Av's Birthday Bash!

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Yellow yellow :D...

Haiiiii, #Pink here! This new year shows a remarkable increase in joint posts, eh? #Undecided seems to have a little more time to blog so imma have to milk it the best i can, right! SO! This is yet another very backdated celebration post, Av's 27th birthday!
The full team!
LOL to Ciken's face!!!

Like i mentioned before, i start to get why KC likes to surround himself with people much younger than him-when you're a kid at heart and you start to grow older, lots of your own peers suddenly acts differently than you *LOL*, yes it might be a sign of us never growing up, but whatever, we stay young at heart and look much younger on the outside as well (whatta bonus, right!) so what's a better solution to keep having fun? Yep, have younger friends!

LOL. You made it sound like we're tots ancient, bb... We're only thirty one, please!! Wait, did I say thirty one?! I meant twenty five hahaha... O hi everyone, #Undecided here (again with the italic purple font)! 

Well no bb, but we cannot actually categorized ourselves as youths anymore though! LOL. Anyway, while my BFFs will always be my BFFs (and they also never seems to grow up as well anyway hahahaha, actually it's pretty much the whole generation on 1983 babies! We seems to stuck in time!), lots of my school/uni friends started to get replaced with younger models *LOL WTF*, and Av's definitely one of them hahaha.

We've mentioned Av a lot in this blog so you should already be familiar with her by now, but in case you're not-let me tell you something, Av's a very artistic and creative person. None of us in our little (exclusive, slightly snobbish hahahaha no lah, that's what people think of us, we never really give it much thoughts ourselves!) circle is really that artistic, not to mention we're just... plain lazy (seriously, we reflect our pig Chinese horoscope to a T, don't we?) so with Av around it's like an injection of creative juice for us. 

We actually start to plan things and do more organized dinners instead of just book it and be there as it is :p, so it's slightly more... Bloggable (and Instagram worthy *LOLOLOL*, while we're at it lemme get some self-plugin here, if you're interested you can give us a follow @mgirl83 and @paulinenugraha, thank you in advance!). So i was not nearly surprised when she sent us this invitations (ohhh, our dinners have invites nowwww, can you do one for my next birthday, Av? #endorse #sponsored #dontyouwanttojustslapme )

Black and white. Hm. How very very Av *LOL*. It's a very easy dresscode as well, as i love black and white almost as much as i love my pastel colors! The birthday dinner was held at Libby Cafe. Libby's a well known brownies store in Surabaya and recently they've ventured to cafe as well. It was one of the places i considered for my own birthday dinner (which was held at K.V.H instead) so i was quite excited that we got to finally check it out (coz we wouldn't just casually go there for a meal since it's so faraway #didimentionthatwerelazy ).

The pictures of the exterior of the cafe were quite... well, not as good as i'd want them to be because i only snapped them when dinner was over and it was raining so i only managed to snap cramped pictures that i was able to snap without having to stand in the rain -____-. FYI, this was on November and it was just starting to rain, the day was very very hot and humid so it was not a cooling rain at all -___-.
Libby Cafe, Bakery and American Restaurant
 Jl. Sukomanunggal Jaya No. YL2, Surabaya, East Java 60188

(031) 7344342

I like that they put a lot of thoughts into the details!
Sorry, dunno why so blurry, Marshmallow can be quite weird and go blurry at the most unexpected times

Anyway, since it was our first time there, i snapped loads of pictures of the place so we can review it at the same time #whynot #kiasu #yolomyniecewouldsay.
Absolutely loving their European cafe vibe (yes, it claims to be an American restaurant, i know-but the vibe's actually more European than American IMO haha), uber cool!
O hi lady that we don't know, I hope you don't mind being featured here :)
Rows and rows of packaged brownies. Ready to sell.
Arghhh hen kawaiiiii!

