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Helloowwww, cyber world!

How's everybody doing? I feel like my writing productivity plummeted significantly these last two months -___-... Blaming my busier social life and Dynasty Warrior 8 in PS4 for that... LOL... 

Anyway! I am going to introduce you to this new cute little design company today!
Classy Creations Designs
And here are the Classy Creation Girls!
Hahahaha, it's not my company, i like to think of myself as the ambassador instead *LOL*. But the other girl IS the company itself. If you're an old reader of this blog, you'd be very familiar with her face already since i featured her a lot in this blog. Yes, it's my very close friend, LL!

I've always known she has a great talent in designing. I mean, she has a great taste in pretty much everything, she's very artistic and  neat (like the complete opposite to me FML >.<). When we still had our respective fashion boutiques, you'd see the stark difference in our, errr... arranging things talent. My poor little boutique looked more and more like a warehouse (because we just chuck everything together *LOL*) while hers was always very neat, clutter free and just like a cute little boutique you might find in Korea/Japan! And the name she chose for her company is also very fitting for LL is one classy lady for sure!

So when i heard she's starting this design company, i think it's totally perfect!
Selfie before i start showing her creations #justbecause
I've been thinking of making a business card for this blog for awhile (we've been approached by companies to collaborate with lately so i thought it's about time i take this blog more seriously...) but i've always been too lazy *surprise surprise*, and the thought of having to explain what i want, choosing a design etc gave me a headache @___@. In case you don't know yet, i know i look like a girl who's crazy about her appearance, it's true to a certain extend-problem is... i only care about the OUTER part. Everything that's not bodily attached to me... I really couldn't careless *sadly*. Even my underwear are always mismatched, ratty and even holey HAHAHAHAHA. Let alone other things like my room or name cards...!

Enter LL and her little company! I totally got the answer to my problem! LL custom design anything and everything you can possibly need, and whether you're a control freak that need to control everything (from design to material to the cutting LOL) or someone horribly ignorant like me, LL will cater to your need! 

When i asked her to make me a name card, her answer was like "You want it to be pink and girly, right?". Spot on, sistah! LOL. She asked me to e-mail her the content of the name card and in a few short weeks....
Ta dahhh!
My (and my blog)'s very own name card *touched* *i feel so professional* *LOL*!
We decided to cut the budget and model for out own advert *LOL*
LL already mentioned to me the possibility of me featuring her company in this blog (isn't it nice to be my friend/relative? I am always eager to promote your company/brand! LOL), she even had a little tea party a while back to make good use of her designing power (oh yes, i do see it as almost a super hero calibre kind of power hahaha)! Sadly i couldn't attend because i went to Miracle's event that day! But when we met up a few days ago to have a girly catch up, little retail therapy and to take pictures for this post, she brought me a little souvenir from her tea party!
OMFG, don't you think it's the cutest thing EVER???
The little cardboard teapot holds some tea bags inside! She even made her own teabag covers! Her attention to detail is mind blowing!
And here's the complete get up for the tea party! Let's have another one soon, LL!
Us with our respective business cards :D
We're also very fond of cam-whoring, in case you didn't notice...
And we even dressed up matchy matchy for this post's sake :D
Our flirty floral pinky OOTD!
After we're done harassing my hunny to take endless pictures of us (yes, with the same poses since he took ugly one after another as usual at first LOL), we left him at Starbucks (the ones we took pictures on was The Coffee Bean *LOL*, we're cafe jumping that day) to start shopping :P (don't worry #Undecided, i didn't shop much, only bought a flare skirt. Yes, just 1!). Not for a very long time though because there isn't much to shop in CW *glum* and look at LL's very high heels, can't expect her to walk all day long, right? 

Soon she was attracted to this :
Colorful ice cream and sorbet hahaha
So we decided to stop by and have some!
Strawbie sorbet and blue caramel, everyone?
Hunny took nicer and nicer candid pictures lately (although he still sucks in taking pictures with command. I tried to rope him to take pictures of me for a sponsored post *because it's really hard to a selfie of the back of my head, okay!* and he must've snapped close to 50 pics-with almost none usable result -____-...

But seriously, nothing beats a selfie. All the selfies were taken using LL's Iphone and now i'm strongly considering getting myself an Iphone to camwhore and Instagramming (can you believe i don't even have an instagram? It doesn't work in Blackberry, doesn't it *___*)
Don't worry, that's the last of our narcissistic cam-whoring pics :p. Now let me show you some of LL's past work! She definitely designs a lot more than just business cards!
Party invitations
Party favor's packaging

Kiddies party invite, i personally think LL's strongest suit's girly, feminine types. She's very into shabby-chic at the moment

The whole nine-yard

Even buntings!
Classy Creation does kids' stuffs too haha, told ya nothing that LL can't do!
Before she even started Classy Creation LL even helped #Undecided's Save the Date card (see it in this post about her wedding-which she probably would never finish ZZZ) which was fab!

Here are Classy Creation's contacts :
Instagram : @classycreation
LINE : classycreation
Whatsapp : 0838-5666-3388
E-mail :

For physical stuffs, i think it's save to say that it's for Indonesian only? LOL. Unless you're willing to pay a fortune for shipping fee! If you love her designs and live overseas, maybe you can order her designs only and print it yourself? Do mention our blog and she might just give you some special price! Now, i wonder if she'd consider customizing our blog's layout...

Good luck with Classy Creation, LL!


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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to posted this beautiful entries ^^ and many many thanks for the encouragement and support. It very much helping to make it a success. I enjoyed reading it very much!

    1. Good luck LL (now people knows that LL stands for Lely hahaha), ganbatte!

  2. Omg so cute ceee.. i love your name card! And the teapot is really an awesome idea! Imut bangetttt... you should buy an iphoneee, instagram is waiting for u hahaha

    1. Thank you Sha :D! Aduh, aq gaptek+plg pelit kalo beli gadget, ntar cari program tabungan gratis iphone dah hahaha

  3. Wah the designs are so pretty! With you as ambassador/marketer, I believe she will get more clients soon! :)

    1. IKR! She's very talented :D! Thank you, dear!

  4. hello Mindy :]

    those are really great products... very cute. Its really nice to know that writers/ blogger have really come to the point that our works creates an impact on how possible consumers will react on a product. With a great number of readers in your blog surely, your friend's creative business will be on the talk in a few days.

    1. Hi Jay Mee!

      Yes, that's really nice and encouraging! Also gives us bloggers more opportunity to collaborate with brands and grow! Thank you for your sweet comment!