Happy New Year 2015!!!

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I'm finally backkkkk :D! Anyone missed meeeeee???? I actually had time to blog while i was in Jakarta, but since hunny totally forgot to bring the keyboard Ipad casing (yes, i am spoilt, HATE ME! LOL. Kidding. He's in charge to pack all of the gadget related items while i'm in charge to pack... Pretty much everything else! Even like this he still managed to forgot more than 3 stuffs he's supposed to!) and i cannot even dream of blogging on a touchscreen-i decided to really had a break from blogging (except for posting some drafted posts) to make myself miss my blog and induce the passion for it once again! I think it works, i really missed blogging!

And i know it's three days too late, but i cannot possibly miss greeting you a very happy new year!!!
What did you do on New Year's Eve? I went to have a quiet dinner with my family at this restaurant nearby our apartment in Ancol (because we don't want to risk getting stuck in a crazy jam and having to celebrate new year inside our car, holding our pees...).
It's called Nelayan (Fisherman in English) so i immediately assumed it to be a seafood restaurant, but it turned out to be a Chinese restaurant *puzzled*
It's dominated by Chinese's most auspicious color, red, and there are all kinds of Chinese writing banners splayed all over *___*, i was like... Is this New Year or it's already Chinese New Year???
And then we went back to our (teeny tiny, i always got blue and black all over my body whenever we're staying in the apartment that's not much bigger than our room back home WTH-coz i am simply not used to cramped spaces!) apartment to just laze around waiting for the clock to strike midnight-all the while watching fireworks from our windows.
I personally couldn't choose a better way to spend new year this year than being with my dearest (throw in the rest of my siblings and my BFFs, that'd be perfect), not only because i am clearly getting old (loud parties are actually still quite appealing to me, although being in my thirties makes me appreciate quietness and nights at home better hahaha), but my heart's totally not in partying mode.

I'm sure all of you must've heard about the Air Asia flight QZ 8501 tragedy, and even though i don't know anyone personally-it just struck very close to home. It's a super familiar route (Surabaya to Singapore, both i consider to be my hometowns and the route i travel very frequently) by my fave budget airline (for those of you who bitch about Air Asia being cheap and unsafe, get your record straight. Air Asia had a perfect record prior to this incident, not fatal accidents before!)-and since it is starting from Surabaya (where we live), there are endless links between us with the passengers (a friend of a friend, a family of an acquaintance, a friend of a relative, the list goes on)-not to mention i'm pretty sure we've crossed paths with them in the past without realizing it.

It really affected my mood (and still is), made me cry numerous times whenever i'm thinking about their families and friends, the hell they must be (and still are) going through. How can we party and have fun on new year's eve when those people can't even think of celebrating it? If i can be honest with you, it stressed me out so much i had the hardest flight i ever had this evening, flying back home. I never really think much when i fly, especially when i was younger-i even enjoyed it. But this incident really has a deep impact on me, i found myself praying nonstop on the 1 hour flight and winced on even the slightest turbulence.

Having say that, i am highly superstitious (thanks to my mom hahaha, but our family's pretty superstitious in general lah-but yes, definitely mostly due to her influence!) so i refuse to start the new year with negativity! (While my heart goes out to those who have lost their dear ones, i also still cling to the hope that there might be any survivors-and i really hope that the passengers' family and friends are being strengthened by God) So for now, let's talk about happier stuffs!

2014 has been a wonderful year for me in every aspects of my life. My family's healthy and happy, our business' prospering, my little son's growing to be a wonderful boy, and my little blog's getting more and more recognition! And in the last month of the year we had a wonderful trip to Korea (if you follow my IG then you'd already know that!), while this is the trip where we lost the most ridiculous number of belongings (the list is topped with me losing an entire wallet full of debit cards and credit cards zzzz. No weird transaction's made, thank God for that, now i just have to visit 5 different banks to get the new cards-while slightly inconvenient, the financial loss is very minimal *i just need to pay small fees for issuing new cards* so i should be grateful instead of annoyed, which i am trying my hardest to do. I am not cured of my OCD, combination of OCD with carelessness and clumsiness... is bad)-dare i'd say... it's worth it compared to the lifetime of memories we created :).

I cannot wait to start telling you about the trip (but first, i'd have to clear another trip i never managed to write about last year)! I hope you're looking forward to the posts :D (coz i sure am looking forward to write about it!).

But for now, i must stop writing. I should get the thorough rest that i lacked in the past 3 weeks, then i need to unpack... (the worst part of traveling!) And work on stuffs that i've been neglecting while i escaped real life for the past 3 weeks... Normal life awaits, and i cannot wait for a spectacular 2015!
Korea, we miss you already ^^

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  1. Happy new year...

    Iya nelayan itu Chinese restaurant. Itu resto terkenal dari jaman dulu tuh di Jakarta. :) Enak enak kan makanannya? :)

    Iya seduh banget ya kejadian air asia itu... :(

    1. Ohhhh itu resto udah lama banget yahh? Gw baru tauuu... Iya sedih banget nget :(...

  2. I was surprised and saddened too when I heard the news about AirAsia. It's my favorite airline and I always go back and forth Jakarta-Jogja using AirAsia (I used to use Lion Air if their ticket's price is cheaper, but I just can't at their customer service. Once, they sold my ticket to other people wtf-which Lion Air is notorious for, and I've sworn off Lion Air ever since) because the ticket is relatively cheaper, yet they have a good customer service, good terminal in Jakarta, and their check-in, ticket booking , etc procedures are very easy. Of course, the fact that they never had a fatal accident (yes, I had a spare time one day to wikipedia AirAsia lol) prior to this was always a plus, and actually one of the reason why this accident became quite a shock to me. I kept saying to my family that this can't be, AirAsia never had a fatal accident, but I guess some things just happen. I really hope that friends and family of passengers and crews onboard are give an immense amount of strength throughout all this. Can't believe I wrote a really long comment on AirAsia hehe, but it's just one of those thing that really struck me. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family <3 Wishing you a blissful 2015!

    1. Yeah, i was completely stunned when i heard that the plane lost contact on some news... I use them all the time too. If you hate Lion, i HATE Citilink-with passion! Their CS is worse than shit! LOL. Air Asia is totally lovely, cheap, nice service, convenient and fuss free, i hope this wouldn't mean that it's gonna be banned or whatever-but i also hope that the cause truly was something outside human being's hands, not AirAsia's fault because if it's their fault somehow... It's gonna be quite scary too (like Adam Air)! Happy New Year too!

  3. It looks like you head a fantastic 2014, with lots of travelling adventures and you enjoyed special moments abroad with your family! Spending that time of the year with your loved ones is the best thing ever, so I wish your whole family health and joy in the new 2015!