My Shopping Experience with iBeau

11:27:00 PM

Hello my dears ^^!

We, as today's humans are, totally spoiled. For instant, we don't even have to leave the convenience of our room to shop-thanks to online shops! But online shopping, as fun as they can be, is not always safe-i speak from (a very bitter) experience! I was once scammed out of my money and i'm still very angry when i think about it now *grrrr*.

That's why we need to choose the online shops where we shop at carefully, nowadays i prefer to shop from e-commerce type of online shop than the traditional ones that are operating through social medias (i still shop at those type of online shop from time to time but i'm super cautious now! I always look for testimonials that can be tracked and mostly only shop at a few shops that i've become a long time customer of)-it's fuss free, drama free and i love the ease to find the products that i am looking for!

Let me introduce you to a newly launched, trusted e-commerce :!
Shopping at iBeau is as easy as it can be!
You can browse by brands, sale or type of products that you're looking for
One of the things that i noticed immediately about iBeau that no all other beauty e-commerce have is that they have travel size/miniature products of well known beauty brands (they only sell genuine products, don't worry!).
You know how sometimes before we invest on expensive products we'd like to try them out first to know if they'd react well with our skin, now you can get the small sizes first from iBeau! They also seem to always have different, value-for-money promotions like that "Buy any of the 10 Clinique products for USD 5". As a queen of bargain shopping, i am very happy to see that hahahaha
iBeau has a wide array of products (from skin care, cosmetics to fragrances) from lots of different and prestigious brands :

First thing that caught my fancy. I've been loving Laneige a lot lately, it's a bit expensive for a sheet mask-let's see if it's worth the price! To the shopping cart it goes!

I was looking for a makeup item next and saw the TonyMoly Petite Bunny gloss bar. I already have three of them and loveeee them (so so cute hehe) so i decided to get one more (i want every single one of themmm)
All you gotta do is click add to cart!
Then check out and fill in your shipping and payment details! iBeau offers free shipping to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand with a minimum purchase of USD 30 only!
I immediately got a confirmation e-mail with the details of my purchases (FYI, the address i use is my office's address so i don't mind the whole world to know hahahaha. Make it easier if you want to seng me gifts *LOL*)
Then the next day i got a shipping confirmation!
As iBeau is not based in Indonesia (i think they're based in Hong Kong, if i'm not mistaken), i was prepared to wait for a long time for my stuffs to arrive, but in precisely 6 days... They're here!
Nicely packed in a box
Bubble wrapped thickly to ensure their perfect condition ^^
Ta dahhhh ^^
Overall i'm highly satisfied with my experience of shopping at iBeau. Navigating my way through the website is easy (some e-commerce are so cluttered and disorganized, i gave up trying to shop there many times!), i love always being updated with my statuses (one of the biggest worries of shopping online is un-communicative sellers who won't respond when you ask where your items are-with iBeau you will get e-mail updates-and you can always check your status at the website!), shipping is very fast for international website and products came safely in perfect condition!

Thank you iBeau for the shopping experience, and you guys hurry sign up with them to get 20% off your first purchase!


*This is a sponsored post
*All opinions are mine and unbiased

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