Makassar Diary Day 2 Part 1 : Fort Rotterdam

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Hellowww hellowwww *throwing kisses in the air*!

Can you see i'm being very diligent lately *pats self on the back*? I am accelerating my Makassar diary so i can actually finish blogging about all of my trips before going on another trip! These were all supposed to be done before i even went to Korea -___-, but in my defense my schedule was really full with events/writing event reports and sponsored stuffs just before the holiday season arrived!

Okay i am done defending myself *LOL*, i am here to tell you about the Day 2 of our Makassar trip where we did most of the touristy stuffs!

Of course, one of the tourists' must visit destination is Fort Rotterdam!
But first, culinary time! Yes, it was also the day when we ate all kinds of stuffs. Actually, scratch that, we did that every single day we were there zzz, but on the second day we even skipped hotel's breakfast (which hurts my heart because you know how much i love a good hotel's breakfast *LOL*, and Aston Makassar Hotel's quite good!) to have one of the most famous wonton noodle (which outside Makassar/Ujung Pandang is called mie UP or UP (short of Ujung Pandang, Makassar's other name) noodle but of course they only call it wonton noodle in Makassar itself haha. Indonesian tend to put the original location of a famous dish behind the dish's name!)
Haih of course i cannot remember the place's name/location but this is how the depot looks like. Again, reminding me of places i used to eat with my family when i was little in Surabaya hehe
The yummy wonton noodle loaded with all kinds of porks (highly not Halal!)
After the breakfast, the parents (as in my mum, aunts and uncles haha) all went to help out with Odang's wedding preparations (not the actual wedding as in the reception or whatever lah, i think they already got them all sorted out, but more of the ceremonial and traditional parts that needed taken care off. The list got longer since my mum *who's HUGE on superstitions and traditions even though her parents are Singaporean and very modern, she told me she learnt everything from my dad's mother instead* arrived with even more traditions to add to it hahaha). 

Since they told us they did not need our help, the second generation decided to explore so...

Fort Rotterdam, here we come! Oh, that little lady on the far right (from your POV) is actually my youngest aunt (my dad's youngest sister), she's still quite young (i don't think she's much older than my eldest brother even though i do not actually know her age :p, her son's still in elementary school and all) so i believe she feels better around the younger crowd hahaha
Also if you're wondering where Baby Boy was... Well, it was during school term so none of the children went. Most of my cousins who attended are not married yet (although not necessarily younger than me :p) so when i say children i am referring to my own kid and KC's.
Benteng Ujung Pandang (or Ujung Pandang Fort) is the original name of the fort, it was built by  a Gowa (an old kingdom in Sulawesi) King in 1545 and renamed Fort Rotterdam when the place's taken over by Dutch colonial (they also added more buildings inside the fort)
I do not remember the entrance fee and when i Googled it the information that i got are pretty confusing, one site stated that you don't need to pay *which is untrue because we definitely paid* while others stated IDR 35.000 (i don't think it's that expensive), one site said it's free but you are asked for IDR 10.000 donation per person (WHAT IS THE POINT???) and you still have to pay to enter the museum inside-i think the last one probably is the most accurate!
You should already be familiar with my sis-in-law, CL on the right (blue top). The girl on the left is MD, my little (well, she's not so little anymore now... She's a doctor you know ^^) cousin.
Same girls, just turn around and re-assemble ourselves *LOL*
Lots of ruins too
Going up!
So we can see this view
In case you cannot tell, it was CRAZILY hot and the sun was shining real hard! Of course i conveniently forgot my sunnies zzz. More introduction's in order? On the far left is my cousin's wife, SL (who looks suspiciously a lot like #Undecided's brother's wife *LOL*, she's a dentist btw), my older cousin CP, me, CL, another older cousin KK, then MD and my aunt.
As you can see, there are a lot of tall girls in my family and i am one of the average ones (there are girls who are very short as well in this family :p, but yeah... My aunt is tiny, isn't she??)
And going back down *LOL*
Heading straight to the museum!
Museum La Galigo (btw apparently my cousin RD has the habit of repeating words he finds funny so we had to endure him saying "la galigo" for a thousand times for the rest of the trip -____-. I think i have a similar habit tho hahaha)
That previous pic was a test pic while the guys were setting up the timer on our cameras hahaha lots of failed snaps as well :p
Okay, no idea who that dude was, he just refused to budge and kept on pointing here and there to his friends when i was trying to take pictures
Obligatory touristy pic with ma darlinghhh :D
I dunno why but i always feel these type of paintings to have a slight supernatural feeling... (why am i keep talking about supernatural stuffs lately???)
Please excuse my tired face, i had to wake up real early that day and it was so hot
I looked like crap but hunny smiled so widely i just have to upload this pic *LOL*
Errrmm... Yeah. It was darn hot so when i saw the AC i squealed and ran towards it to give it a loving hug -___-
Most of the real museum's displays are upstairs! You remember my big bro, KC right! Cannot forget him lah! Please memorize that silly face haha
The first thing that came to my mind was "Boy, Makassar people sure love green!". It's a sorban btw (headwear for male Moslems who already went for pilgrim *please do not attack me if i say anything wrong, i'm just translating what's on the placate*!)
Songkok Guru (from Bone, not bone as in your bone structure okay, it's an area's name!), a headgear worn by religious leaders
Sholat equipment (for males)
Narcissistic tourists
Vintage coins
And more
Bone Kingdom's stamps
And more (sorry for sounding like a broken record :D!)
I have no idea why we insisted on taking a pic here for *LOL*
Traditional weapons
Traditional costumes
These are not traditional girls though
More weapons... I think!
And traditional cloths
Spotted this "mobile cinema" from the window
We thought that was it for the museum and i was actually quite disappointed, it was so little! But worry not, that's just one part of the museum apparently haha. Btw it was quite well-maintained (fantastic actually, compared to some other Indonesian museums i've been to which were quite in sad conditions) and very clean, they also thoughtfully installed some standing air conditioners in the building but weirdly most of them were turned off! So we took the liberty to turn them on ourselves, it was really HOT and we did pay for the entrance right hahaha.