That's the counter where you're supposed to go and order your meal and drink. 
Yep, it's sort of self-service type but not really since they'd actually deliver your order to your table. Actually their system confuses me a bit, and seems to be confusing THEM as well since they got quite a mix up with our orders zzzz. It's either their system's flawed or they're just not used to bigger parties all ordering at once
The menu is up there on the boards behind the counter. Anyway, can you guess what's that white and black thingy on the left? 
You mean the butt? 
Yes bb, Av's flat butts hahahahaha
There's an outdoor area back there. The guys went there to smoke.
And some other indoor seating area.
Av booked a table, and not this one on the pic, but our boys had to sit there a bit because...
Wait for it...
Because the table was still being decorated!!!! Hahahaha... Look at the Bday gal and her friend (and G, but I'm sure she was just there to pose and not help out hahaha) busy setting the table. 
Yup! That's actually the view that i first saw when I arrived (#Undecided arrived way later, as expected!)
Say HI to Lyd, everyone!!
You know her, you "met" her once!
We need this sign whenever we have dinner dates from now on!!
Yes, totally true-but WE hardly touch our gadgets whenever we're together anyway BB! It's the guys who needs to pay more attention to the "rule"!
Huh, apparently G WAS helping hahahaha... 
Not much. LOLOLOL. She's definitely not much better than us when it comes to decors, BB!
The table is coming together nicely.
Say HI to Dermy, everyone!!! No, he's not playing with those hahaha despite of his face, he's actually old!! 
I LOLed when i first opened this pic, i didn't even realize he was making that face when i snapped this!
Bday Girl posing LOL.
Btw i should've cropped the guys on the right, eh? I didn't see them *LOL*. It's okay lah Av that means i was paying attention to you when i was prepping this pic, choosing the ones you look best on #excuses
She thought of her outfit through. Notice that red heart? You'll later see why!!
Of course... Didn't expect less from #Pink's hunny now did you?

These photos are getting boring... Yes, because I'm not on any of it!! Hmph -_____- wonder where I was?!
YOU WERE LATE!!! But it's okay, apparently the table's not ready anyway hahaha
Useful eh, these guys! They were not posing, they really were helping hahahaha

G was freaking out because everybody (well, the girls) were wearing full makeup, and everybody seems to get the same idea as me-to wear bold red lipsticks with their monochromatic outfits! Meanwhile G, as usual, looked like she just woke up. LOL. I told her there's really no point of putting on makeup (which she did!) if nobody can see them-and worse, didn't help to make her look like she actually showered! LOL. So she dragged me to the bathroom.
LOL seriously G :D
Yah, she applied more makeup there hahaha
-_____- excuse my friend, she's cray cray hahahahaha
And she wasn't happy yet so she applied more makeup! (I didn't dare to blow up the pics, G might scold me *LOL*)
Again, excuse my friend... this one's also cray cray hahahaha...
What whatt, i was just camwhoring as usual, and i love how the pic turned out hahaha
Ah, there's hubby!! A pic of me soon!!!
There you go!!! Hellooooo me!!!
Baby Luca looking dapper in his suit-inspired-onesie *mad love*
This was only around a week after his bday lunch. So he was still in that no smiling phase hehehe...
Still busy at work, notice some people missing?
It's us!! We were busy snapping pics instead! Hey on my defense, if I was helping, it would take them LONGER to finish the table. I plan parties, manage them, but decoration is seriously something that is foreign to me hahahaha...
The same goes for me! And G! And why was A posing with Baby Luca's bottle? It suits the theme though
Okay lah, feel so bad camwhoring nonstop without the star of the day, so we dragged her and Lyd to snap one with us!
The table's finally set
So gorge!!!
So cool, LOVE it!
IKR, me too!!
Wonderful attention to details. Av and Lyd should totally do this for a living, and hire #Undecided and i as their marketing people #LOL
Are you hinting bb? Subtlety is clearly not your forte hahaha...

