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Hai haiii ^^

After a few days of delays, finally imma blog about my gorgeous friend's birthday party, LL's... should i reveal her age here? I don't think she minds lah, it's her 35th bday but trust me, she looks not a day over 20-or even 15 when she's dressing down and sans makeup hahaha. It was a super fun and fabulous thematic luncheon with some of her other gorgeous friends!
A few weeks prior, LL sent me the invite to her birthday party :
Told ya Bday parties got professional invites now, ohhh i suddenly feel pressured *LOL*
As you can see from the invites, it was actually a joint birthday party of LL (yes yes her real name's Lely) and her friend, Vonny. I didn't know Vonny (never met her before) and most of her other friends (i think met one of her friends before, just one out of the whole group!) before, so as someone who's naturally shy around new people, i was really anxious about coming. But it's LL's party, of course i must attend lah!

Thankfully despite my initial worries, all of her friends are actually very nice and friendly, i felt almost completely at ease at the end of the party-and that's quite something because usually it'd take me a lot more than one meeting for me to warm up to people (well except the ones with strong similar interests like my blogging friends, i seems to bond with them quite quickly hahaha). Btw, LL's bday's actually last December but i guess most people went somewhere for holiday so the celebration's only been held on January ^^.

Aaaaanyway, rambling on as usual, let's get back to the story! As soon as i arrived, LL dragged me to snap some pictures of us hahaha. Btw, some of the pictures in this blog post were taken by and with LL and her friends' camera, thank you ladies for sharing! I hope nobody minded me using the photos here ^^.
One of her friends (i believe her name's Lenny ^^) brought a huge, professional camera with gigantic lens-it's worth the hassle because the result of the picture's absolutely gorge! (okay, i tend to use some words repeatedly in blog posts and i believe that word for today is gorgeos hahaha)
So clear and sharp but still made our skin look flawless!
Making the one taken with Marshmallow a bit sad in comparison hahahaha
I spotted the *yes, it's that word again, but i honestly cannot think of any other word more fitting!* gorgeously decorated table right away, which you'd see in a bit (or you might already have if you follow my Instagram) but that's not all, because they also set up a side display with real Barbies!
Birthday girl slash real life (Asian) Moschino Barbie and real plastic Barbies hehehe
Okay, it took me more than a sheer conscious will to not grab one and start playing with it :p
And i resorted on posing with them instead. Ohhh, accidental photo bomb there!
My hunny (who dropped me off and left after congratulating LL, he totally refused to stay after taking a look of the super girly table full of all-dolled-up ladies hehehe) probably looked quite surprised because LL kept on saying to him that this her last chance to be a Barbie doll because we're approaching 40 (since when 35 is close to 40? Isn't it still halfway there, LL?) LOLOLOL. I gotta be honest here and i really was this close to say "But i just turned 31 three months ago! Stop scaring me LL!" hahahahaha.

The table decoration's really pretty so i definitely need to show them off here! Since i arrived errr... a bit late (my house's on the other opposite end of the town! And i was not the last to come  thankfully, there were three or four more who arrived later than me *relieved* :D) and the table's totally occupied, i am borrowing the pictures that LL and her friends shared (again). I cannot take credit on all of the better photography in this blog post okay, the one that's quite crappy-those were the ones i took WTF.
Clearly i took this one hehehe
Very meticulous decor done by the birthday girls. Btw, LL does have her own party decor and design company called Classy Creation which i've blogged about here
That tierred tray full of roses <3 !!!
In keeping with the floral decors, they even had a rose cake!
Everybody won't let them cut the cake on the venue because the lucheon set already included dessert and we already had a hard time finishing them hahaha
Vonny shared the picture of the of sliced cake-anyone knows if the petals are really edible? I know there are edible flowers, but still. The idea of eating flowers... Is strange. To me. Oh, the cake's rose flavored @___@
More Barbie dolls on the table!
Everything is so detailed and cute, up to the very nitty gritty!
Personalized set up! Even the waiter address you by name when taking your orders hehe
Sweets for sweeties :D
You wouldn't expect anything less from me, right? My dolly makeup was done by O-which i blogged about here
We got to choose our appetizer, main course and desserts. I didn't even have to think about my beverage, i needed coffee! Plenty of it! LOL
Even the cutlery didn't get excluded from being decorated
Here are my yummy choices for lunch :
Creamy Chicken Mushroom which is very yummy but filling (and it turned pink when in contact with my lipstick *LOL*)
So filling that i couldn't even touch my Atlantic Salmon! I asked hunny to come back and eat it for me, but he was too embarrassed (i dunno why, it really annoyed me on end) so when i saw one of the girls da-bao'ed her main course, i quickly did the same *LOLOLOL*. Come on people, i know it's extremely Chinese and all, but why waste food? And that's why there are a lot of rich Chinese people :p we waste nothing. Hunny (who agreed to eat it once out of the place hahaha) said that the cream sauce's totally divine even though the salmon got a little bit bitter taste
My very instagram worthy Bee Bee Pudding (which i stupidly forgot to post in IG LOLOLOL), but pretty foods... Well... they usually don't taste as good as they look. This one included. The yellow pudding i think was mango and quite okay, but the purple tier was dragon fruit and while i love dragon fruit, it was WEIRD. I hate wasting food but i really couldn't take more than two mouthful of the dragon fruit part, it was just too weird!!!
#Undecided and i blogged about Le Ciel Bleu once and we didn't like the food, however the owner (or management) read our review and told us that they had major menu makeover. We didn't get to try them again (because it's too faraway from our house and we're lazy pigs *LOL*, but we'll attend free food tasting for a review *LOLOLOLOL* *shameless blogger*) until this lunch and i must say, they were not just bragging when they said total makeover. 

