal fwiend G went out for a cray cray shopping spree and we enjoyed it so much we decided it's a must do activity that we'd love to do more regularly. It's not just the shopping spree (though it sure played a big role!) that we enjoyed so much, but also the chance to hang out with your best galz, gossip, catch up and bond. There's nothing more special than a girls time out!

Although we'd love to do it weekly (i heard #Undecided shrieked in horror somewhere just now), there are a lot of other things that we must do (you know, boring ones haha like supervising canopy builders in G's case :P, or less boring things like going to Bali for a vacay in mine!), so we only got to do it a month after the last one. It was so much more special because we were joined (unexpectedly) by #Undecided.
A selfie before going out is like an official rule, of corz. And no, i didn't put on that leopard top to bug #Undecided, i planned to wear it a few days before, it's not my fault that she decided to join at the very last minute! An outfit post will follow soon!

Errr, sorry to post your bare feet, ladies, i gotta show off my cute yellow trainers!

Dunno if you can tell from my face *i think i looked puffy and tired* that i wasn't feeling very well (another episode of flu that haven't gone away for weeks now *sigh*), my nose was blocked and runny simultaneously, it was disgusting. 

Plus i was in a rotten mood because my hunny been super annoying (not like, disturb me all the time annoying, but more of that spacing out and unfocused annoying. Pretty much ignoring me for days, and i am such a Princess of corz it made me consider adopting a toy boy immediately. Don't mess with me) for the past few days (of course we made up already, tips? I ignored him for a few hours and went to have fun with my girls. Came crawling back to me acting all cute, of course. Don't take craps from your other half, ladies!).

He totally ruined my plan (including going to the Church again for the first time in many many months. Oops. I just couldn't stand not be near him when i'm super annoyed like that. Don't go on preaching on me now, i won't preach on you and i appreciate you to do the same) but at the same time, i got to have some super fun time with my galz *sigh*. I'm so going to hell.

Anyway! I did have plan to use that Ishine vouchers i got from VT and visit Elianto again (they are having lots of promotion for Christmas! Can't. Resist) but as usual, i ended up with so much more than i planned to. Typical.

You know, for someone who's a total creature of habit i kinda sucked at maintaining series. I keep on going off with my weekly haul posts while my hauls keeps on mountain-ing up. Haih. I actually am prepping another massive November haul already, but i'm so scared that #Undecided would really lose it this time and tie me to a pole or something, i figured it's better to post a haul post of stuffs that i got when i was with her. At least she already KNEW (and must i say, approve?) i got them so she couldn't be angry again. Right? RIGHT???

Okay lah, let's start with the beauty stuffs.
Ishine Trio Eyeshadow in Lilac Candy and Blush On in Bronze D'Or
Very tempted to use every single one of the vouchers (except for the 20% off eyeliner) but it won't be expired before 31st January anyway, so being a weirdo that i am, i decided to purchase their lipsticks (Buy 1 Get 1 what) and powder on January :P. I decided to get the better deals (IDR 50.000 off on blush on and eye shadow each) first :p. I know i said i'm gonna stock up for gifts, but well.. I ended up buying for myself. What's new?
May not look like much in the picture but in real life it's pretty gorgeous!!! Especially love the burgundy one in the middle. Definitely not the type of colors i really have in my collection yet
I actually planned to buy an eyeshadow palette for a gift since the friend i have in mind wear a lot of eyeshadow (but not blush on), but when i saw this shade and swatched it... I (thinking of any excuses) errr, got into the usual trance. I hope that particular friend (i don't think so anyway) reads this blog, but i might give the other Ishine eyeshadow that i got from VT in exchange since it  contained much more natural (and more of the type that she wears) and wearable colors. I don't think burgundy eyeshadow's for everybody anyway. I'm still thinking though, i have attachment issues with my make ups *clearly*.
The shimmery blush on was BEAUTIFUL!
Again, it doesn't look like much on the picture *or even on the real life pan actually*, so i was happily surprised when i swatched them and see how beautiful they are once applied! I was never a big fan of shimmery blush on, but they are definitely growing on me. You can't tell from the picture *heck, i can't even tell by looking at the actual thing, #Undecided even went and said that it looked like an ordinary powder on the pan but she also agreed that they are very beautiful worn* but it has a very finely milled shimmer that's gonna make one's complexion glows! From all of their collection (and that's saying a lot because i love how pigmented and buttery their lipsticks are, also how pretty their eye shadows are once swatched-even though i wish they come up with more color selections, they only have four color choicest and on the pan i must say they look kinda "old" and boring) i gotta say their blush ons are my fave! 

There were only two choicest for blush on color, sadly! One's a pretty soft pink color called Passion Pink (that should be my obvious choice, given my fondness of pink blushers. But i figured, i still have a few pale pink blush on in my stash so i surprised even myself by purchasing the only other color) and this Bronze D'Or. Dunno why they called it Bronze something, it's very soft and pale, i think it's too pale to be considered a bronzer (or maybe i'm just confusing a simple name with the function, wouldn't be my first). Just like the eye shadow, i hope they'll come out with more colors (at least they have a pretty extensive lipstick choices with 12 colors!).

This is one higher end local brand we should keep our eyes on! And do look out for promotions (like this voucher i used) because without them, they are quite pricey (especially for local products), eye shadows are IDR 135.000, blush ons IDR 120.000, lipsticks IDR 75.000, and if i remember correctly : powder foundie IDR 180.000 and eyeliner IDR 80.000.