#Undecided said "They need portfolio, should do our dinners from now on!" LOLOLOL
I did NOT say that!! (Maybe I did, I say a lot of things hahaha)... BTW, look at those boys on the background. Hilarious! Hahahaha...
But seriously, contact us if you want to use their service!
Yes, we highly recommend them. And you know, I only rave when something is damn good, right! These two definitely got #Undecided's stamp of approval *thumbs up*
Hahahaha, we DID get wasted. On helium.
In case anyone is confused with the caption, read that text on top of Av's head which says: "Glad you're here Mindy (let's get wasted)". And yes, each table mat has different name, showing where one supposed to sit. My very first party with prearranged seating, I was super excited when I found out about this hahahaha... 
Even the oreos has red lips! Like us! (as in Av, Lyd and i)

Silly guy attacking the black and white chocolate
Ciken is....
I know, bb... It's hard to describe him, ya...
Contact Ndaru for fab hair like mine in this pic. I miss my freshly dyed hair!!!
I have more normal pics of hunny, but i looked the best here so #priority

Then finally our orders started to come :
Me and my nom nom
I ordered Egg Benedict that night. I love breakfast stuffs at all time hahahaha. It was actually pretty good but quite massive, it made me feel like i was going to explode halfway through
All of the drinks came in this take-away plastic glasses. I cannot remember what we ordered but it was coffee... caramel something2. It was good!
My American Breakfast Set! It was super yum yum, especially the bratwurst. I didn't quite like the toasts, though. Too thick for my liking. And I hate the crusts, passed them all to Av (whom happen to love them hahaha)
Baby Boy's Cream of Mushroom, which was quite yum as well!
Forced him to take this pic, he didn't look so happy hahaha
He's becoming more and more uncooperative when it comes to posing silly, huh bb... Our baby is growing up too fast!! Ugh!!

Beef Mushroom Pasta. Ciken ordered this. He didn't like it but I kinda did. But the winner was the Fetucinni Carbonara (everybody loved it, esp A LOL), but somehow #Pink didn't snap photo of it.
Fish and chips - which according to A & Av was just so so...
The New York Platter. Yes, it is massive hahaha...

LOL to this two dudes. Show this pic to your MIL, bb!! Ahahahaha...
Everybody busy eating...
...except hunny because the stupid waitress mixed up our orders! I dunno why this seems to be happening a lot whenever we're out celebrating something (on second thought, only when #Undecided's around because on my birthday dinner at KVH no such thing happened! LOL WTF) and hunny's almost always the victim! LOL. First they tried to shove two American Breakfasts to us (when we clearly only ordered one) and they forgot his order! WTH. I think Libby Cafe need to train their employees better. Most cafes and restaurants in Surabaya do, services seem to suck so bad at most newish restaurants!!!

Huh?! Only when I'm around?! LOL. Sorry ah Can, I jinx you ha? Hahahaha... But it was quite annoying because they kept on insisting that we did order two American Breakfast sets. Which we didn't. They seriously should step up with their order taking system *SMH*...

And when his TUNA pasta finally arrived... It wasn't even tuna, it was tongkol (cob fish)!!! Needless to say, hunny was not a happy customer that night hahahaha
Yeah, it's weird how they mistaken the two! Besides, who puts tongkol in a pasta dish LOL.
And because his order came so late (coz they only began making it when we're more than halfway through our meals), he was still busy eating while we're already back to camwhoring hahaha

A few snaps of the hilarious Baby Luca :
Imitating #Undecided's violent winks
Seriously?! LOL. I teach the youngsters all the important things in life, huh! Hahahaha... You know what he can do now, bb? Whenever we say "mata genit (roughly translates to cheeky eye)" he would blink and smile!! Too adorable!!
Then striking a supermodel pose with smoldering gaze and off shoulder top LOLOLOLOL

