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Are you in the latest trend for shoes accessories (oh wow, now even shoes have their own accessories alright!)? Of course i'm talking about shoe clips! Every fashionista seems to be rocking them-i'm probably a bit late to jump in the wagon but once i am in, there's just no going back!

I got my first (two) pairs of shoe clips, thanks to SLF.thelabel !
SLF.thelabel : Instagram
 Line : slf.thelabel
So, SLF The Label is a new shoe clips specialty online shop based in Surabaya, i happen to know one of the owners and she kindly gave me these two awesome shoe clips for me to review.
The simple, but crips and attractive package they came in
I loveee their packaging. Look so professional, elegant and exclusive! My shoe clips happens to come from their monochromatic line and the black and white packaging goes perfectly with them. A for aesthetic!

Let's take a closer look at them one by one, shall we?
The first pair's these cute Mickey Mouse hands bejewelled ones. I also love how they personalized each box. Looking at this i am struck by an idea, these shoe clips are definitely not only awesome enough to collect for yourself, but also pretty enough as a special gifts for your friends! I highly recommend the personalized ones, they would make such an awesome gift!
A close up look. Every single one of SLF The Label's shoe clips are carefully and expertly hand made!
People mostly pair their shoe clips with their flats, but i like to be different-why not bling out this pair of overly worn heels i have?
They look so different, so much cuter instantly <333!
The next pair's very special because it's personalized! Mine's MC (or CM) which stands for both hunny and i's initials ^^. If you don't have a significant other yet, you can always use your own initials!
If the Mickey Mouse hands are bejewelled, these personalized shoe clips are decked with cylinder beads
I love pairing them with my "Cinderella shoes", which is these transparent glittery flat shoes hehe. It glams it up instantly and i love it so much i never took them off since haha
In case you're worried if the clips would hurt your precious shoes :
Don't. The back is made of (insert material name. LOL. You don't expect me to know right :p) this fluffy and soft material that would be gentle on your shoes. And they would also make direct contact with your feet, it doesn't feel like anything. Trust me, i've worn them numerous of times already
I know that most shoe clips are very expensive, not to worry! SLF The Label claims they have better prices than most, their clips price range from IDR 78.000 to IDR 198.000! They can be paired with most types of footwear (as long as its got flat surfaced to stick them on) and you can mix and match them, i'd say they're very addicting to collect OMG!

Oh yeah, no need to worry about the blings coming off, they're securely fastened and unless you're like, the clumsiest person on earth, they will all stay put!

Of course, they have a lot of other models of shoe clips like these :
LOL, how cute are these?
Classic flower style
For the super elegant you out there. These clips can make any plain Janes ready to parteee
They also have back clips
My favorite. How kawaiiiii ^^
Even though they're very new, they already have quite a collection of models in which to choose from, please go to their Instagram for more models!

I personally really love their shoe clips, i would highly recommend them for all of you especially those who have collection on basic shoes-glam them up with these awesome shoe clips from SLF The Label!

I would definitely purchase these shoe clips with my own money, and i plan to order some as bday gifts for my friends! There's no need to buy more shoes, buy shoe clips instead hahaha. They're more space friendly!

Good news for my readers, SLF The Label kindly provide a discount code just for y'all! Quote 
When you order your shoeclips and get an exclusive 15% off, valid until the end of January 2016 so, hurry up!
Thank you SLF The Label for the shoe clips, best of luck to you!
Happily rockin' my glammed up heels

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