I'm A Moschino Barbie, Baby!

7:53:00 PM

Because even though i never have any desire to be Princess, being a plastic doll once in a while is fun!

I've always loved Barbie and i had hundreds of them growing up, i obviously have no desire to what Meghan Trainor called "Stick figure silicone Barbie Doll" because 1. I am super flat and 2. I love food too much to be a stick figure *LOLOLOL* but i like dressing up like dolls and putting on dolly makeups a lot-let's not get started about how unhealthy it is to want to look like a doll and how unfeminist that makes me, i really couldn't careless about those craps. It's just a look that i like, plus i am way too old to be influenced by unrealistic desires to resemble a living doll-for me fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself, not some deep sh*t about having the wrong body image-and please do not start about dressing my age. I do what i want and i wear what i want. Capische?

Wow, that's one defensive opening *LOL*, i just hate stupid, insensitive comments so i always feel the need to write a long-ass disclaimer beforehand *LOLOLOL*.

Anyway, Moschino Barbie is the theme of my friend LL's birthday party, Moschino Barbie Tee-to be exact, and this is the look i came up with.
It was a luncheon at Le Ciel Bleu and i must mention that their food has seen 100% improvement from the last time i was there
The Moschino Barbie tee with the Barbie doll on it is the mandatory item in the dress code (well, not authentic... We don't even have Moschino clothing store in Surabaya so it's very hard to get our hands on Moschino items locally, let alone a limited edition or special collaboration ones), LL helped pointing to one online store that sells the printed tee for IDR 275.000 (WTF), since i am not a tee person and most probably not going to wear it more than a handful of times, i decided to hunt for a cheaper alternative : custom make it! 

Turned out that my custom made printed tee have a better quality than the IDR 275.000 one (i paid IDR 67.000 plus shipping for mine hihihihi *super gleeful*) and i am smugly patting my own back for my good decision :p. Btw, LL never mentioned that only the Barbie in the tee is mandatory and i can actually had it printed on different style of clothing so i tried my best to imitate the real thing *stare* *LOL*. Anyway, LL also said that the other girls would be wearing organza tutu skirts so i re-wore my pastel violet tutu dress that i've already featured here.
I'm loving this shot! Lovely background makes a beautiful setting! Btw, how's my blank plastic stare? Convincing anot?
I don't normally wear a piece of clothing twice for an important event and i was planning to buy another tutu skirt, but the one that i wanted had a defect and then when i was a bit desperate and planned to buy in another color way, i didn't have time to go back to TP to purchase it zzzzz
I must admit that i am loving the combinations of everything in this look 10x better than the first time i wore the skirt, so... No regrets!!! Plus it fits better now that i lost a bit of weight hahaha
One taken inside ^^
I've blogged an entire post dedicated to that day's makeup and the artist behind it, but here's another pic in case you haven't read the previous post :
And i must mention her once again, in case you're in need for a professional make up artist :
Ahem. Because i am a wonderful ambassador. Ahem.
As usual, i also prepared a meticulously selected accessories to complement the whole look, decided to stick to purple and pink that might pass as Barbie's plastic accessories.
Necklace : Online
Rose elastic bracelet : Rubi
Earrings : Bought in KL, Malaysia
Beaded rose ring : Bought in Bali
I love the statement necklace so much and the color's just perfect, until i realized it stained my neck. I would still continue wearing it though :p

Of course, i slapped on a flash tattoo from Me-Nail which is a must use accessories for me now (i'm awesome in product placement now hohohoho)
Because i wasn't sure that i'd get to snap outfit pictures in the venue (Hunny refused to join because all of the other guests were girls hehehehe, not even LL's hubby was present!) so i anticipated not having any outfit pictures by snapping some before jetting there at home. They turned out nice so imma post them anyway :D
Outfit details :
Custom made tee : Moop_pee
Tutu skirt : Michie House, Jakarta
Violet cross body : Stroberi
Hot pink jelly shoes : Online

I absolutely love the jelly shoes and the color (and shape) is so Barbie, but the heels' higher than what i'd normally wear and it's my first time wearing it, i almost wanted to tear my legs up by the end of the day -___-
And one OOTD pic with the birthday girl :
Moschino Barbies of the day ^^, everybody ended up with different styled tops!
I absolutely love thematic dressings and especially ones with themes that's right up my alley like this Moschino Barbie theme! I am also very satisfied with the whole look that i threw together, narcissistic as i may sound *LOL*, it's just not every day i'm super happy with the whole result! I still think my Egyptian Princess look's my best styling to date, but Moschino Barbie is a very close second!

I will blog about the super cool lunch soon, but for now imma bid you adieu! I need a lot of rest, got a horrible vertigo attack for the very first time on Monday and i still feel quite dizzy from time to time now, i need to tackle that stupid insomnia once and for all!
One more with LL ^^

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