Av's totally made a full preparation for this parteee, she even made this prop:
So cool!
So yeah, we camwhore nonstop with it! Make it worth her while lah hor!
Remember Av's top with a red heart on it? Reminds you of the red heart that pops whenever we double tap a photo that we like on Instagram, right!! Told you she put a lot of thought into this party hahaha... It backfired a bit though, the whole night we were trying to tap the actual red heart on her top LOL...
#redlips #smooch
Who run the world? GIRLS!! #beyonce
Some of the boys.
Obligatory #Pink and #Undecided at Libby Cafe pic, which turned out blurry *sigh*
Having a very young kid means you cannot stay too long, before A and her little family left we snap a group pic first
Seriously, guys and their gadgets zzz
The positioning of the mustache is hilarious!
Three of us trying to camwhore with the paper lips and mustache, since Marshmallow's set to detect a smile and would snap whenever she sees it, she (yes, it's a she) kept on snapping the pics when we're NOT ready because she thought the paper lips' real smiles! It's not even smiling zzzz
Then she stopped detecting WTH, this was when G was trying to make her snap one by waving the lips in front of her hahahaha
What was this bb? Did we ask them to test Marshmallow?
Yeah... Pretty sure we did. Hahaha...
Pressie time!!!
Candid pic of Av admiring the gifts from Lyd
From G (and their other friend who couldn't make it to the dinner)
From us (and Ciken? Or Av pitched in for herself? LOL) and A who already left. Av chose the gift herself of course
Ciken did, bb!
These two can look normal for once!
#ootd snap with the Bday Girl
And the crazy guys imitating us
Aaaand back to being not normal hahahaha...

There were some madness involving helium later on, you know how inhaling helium change your voice to be super funny like a cartoon character's, it was so hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing until our tummies hurts WTF. We're just so juvenile.

OMG the helium part hahahaha!! It was so funny. I believe it was Dermy's crazy idea for he did it first! I couldn't stop laughing, I just couldn't... And whenever I readied myself to inhale the stupid helium, someone else did it and caused another round of laughing myself silly! LOL. I highly suggest y'all to try. Cheap thrills LOL.

I dunno who started it, but someone plopped Lyd's hat on Ciken and before we know it:
All the guys got their turn
I literally LOL looking at this pic bb!!! OMG hubby hahahaha
I personally think Baby Boy wore it best #biasedmama
Fits so well too haha
One wefie with the bday gal
And then she spotted my heart shaped bag that matches her tee
Tap the tee!! *read: touch the boobies hahahaha*
Then #Undecided started abusing Baby Boy
Muahahahaha so funny!! He was just, "okay lah yi yi, do whatever you want" hahahahaha
Reserved? LOL

And that's it! It was such a super fun and hilarious night! It's also something different from our usually super laid back bday dinners/lunches lately-that's why we have soooo many pics this time round!

Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot, it was so much fun. The amount of laughing we did was enough to burn all that fat from my American Breakfast set (which we only ordered one, Libby's!!) LOL. We should do this again soon!!

It's already two months too late but... Happy Bday again Av! Keep on being the creative soul that you are! Get married soon, you're OLD #annoyingrelativemodeon hahaha. Enjoy your 27, be crazy! You still have the license to be wild until you're at least 30 hahaha. Wishing you all the best thing in life #muacks!

Huh? We can only be wild until we're 30, bb? Then we can no longer be wild and should start wearing aunty clothes!? *shudder to the image* Why would you say such a thing!!! Hahahahaha... But yea, Happy Bday again, Av!! I wish you a fun ride this year, and no matter what, know that you have a friend in all of us (don't you dare staying glum for whatever reasons for too long, hahaha), and we're seasoned *not old, please!*, so we have plenty advices to pass around *wise Madam - insiders joke*. 

Do get married soon so we can start our MM business for reals, yo! 

Love ya *tap red heart*,
#Pink and #Undecided 

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  1. The red lips really suits you well :D And omg, that party looks like it being decorated by professionals! All the pretty details *heart eyes*

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! Yep, Av and Lyd really are talented ya!

  2. The table setting was done pretty well. I like white and black so this one's definitely catching my attention. Oreos with red lips also looked alluring. I've never thought that lips would go together with oreo biscuits. The American breakfast set looked so delicious and edible. Av's birthday bash turned out to be so fun and successful. :)