Event Report : Grand Opening of Shu Uemura at Galaxy Mall Surabaya

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Hey guys...

Tomorrow we're leaving for a family trip (just a local one) and i'm almost certain that i won't be able to blog while we're there-being one of the most productive local blogger, the thought of leaving my blog almost unattended (thanks to the fact that probably the #Undecided part of this blog won't be returning to this blog for a while, if ever *LOL*) drives me insane so i decided to cram one last post before we go. And i haven't even finished packing yet (mostly thanks to my own stupidity. Since this is an event report and there's always a big chance that reps from the company will read this, i feel like i should keep the gross story for another time. It's really disgusting *LOL*).

So anyway, around two weeks ago i attended the opening of Shu Uemura's store in Galaxy Mall with Trixie and Kathy.
Actually Trixie (and Cynthian? She couldn't make it though because she went to Jakarta for an event) was the one who got invited by Shu Uemura's rep and then she kindly invited Kathy and i-of course we happily said yes!

I'm sure Shu Uemura needs no introduction, being one of the most well known high end makeup brands and all-i've heard about this brand long before i even started getting interested in makeup-and that's a LONG time ago! I'm more than thrilled to have one of my fave high end brand opening their own store in the mall closet to my house!
When we arrived, the store was already bustling with activities, from store visitors browsing around to makeup artists preparing models for the event. We were greeted by Shu Uemura's rep and then was welcomed to roam around and play with the testers *beauty junky paradise right there!*
I was dying to take a pic with the uber cute fox balloon representing their latest limited edition collection but alas, none of my friends that day was as crazy as me so i just snap this pic instead hahaha
One of Shu Uemura's iconic products : fancy falsies!
The ones with rhinestones are so perfect for parties!
Let's start drooling over their products, shall we?
Acccckkk so many colorsss, can i take them all homeeeee???
Lippie galore!
Swatched some and they sure are pretty!
I forgot to clean my hand after this, and the pencil liners didn't budge! Until i wash my hand and scrubbed it hard hahaha
Miss Trixie busy shopping hahaha
Every year Shu Uemura has a collaboration with different artists/designers for their limited edition collection and this year they partner up with Maison Kitsune
I saw Shu Uemura's rep wearing Tricolor-in-a-blink and i couldn't stop staring at her lashes! So pretty and yet understated, how surprising is that? Colorful lashes being totally subtle and not loud or out there?
In love with their fun and eclectic design, even the ceiling's so cute and fun!
Then we were ushered to the actual event area for the makeup demo.
I don't have too many pictures of the makeup demo because i brought the wrong camera (i thought it'd just be a store opening so i didn't bring my camera which can zoom in) and also sitting in second row means 70% of our view are shielded by people's backs *LOL*, not very ideal for photo takings
Kathy was outrageously late as usual (we were at the store for quite a while and she only showed up after we sat at the event area for 15 minutes or so *LOL*), but somehow she managed to arrived before the makeup demo started
MC of the day introducing Rio Susanto from Excellence salon who's the MUA of the day
The model is a very familiar face in this blog hahaha
Theme of the makeup is "East Meet West"
Trixie told me that there were females behind us whispering excitedly about how cute the DJ was *LOL*. I was busier feeling sorry for him looking confused and blank just standing there during the makeup demo *LOL*
The result
Other models that already been made up beforehand. The girl in the middle is actually a good friend of #Undecided, i was just too shy to say hi (hi Bella :p)
Products runway show. From their cult eyelash curler to famous cleansing oil, lightbulb foundie-amongst all
It was a pretty fun event (even though there are times where three of us felt a bit out of place-especially because the rep forgot to tell Trixie about the black dresscode that we ended up looking more like the cosplayers they have in the event *especially me!* LOL), thank you Trixie for inviting us and Shu Uemura for having us!
Went for a girlie lunch afterwards with Wulan (who also attended the event), a fashion blogger which i met at another event
Oh, not to forget the AWESOME goodie bag!
The palette!!!! LOVEEEE it!
I might not be able to update before New Year, in that case i wanna wish you all an early happy new year! Hope you all going to have a smashing good time!

Lots of love,

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  1. OMG XD pinggiiinnnnn, goodie bagnya asli bikin ngiler harus langsung di review ya Mindy :*

    1. Hoh.. okay win, secepatnya yah (entah kapan itu LOL)