We had some detours before heading to the second part of the museum though...
Clay Painting (actually it's more like a souvenir shop lah, or painting gallery?)
Snap pic in this stairs then laughed when we realize everybody refused to stand on the other side which wasn't shaded!
Then we found the second part of the museum :
That random Caucasian lady was another tourist (obviously) who struck a conversation with us and we went all embarrassingly Indonesian, telling her to stay in the picture and all *LOLOLOLOL*. Seriously, it's very embarrassing T.T i don't know why we do stuffs like this (and no, of course i wasn't the one who suggested it :p).
This second part of the museum was a lot more interesting, informative, packed with displays and significantly cooler because the air conditioners in this building were actually turned on! Maybe because there were a lot other tourists there whereas the other building was virtually deserted.
There were pre-historic artifacts, foreign chinsa, manuscripts, historical and ethnography collections in this museum
Our greedy expression upon spotting these historical Kingdom's jewelries heritage collection haha. Dunno what RD (my cousin, the one married to the dentist) doing photobombing us while showing off his tummy liddat
I was quite fascinated by the dragon bracelets here! Btw most of the pictures in Makassar were taken by hunny because i haven't gotten Marshmallow yet and he was still kiasu over his NX 300 by then and kept on snapping pics so i didn't see the need to take more pictures. I wonder what makes him stop taking pictures and left his camera barely used in Korea WTF
I wonder why my bangs insisted on parting like that in Makassar *sigh*
Colorful traditional costume
LOLOLOL at CL, she's worse than me! Thankfully nobody's behind her or they'd faint... LOL. Btw, Caucasian tourists (there were quite a lot of them) found us to be totally hilarious :p, told ya Indonesian are spoilt-we're supposed to be more adaptable to hot weather and humidity than those from four seasoned countries, but we're too used to ACs and cannot live without them!!! We basically clung to one standing ACs to another in the museum like they were lifeboats zzz
Another obligatory touristy pics to commemorate this trip, i want to explore the world with you, hubby! Let's keep on collecting memories ^^
Ploughing equipment (yes, i have to read the placates before writing anything, of course)
We snapped this picture
And had to repeat because CL insisted to be in it too hahaha
What's that?
Yep, we have calendars for everything, including good and bad days for rice fielding in a week hehehehe
The museum started from the second floor then lead back to the first (separate from the entrance)
See the two guys in over there? They tried to talk to me (not in a good way, as in catcalling and all) because i was wandering around alone -___-. I have no idea why guys would just assume someone's single-or interested (i never am) and just badger in like that. I am 31 years old and it still scares me as bad as when i was 14 -___-.
Lots of boats in this area
And boat models
Even bicycle
And that's the end of the museum!
#OOTD snap!
Were these two imitating me??? #soannoying
I guess it was no wonder i was mistaken for a foreign tourist a lot, i kept on insisting on taking pictures with everything *LOL*
I think this was the jail area during the Dutch colonialism
This hole fits him so well so we just had to!
Korean tourist? LOL
Then we spotted these dancers in cool and colorful modified traditional costumes and again we embarrassingly had to ask them to take a pic with us *LOLOLOL*.
But trust me, they were really happy to oblige!
And when we're together, i dunno... silly stuffs just happens. Like when we spotted people actually sleeping on the floor, OUTDOOR. In public. With all kinds of activities around him.
He was sounds asleep that he didn't even stir when we created havoc around him! LOLOLOL
And finding props...
Sigh. I apologize for my family *LOLOLOL* #asifimanybetter. Anyway, that was the end of the visit to Fort Rotterdam and i personally really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to be visited by anyone coming to Makassar (well, preferably if you're into history and museums, of course). I hope more provinces in Indonesia will follow suit in preserving historical places and maximizes them as tourist destinations instead of letting them rot or turning them into malls zzzz. 

The day was still long though, and we actually went to Trans Studio (theme park) Makassar later that day! I'll blog about it separately because this post is too long already! Imma leave you with this pic of us imitating.... Crap, i can't remember the hero's name!
Oh it's Sultan Hasanuddin hihihi (yes la i just googled it whatever)
Okay, TTYL!


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  1. secara gua bukan penggemar museum.. yang menarik dari postingan ini tuh ngeliat mie nya dengan segala macem pork nya itu.. keliatannya enak banget!!! hahaha

    1. Hahahaha iya kalo Arman penggemar kuliner yaa, byk makanan yg akan gue blog about next koq hihihihi

  2. Waaaa... looks like funnn...
    Sekilas kayak di Fatahillah yaaaa....
    Dan itu makanannya astagaaahhhh....


    1. Fatahillah itu sbnrnya bagus banget, sayang ga d maintain dgn baik :(...

  3. Itu Pangsit mie Palu di Jl. sangir... Pesan yang Pangsit mie Special yang enak ^o^