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Hey guysss ^^!

Sorry for being MIA for a few days, i've been super busy with nonstop events and social life :D. Holiday's coming soon (it has already been going on for a while for Little O, actually), i have two upcoming trips zooming in and has done zero packing *deep inhale* #freakingout. Anyway. Let's focus to this blog post first, shall we?

One of the things that got quite a lot of compliments in this blog (and real life *blush*) is my hair. I have naturally bone-straight, super silky hair (no amount of bleaching can roughen them up haha). They're very shiny, long and healthy-BUT... They're also very fine. So fine that my mum always freaks out whenever she sees me shedding hair (because she thinks that imma be bald soon -___- since i don't seem to have that many hair in the first place). 

While i am not actually balding (trust me, i checked with a dermatologist haha #bloggerperks), i do hate how limp, lifeless and thin my hair looks most of the time. One thing that i ALWAYS crave is more volume please! I always found the idea of hair extensions to be quite tempting, but i love comfort and after experiencing only a few strands of permanent hair extensions attached to my hair... I know they're not for me. I hated they way they feel when i lay down and how they got severely tangled when i wash my hair! 

Then i got an offer to try on clip in hair extensions from New York based (100% natural Remy) clip-in hair extension specialist called Irresistible Me, of course i jumped at the opportunity!
International shipping can take FOREVER, so i was super surprised when the package from Irresistible Me arrived within a few days!
I want to thank my friend Kathy who helped me take the photos for this blog post!
Irresistible Me hair clip comes in their signature black box with a caricature of a girl (with fabulous hair, of course) inside
The hair extensions themselves are packed in a sealed plastic pouch, divided in two sections to help you see the color easier-do not open the seal if you accept the wrong shade because once you open the seal, they're unreturnable!
The hair extensions are wrapped in hair nets to keep them in shape
As you must already know, i have a blonde-ish dyed hair with ombre tips. I'm not so sure which color of the hair extensions  should i pick to match my own hair, but with the help of my hair dresser (who, of all people, should know best about my hair, right!)  i picked this ash blonde color and since i have waist length hair (and no plan to cut them anytime soon), i asked for the 22 inch. I was a bit worried when i saw the hair clips in real life because they look so light-colored, but fortunately once attached-they blend in nicely with my hair-it does give a slight highlighted effect (because they're a tone lighter than my faded hair color) but it's actually a good thing!

In the set they sent me, there are a few different width hair clips included :
The widest one with four clips (1 piece), this one pretty much covers the width of my scalp!
2 pieces of three clips width
My favorite : 5 pieces of two clips width
And finally, 2 pieces of one clip width for those extra spaces on your head (that sounds a bit wrong hahaha)
Here's how my hair looks like before any clip-in's added :
Yes, i'm aware that i need a touch up SOON! And i also plan to change the ombre color (again)
And let's start adding them on! This was my first time ever using proper clip-in hair extensions (i have used highlight clip-ins before, but that's just a few pieces at the sides of my hair!) so i didn't actually know what to do, thank God for good friends who are always willing to help out (thank you again Kathy :D!).

I decided to make a brief tutorial for those of you who are in the same boat as me hahaha. First, gather a section of your hair (starting from the most inner part of your hair where you want to add the clip-in extensions) and tie them up :
Make sure there's a clean line where you can add your clip-on extensions
Then prepare the hair extension that you want to use, Kathy used the widest one first.
All you have to do is snap the clips back, slip them in your own hair where you want the extensions to be, then snap the clip back
And tadahhh, it's on. Yes, the color looks un-uniformed, but that's because we haven't let the upper hair loose and gather them
Still very obvious because we snap this one in a hurry since we still wanted to add more hair clips haha
More volume instantly!
Then Kathy went on and added a (lot) few more hair clips until my scalp can't accomodate any more (i can't use all of the hair extensions in the set because my hair is super fine as you can see for yourself, we had to leave around 3 left unused) and this is the final result. Now you can see how nicely they blend with my real hair!
Wow, i never have so many hair in my life before
More hair makes my chubby face looks smaller hahaha
 Let's see the before and after side by side!
L : Before, R : After
I don't know if you even notice the dfference? I personally think so, especially on the upper area. My hair is not as limp and the volume's so much better after! The change is quite subtle (but effective!), which i LOVE! I mean, i don't exactly want people to be able to tell that i'm wearing hair extensions! Irresistible Me's hair extensions are so natural looking (even though i'm wearing quite a lot of them here) that even my hair dresser didn't realize i was wearing them, he said "Wow, they blend in so well with your hair!!!" and then proceed on complimenting himself for picking the perfect shade for me -___-. Other people commented that they thought my hair's suddenly became even longer but also didn't realize that i was wearing extensions ^^
Definitely more volume!
I have twice as many hair with the clip-in extensions hehehe
Irresistible Me's hair extensions are definitely high quality, they're sturdy, the clips are secure and not painful (like some clips can be) when attached to my own hair. The hair itself is not super soft (especially when i compare them with my own hair, but my hair's not very normal anyway *LOL*) but the slight coarseness makes the volumizing effect more obvious. They're not very coarse, don't worry hehe, i didn't feel any itchiness or poking feeling when i use them.

As i am not used to have so many hair, it does take a while to get used to the feeling! Especially the four clips width one, that one is quite heavy! I personally prefer to use the smaller ones, especially the two clips width and scatter them all over my head.

The clip in hair extensions are very easy too use too, even i'm (who's totally clueless when it comes to hair styling) can put them on myself with ease. 

I'm HONESTLY, addicted to them. When i first get them, i didn't know how often they would be used because i'm pretty lazy >.<, but i surprise myself because i haven't gone out without at least two of them in my head now! For realz! Now that i see how pretty my hair can be with a little bit more volume, my real, limp hair is no longer an option!
I like how they look even better after i got my regular fringe trim hehe. In this photo i'm using 1 three clips width, 2 two clips width and 1 of the single ones. More than enough to achieve the thickness i crave!
I want to thank Irresistible Me (especially Adriana!) for the opportunity to try out their awesome clip-in hair extensions! I honestly love them and definitely will keep on using them!

Check out their website (other than hair extensions, they also have hair accessories and hair tools!) and get your own hair needs!
Irresistible Me


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