Then of course, we went to Elianto (fast becoming my go to imported brand. Very affordable with high quality! Lemme tell you something, their nail polishes are one of the best nail polishes i've ever tried!).
Call me kiasu but i can never pass on promotional packages with cute extras like these!
So, i actually went to Elianto and purchased their sheet facial masks last week (with #Undecided) because i saw in their FB page that they're having a promotion : 5 masks for IDR 79.000, which is a total steal (actual price's around IDR 25.000/piece). Since i am a huge sheet masks fan, i just gotta get them! Then i also got attracted to their other packages (there are a LOT! Including make up sets. If you're interested to get them, hurry and grab them! Lots of great deal there! I'd probably buy every packages available if i let myself WTF), especially the shampoo+shower gel package (because i'm concerned about my hunny's prematurely thinning hair! I try to buy him higher ended shampoos because clearly drugstore shampoos doesn't do anything for his hair! And because shower gel's one my biggest weakness that i can actually justify coz we use them every day right!)

Shampoo+Shower Gel Package IDR 149.000

Chose the Scalp Care Shampoo because i think he needs scalp care more than moisturizing one (the other variant available), but no, he doesn't have dandruff *LOL*. It's pretty huge (400ml).
I sniffed the other variants and sadly i didn't find most of them to smell nice. The BA told me they focus more on the benefit than the smell, but what can i do, i love my shower gel to smell yummy! This one's the nicest smelling one lah, with Raspberry & Acai Berry (sorry for the blurry pic i didn't realize zzz, it's 250 ml).
Then since we spent more than IDR 300.000 in Centro (i also bought two tops that i will show you below), we got an IDR 30.000 voucher. And because i've been thinking of buying more sheet facial masks (you know, i use them every week, i keep on running low on them), i used them wisely of corz ahahahaha.

In the end paid IDR 49.000 for 5 sheet masks! That's IDR 9.800 each, cheap or what?
Next stuffs i want to show you are actually not exactly beauty stuffs, but it can be related to beauty.

Alcohol 70% so i can finally do the DIY brush cleanser that Phanie posted on her blog (that i've procrastinate doing for months already even though i already bought the other ingredient and even a bottle to place them months ago as well..) and Salep Sriti.
I know right, what a fugly name. Sriti. LOLOLOLOL. Sounds like some bird feed or something. And it costs only IDR 4000 (USD 0.35 haha), #Undecided swore by this cream (that is actually a Chinese cream so you can find it in most Chinese medicine shops) to speed the recovery of a wound. My legs recently got lots of wounds from extensive scratching *lots of moqsuitos in rainy season apparently zzzz* so i'm gonna give it a try. I might even do a review on this dirt cheap antiseptic cream :p.

Moving on now! I am trying really hard to reduce my clothes buying, and i really did (you don't believe me??? I only bought ONE dress in Bali and i very rarely order clothes online lately! Really lah, trust me) but then i blew it once we entered Magnolia. LOL. I mean, their stuffs are getting more and more ridiculously expensive (and they put them on sale soon afterwards WTF) and most of their designs didn't agree with me for the past few months, but their new arrival... OH!!! Lots of Emoda inspired (you know, the oh-so-sophisticated monochrome Mode style that, believe it or not, i really LOVE!). So, yep... I'm actually pretty proud that i managed to buy only two (cropped) tops (and that's mainly because a poncho-style top that all three of us liked only got one stock left and we let G-who spotted it first-get. If they have stocks we planned to do a triple twinsies...)

Checked Cropped Top IDR 139.000, Striped Cropped Top 129.000

Since our purchase combined surpassed a certain amount, we could purchase this funky necklace for only IDR 25.000! Of corz i didn't pass that chance
Then, like i said, more clothes at Centro *double sigh*. Both tops were from Chic Simple (one of my fave dept store clothing brand, if only they are not so crazily over priced. I mean, they sell the same stuffs as online shops and they charged more than twice the price. Nutz) on a 70% off.
Blueish Gray Baby Doll Top

Thin Baby Pink Cotton Top
Paid around IDR 170.000 for both tops, so it's IDR 85.000 each (well, when they are on a 70% off then they are cheaper than online shops haha). 

I'm extremely happy with all of my purchases (i mostly shop when there are lots of good deals, and i am the kind that almost never have any regrets! I regret only when i jumped the gun, buy a new arrival that in a few months (or worse, weeks) got slashed to half price. That's my ultimate fear now hahaha)! Have you taken advantage in this sale season and bag yourself some good deals?

Now, i'm gonna go and obsess about hotels in Hong Kong for our upcoming holiday! We made a reservation with Disneyland Hotel online that turned out to be severely overpriced *cries*, i found the exact same hotel in for HKD 500 cheaper! And the Disneyland online also not very helpful, keep on asking us to fax forms etc (we're using my dad's credit card to book because i want to turn it into installment, you know... kiasu reasons) and no further info. I don't think they charged the credit card yet (they promised they won't charge it without confirmation and so far we got no confirmations yet), so fingers crossed we can cancel it ASAP and book via Asiatravel instead! 

Wish me luck!!!


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  1. Itu belanjaan waktu ketemu diriku kemaren ya cee? Hi5 btw, you're going to HK??? Omoooo take me wid youu ce *pinginbalikkehk*

    1. Iyaaaa bener Sha wahahahah, udah ga keliatan belanjaane krn udah d bawa sama sang kuli, eh sang suami denk hehehe... Iya Sha, dpt tix Tiger Air murceee banget eheheheh, ayooo brkt :D

  2. cc postingannya haul terus bikin jadi racun :)))) btw, aku nominasiin cc ke liebster award. mampir ke blogku ya mind to follow me back? thank you :)

    1. Hahahah maapkan ya, aq juga sll meracuni diri sendiri dan keracunan mulu dr mana2 hikhikhik. Thank u ya, kita sdh pernah posting ttg liebster award nih kebetulan :). But i'll try to answer your questions anyway :). I'll add your G+ :)