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Hey guyssss :D!

I'm here today to share with you a very basic, step by step skin care tutorial (ala #Pink!) that every girl (well, guys too actually) should know and apply to their everyday life! I have pretty much follow these steps myself for the longest time that it's totally an automatic thing for me-that's why it shocks me a lot when i learn that a lot of my friends don't even know the basic steps and what they should use in basic skin care steps! 

Anyway, if you're as clueless as my friends are (staring at Av and Lid intently), worry not! #Pink is here to rescue your skin!

I have recently revamped my skin care routine with all Laneige products kindly sponsored by iBeau ^^.
This basic four steps skin care, of course, are using products suitable for my (very oily, prone to black and white heads) skin. But actually all basic skin care routine are pretty much the same for every skin type, just make sure you're using products which are suitable for your skin type!
Let's get started!

First step : CLEANSE!
Of course, you should always start your routine with cleansing your skin! (Please note that you need to always use a separate eye & lip makeup remover and makeup remover first if you're wearing makeups) As i mentioned before, my skin is very prone to white and black heads (although thankfully, not to pimples!) so i always prefer to use deep cleansing products, that's why my choice falls to:
Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam
It's a mild foaming cleanser with a dense lather to purity pores and inhibit sebum secretion. This foam cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It's totally no-nonsense, all you need to do is squeeze an appropriate amount (about 2 cm length) :
Then wet with a little water and lather with finger tips and massage gently all over your face, massage problematic areas (those with extra sebum secretion) with extra care-then rinse well
Second step : Tone!
I'm using :
Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner
I've never used any other type of skin toner than the traditional watery type so i'm quite excited to give this skin refiner a try. FYI, skin refiner has the same purpose as the usual watery toner, just different name (and in this case, texture). 

Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner is a gel-type skin refiner for silky smooth skin. Extracts of Lycopen raise skin elasticity while other nutritional ingredients address dryness deep inside the skin. 

Unlike watery toner, you do not need cotton pads to apply this, just pump a sufficient amount :
For me, one pump is all i need
Then apply from center of your face towards the contour :
Hello bare face! Please ignore the spots on my forehead, this photo is taken just a few days after my monthly facial :p

Third step : moisturize!
Okay, for normal or dry skin type, this third step might require two products : emulsion (optional) and moisturizer. However, my very oily skin cannot take more than one of these products (most heavy moisturizer give me loads of whiteheads immediately) at one go so i decided to use :
Laneige Light Balancing Emulsion
Oh yeah, they have three different variants for this particular emulsion that you can use according to your skin types. Light is for oily skin, moisture for dry skin and sensitive for sensitive skin. 

Laneige Light Balancing Emulsion contains niacinamide that removes impurities in pores, and Ginger extracts which anti-inflammatory nature creates oil-moisture balance and controls excess sebum for clear skin. 

Just like the skin refiner all you need to do is 
In the instruction they suggest the usage of cotton pad then swipe it lightly from inside out, but i prefer to apply it directly to my face like i would normal moisturizer :
Please note that it is highly suggested to use additional moisturizer after this step, and if you have dry skin then it's actually a must hahaha. However, my skin is very well moisturized after this step (and my skin actually turns oily a few hours afterwards so i know that i cannot add any more product on top of this) so this is where i stop. It's very important to understand your own skin and what they need, okay? Since every skin is different and there's no one formula that can work for every skin out there.

But wait, the routine is not done yet. You can never forget your eye area so last step : Moisturize eye area!

I have fine lines under my eyes but sadly heavy eye creams give me millia seeds (sigh) so i prefer to use lighter eye products. I love eye gels, but most eye gels stings my eye area badly-thankfully this one doesn't!
Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel
I loveee how it's light enough for my delicate eye area but non stinging and well moisturizing! 

Scoop a sufficient amount with the spatula provided :
Then apply it under your eyes upwards in circular motion!
And done!
Skin care routine done, all ready for makeup/sleep!
Simple, right? So simple there should be no more excuses not to have a follow a strict skin care routine every day now, is there?

All of the products featured here can be purchased in www.ibeau.com (i've linked up every product directly, you're welcome!), they have a  fantastic range of Laneige products (and other brands too) with awesome prices, most of them are now on sale too! 

Thank you iBeau for providing the products!

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ibeaucom



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