Furla Neopop Spring Summer 2015 Collection Preview

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Hiyaaaa :D!

I'm actually going to write about something a little bit different today, it's a fashion related event : Furla Indonesia's Spring Summer 2015 Collection Preview!
I came with my beloved cozkie L and joined by my gal LL later ^^ (so they're LLL?)
You know i love fashion (although i am definitely not a fashion follower, as in i don't even like watching fashion show on TV, and i don't gawk at designers' latest collections or wait for them like it's going to save my life *LOL*), but i am hardly a trendy person.  I have my own distinct style (and it's very apparent in this event, i think i looked very different than the majority of the attendance-style wise haha) and if i see a current trend that i like, i implement it to my own style instead of following them all blindly :p.

I also have to be honest, i don't do designer clothes (at least at the moment, i don't want to be a hypocrite if in a few years i change my mind and start using them!) but i definitely adore designer/branded bags. Bags are probably the only item in which i am willing to pay a lot of money for (well, genuine jewelries too) and one of the brands that i like is Furla.

My love affair with Furla started when i saw a glimpse of their Candy bag at Vietnam (yes, of all places!!!), i couldn't stop thinking about them and soon i purchased my first Furla-of course it's a Candy bag, and now i own two of them. I recently also received a Furla leather wrap bracelet from my hunny as Valentine's Day gift so when their invitation came through mail... I decided to go.
Of course, it's actually open for public too, Ciputra World's also posting about this event in their IG :
Although it's not the first time i've received a fashion related preview/launching event invitation, it's the first time that i actually go. I thought as a lifestyle blogger, i should be comfortable to attend any kind of event (because i actually don't feel like i fit in the fashion crowd *LOL*, and i don't know anyone except L and LL *but i did met Abi and Merli later on haha* and i always prefer to be in an event where i actually knows most people who are attending!) and as i'm now getting more comfortable at being uncomfortable (how weird is this sentence?), i thought i should always embrace new experiences.

Anyway, as L agreed to go with me-we went to CW (very) early to do some shopping and cafe-ing (LOL, yes, it's a word now :p) first before heading to Furla.
I totally forgot to take a pic of the store so i went back the preview finished just to take this pic #dedication *LOL*
As it was the first time for me attending fashion related event, i was quite confused-it's certainly not the same as beauty events. I mean, i know that most beauty events that i attended were exclusive bloggers/media events, but even those which were open for public were a lot more organized than this *LOL*. The attendants didn't even seem aware that there were people who actually been invited by Furla (and probably just assume everybody just showed up from the open invitation-OR it could be because i was not a familiar face in the fashion world *LOL*) so L and i felt a little bit like two lost (step) children didn't know what to do.

I felt a bit more comfortable when more people arrived (we went to the store at 3.55, that is apparently way too early) and started taking pictures, it was my cue to do the same :p.
People were going mad because there was a special 20% discount that day (+5% or something if you have Mega First credit card)
It was starting to get really crowded
Wogh, look at L's face, is she going to kill me for posting this pic? Hihihi
It was getting really crowded
When in doubt, take a selfie! Or wefie #whatevs
And make your partner pose so you can take pictures of them looking busy *LOL*
Then we decided to have a look around since the fashion show's not starting yet. This is on the other side of the store and it's my fave section. Because! Jelly!!!
The three colorful Candy bags are tiny, they're so cute! L's wondering if it's for kids? I'm not so sure myself. And the one of the lower shelve!!! LOVE LOVE! It's baby pink and my Candy Bag's also baby pink so i don't think i should be getting it >.<
The mini Candy bags are soooo adorbs, but L demonstrated that her phone couldn't even fit in there (LL actually had one once and sold it off because of that particular reason) so...
Much more serious section haha
L's simple and boyish OOTD haha
Seriously, these tiny sling bags are too adorbs...
L being silly. But look at that Candy bag, so tiny indeed! Anyone knows if it's meant for kids or not??
My OOTD, will go in detail in a different (outfit) post
This wall is the most photogenic spot, you'll see us taking more pics here later hahaha
L then ran into her old colleague who's now working for Mega Bank (which is the same company group as Furla Indonesia, that's why you can get extra discount using their credit card and even get an installment) and started chatting while i looked around and snapped some more pics
Do you see the woman filling in the registration? Only then one of the attendant realized that he should ask me to do the same *LOL*, now tell me, if it's not a messy event then what is *sigh*? I don't mean to be a B, i'm probably just experiencing a culture shock (you know, as a mainly beauty blogger-it's a totally different world!) or something, but i was just a bit confused. 

What is the point of actually calling to ask me to attend, sending me the hard copy of the invitation-and then asking (as a second or tenth thought) me to fill in the guest book when there's really no telling the difference between the walk-in and invited guests? I'm just a little confused. Is all fashion preview like this? *scratching my head*. Shouldn't there be at least... I dunno, a welcoming host?

Anyway, despite my confusion, i decided to make the most of our time there-and for me that's to be a cam-whore *LOLOLOL*. LL arrived with her sis in law then.
So...  of course. Our didn't plan on wearing those matchy matchy Candy bags (but we did buy it together back when!)
One with L
And one more with LL hihihi
And thennnn finally the fashion show started. Again, since i am such a rookie i didn't even know if the model would just walk around the store or get out, i saw people lining up the front of the store so i panicked and asked L. L's just as clueless as me and said "Let's just stay in". BIG MISTAKE! By the time we scurried out, the best spots were already taken so i can only stand and snap pics from the side *deep sigh*.
The Caucasian lady in the middle's actually Furla Asia Pacific's Manager (stole the info from Merli's IG hahaha). Btw, the girl in grey dress on the far left... She's so familiar. Anyone knows her? Is she a celebgram or a fashion blogger? I probably stalked her IG once or something but i can't remember, and it's driving me crazy when i can't remember stuffs >.<!!!
Let the collection preview begin!
Gorgeous green collection. Two of the models were the same ones as the models for Clinique's event just a few days earlier haha
Blue collection (if i'm not mistaken, LL ended up getting the small one)
Coral and pink. I'm loving the baby pink sling bag the model in the middle wore!!! And the tiny Candy bag... Seriously i'm going insane, is it for kids???
Stacy bag that caught L's attention. I dunno why i'm not into drawstring bags though!
And that's all! Actually i missed one bag, it's a seasonal black jelly bag with details because i was busy filming it on my IG (not very nicely, as well. But i tried, you can see it here)
Photo taken from Ciputra World's Instagram because i was standing at the side and there's not way i could snap a pic of the three of them in centre. The pink sling bag *drool*!
I don't know if this violet beauty is part of the newest collection or not, but it totally caught my eyes! I didn't get it straight away because i'm just not the type of girl who buys expensive things impulsively *LOL*, it takes me, well... days to decide!
Despite my confusion and the lost feeling, i still had loads of fun (mainly thanks to L and LL hahaha) and it's still great to be able to see Furla's newest collections. I would love to go to another fashion related events, hopefully one that's a bit less confusing though hahaha.


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  1. I also am not the type of gawk at the latest fashion collections being modelled on the runway, but attending this kind of event is thrilling. It's a nice change from food events I join. It's great that you get to be invited to one. Having a sneak preview of the fashion items will make me want to buy those I like, haha. Yeah I agree--the mini Candy bags are so cute!

    1. It is, but if i am honest after two fashion events, i'm not too thrilled anymore *LOL*-i definitely belong to beauty events more!

  2. Thanks for this post buddy. I am also into corporate event planning and always keep searching for innovative and unique thoughts to make my events look exceptional. It will be great to have couple of tips from you as well.

  3. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Nine West Bags at #Majorbrands.