Baby Luca 1st Bday Celebration

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I hope you're not getting bored of our celebration posts (i wrote this... probably 2 months ago *LOL*, i know you cannot be bored of them now because we haven't posted any celebration post for months by now!) hahaha, there are still more to come hohohoho.

Let's have a peek into our fun day celebrating Baby Luca's first birthday!
#gengijo (#greenteam)

Since it's a FIRST birthday, of course it should be special righttt... I won't show you the pressies we got for him because we already gave it to him the week before (on his actual birthday) and didn't take any pictures of them beforehand hahaha, but i wanted to bring something for him and i thought... Cake! We should have a cake on a little kiddie's birthdays, right???

But since we're horrible people at planning >.<, i waited on the last minute to get the cake hahaha... Decided to stop by Komugi bakery first because i remember they have cute little cakes there...
Selfie with Baby Boy first ^^
Hey da da!
Sadly... they had no stock of any cute little cakes that day *bawl* huhuhuhuh... So we settled for some cupcakes instead :
Well, at least there's a Shaun the Sheep and some green ones so they match our dress code :D
Bunny Toothed boy :p
Family selfie :D
Heyho!! #Undecided here *waves waves*. Okay, by the time I'm writing this, Luca is 1 year and 2 months old already hahaha... So backdated, I can't even... Let's blame #Pink for going on her holiday for 2 whole months!!! (WTH BB, i wrote the opening paragraphs for months already and you neglected it -____-, we all know who's the biggest procrastinator here!)

Anyway, when we got to the resto (the luncheon was held at Bima Resto), these people were already there...
G's hubby was already busy with his iPad...
And immediately joined by the rest of the dudes... LOL. It's like the gadgets were glued to their hands!
#Pink and I got busy prepping for the "bday cake"
The birthday Boy!! Whom was quite shy at that moment. He's very cheeky lately (as in 2 months after his party), smiling to everyone, and mumbling his fave words: cicak (house lizard), and bapak (mister) LOL. I cannot stop thinking about how he used to say cicuk instead bb LOLOLOLOL (cuk is a curse word in Suroboyoan :p)
Smile Luca!!!!
Don't want to? 
Okay, we'll try again later *auntie's tired already*
Still no smile!! Hahahaha...
Ah finally he's cracking...
Aaaaand back to no smile!!
Okay lah, let's compensate by posting this pic of the smiling mom and dad hehehe...
They're still trying to coax a smile outta him (and US too, FYI!! We were like, "Luca Luca Lucaaaaaa.... Smile Lucaaa, smileeeee!!!")
Whatta cute amused expression ^^!
Is he trying to touch the flame!? 
Yep, he definitely did!
The parents immediately "extinguished" the fire... with their mouths, of course hehe
Now group photo of everyone with the birthday boy not facing the camera hahahaha...
Ah I remember I had a huge pimple that day...
Owen used to like taking selfies with me... Why no more, Owen?! Grrrr!!!
Yuli the weirdo hehehe
No idea why everyone was looking at that direction...
They have very cute straws hehe
#Pink totally made me pose!!! I was genuinely drinking!!
Spotted another cute straw
And insisted that I took one of her showing the cute errr stirrer (if that how you call it?)
Yep it's a stirred and i totally borrowed Av's drink just to camwhore with it, BTW #Undecided this is a selfie alright!
Then we watched the big boy being fed
LOL at his expression in the mirror
Wanna see the yum yums we had that day?
Looks like a weird, thick soup but it's actually noodles! Very yum!
My fave!!!!
Strange, fried to crips veggies
The sweet and sour fish was divine
After filling in our tummies, time to camwhore some more!
One with Av
Our NOTDs, love Av's unusual green polish but not her wrinkly hand LOLOLOL
*stifling a laugh*
Ah our freshly redone hair, I've missed you...!!
Sleepy looking father and son
Galz in green! Can you believe most of us (sans Av) would turn 40 in 8 years! I bet we'd still dress like this! (we didn't even dress this young 10 years ago)
And it was a glass of water I was holding. No alcohol no nothing LOL.
Then we spotted some mirror and took a mirror selfie
Forced G to be our human selfie-stick even though she's the shortest of us all, BY A MILE
#Undecided and Av, OOTD style
The silly guys
AND their gadgets LOL.
Random group *LOL*
Got crashed by Av
And our totally different preferences in footwear!!
Av asked me to snap this pic, then i mentioned Yuli's tum sticking out
So he re-posed hahaha
Goodness, I swear these boys love their gadgets more than they love their spouses!! Probably because those iPads don't talk back ahahahaha...
Ah finally one pic of the birthday boy smiling!!
So happy probably because it was time to go home?! Hahaha can he be more similar to his Uncle Aswin?! LOL.
Owen wishing Luca a happy birthday with a kiss.
It was, as per usual, very laid back, but it was so much fun. I would like to think that one day Luca (the older version of him, obvi) would click on this and read about how his "extended family" celebrated his 1st every birthday (and won't be too annoyed at the fact that we didn't include him in so many photos *grin*).

Happy birthday, baby!!! Love that you're growing up (albeit only 2 months older) to be a very happy baby whom smiles and yaps a LOT (please yap more and annoy your mom hahahaha). Seriously one of these days I'm gonna succeed making you call me yi yi (= aunty)!! I look forward to you growing up and chooses me to be your fave aunt (well, I'm fun, pick me!!), and to play dates with you and Koko Owen!!

I miss Luca! Haven't seen him for a while now! Happy bday again Luca, hope one of these days you wouldn't refused to be held by one of us hahaha. Please grow up to be a super happy and healthy boy! Then you can bug Koko Owen and force him to play with you like he's doing to his older cousins right now! As your mummy for a little sister whom Auntie #Pink and dress us in frilly pink from head to toe! Can't wait til you're old enough for all of us to go have an extended family vacay on our own!

Can't wait to see you on the 25th!

Aunt #Pink and #Undecided.

PS : We have another very backdated birthday celebration needed attending to ASAP, Av's! Please look forward to that!

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  1. Thank you for the post, bitches ^^.
    Can't wait to see you guys on 25th!!
    Let's post that moment here later on with all the kiddos!
    Miss you all already!


    1. You're very welcome, ma biatch! Will do! Let's take LOADS of pics on the 25th!