The food i tasted in this luncheon were 10x better than last time! I would actually recommend them now! And maybe steal the idea (place) as usual to hold my own bday later :P (hey, we have very limited choices in Surabaya >.<). I've always loved the decor and ambience. Service wise, they could use with a little more training though. The waiter kept on forgetting to give us spoons for the soup and the pudding *sigh*, i had to ask multiple times for them to get some for us *SMH*. And the place wasn't even full, there were another party (as in a group of people, not party party. And they kept on staring at use in awe...) in another table and that was it when we started our lunch so it shouldn't be because they were too busy right. 

Anyway, we totally abused one of the waiter and he took around 15678 pictures of us LOLOLOLOL.

Okay this is quite a confusing shot, we were supposed to not look at the camera and pretend to look at the Moschino phone cover, but some of us obliged while the rest kept on happily looking at the cam hahahaha... I did not have Moschino phone cover because i am still using my crappy Blackberry (i really am not a gadget girl.. I'd rather buy a designer bag rather than changing my phone...) and manufacturers had stopped producing cute cases for Blackberry so i.. looked into my neighbor's (Amel ^^, i most probably should call her cece >.<) :p
One more
For once there were other people more narcissistic than me *LOLOL* or probably because i was new to the group and too embarrassed to barge in (they were very sweet and kept on calling me to join in the pictures though ^^), but it soon turned into a serious photo-taking session!
In this pic alone you can see two different groups taking pictures hehehe
After every photogenic spots were covered in the first floor... We moved to the second >.<! Hahahaha... I meant what i said about LL's friends being very welcoming and nice, they even put on their own bag on me when we snapped the next two pictures below because LL was wearing the exact same bag!
So if i were about to write outfit details, it'd be... Bag : borrowed. Hehehehe. I think it was Vonny's?
Then LL went and borrow someone's phone casing for me as well LOLOLOL. Mirror mirror on my Moschino phone case...
Selfie with the bday girl
This was her idea!!! LOLOLOL, whatta cheeky pic, but it's quite cute!

Bday girls ^^
We even snapped some outdoor hehe.
Exterior of Le Ciel Bleu is really dreamy! You can check out my detailed outfit post here
Hunny and i were planning to go to Church next (although i was very anxious about going to the Church with dolly makeup on-i'm sure people already think i am weird on daily basis they do not need extra reasons but i am crazy enough to do it, really)-which never happened because quarter way there the sky opened up and it was raining cats and dogs, complete with flood and traffic jam -____-. This is actually not an excuse, but we'd arrive at the Church as the sermon ends with that kind of pace! Anyway, before we scrambled away (or in my case, limping and hopping away because my heels started to hurt by now *LOL*, it's a shoes for taking pictures and looking good in-not for actual walking, let alone shopping okay!), we took another pic in the patio.
Quite obviously from Lenny's cam hehe
Thank you LL (and Vonny) for such a fabulous party! So pink, so girly and so chic! Let's do it again hehehe...

And thank YOU for reading!


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